Manchin couldn’t stand for that

“When people ask, “What happened to Joe Manchin, why did he go off the rails?” The answer is very simple—Mitch McConnell forced his hand by saying that Manchin was weak and ineffective and that he, McConnell, had him totally under control. Manchin couldn’t stand for that and turned strongly, not against the Republicans, but against McConnell, who he has always despised. The fact is, Joe Manchin should have been brought into the Republican Party long ago.

So sad for our Country that now we are wasting Trillions of Dollars on the Green New Deal Hoax, and other like disasters, that will lead to even higher inflation and ultimately, economic destruction. With all of that said, who the “hell” can blame Joe Manchin for doing what he did?”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Now knowing that the rino McConnell was involved (we should have known) it all makes sense now. Are there no limits to this monster’s hate of our country. Manchin, on the other hand, could have found another way to deal with the Old Crow rather than selling out America and its people.

Sarah Luu

As ALWAYS sir, YOU hit the nail straight on the head!


Joe Manchin is a SELL OUT!


I’m so confused. Who’s on first? No what’s on first. Who’s on second.


Mr President, Joe Manchin really needs to go. He isn’t good for America. He is a weasel and a leech that suctions himself to the current power, no matter what side the power is on. Mitch has lost a lot of his power so Joe moves onto the next. He craves attention from the media and is willing to do anything to get it. He is 100% liberal at heart but is willing to temporarily switch sides if the power is on the other side but always eventually weasels his way back home to his party.

Mark my words, when the Republicans become the majority in the house we will all see Joe start leaning right.
When you announce you are going to run again, we will all see Joe start leaning right.
He voted twice to impeach you sir, that’s the real Joe Manchin. Always and forever.


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Meegan Fixler

All I know is that people are hurting financially and we have a rogue government in place, doing nothing to straighten their mess out! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Ultra-MAGA!! Red Tsunami!!

Sarah Luu

It will ONLY work if the CHEATING & STEALING of the election can BE STOPPED THIS TIME! MAGA FOREVER!



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