Manhattan D.A. Witch Hunt against me is DEAD

“The Manhattan D.A. Witch Hunt against me is DEAD, no evidence at all, & it has been conclusively proven that I did nothing wrong! The evidence against their “Star” witness, however, is overwhelming. An already disbarred lawyer & convicted Felon, the only question left is will the D.A.s Office sue him for lying & fraud. They should! The SDNY already found him guilty on charges unrelated to “TRUMP,” & wrote a scathing report. He is responsible for time taken away from the D.A. on VIOLENT CRIME!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Good news! But even better news will be hearing that you, Sir are the Republican candidate for President of the USA.
The very best news for the world will be hearing that you, Mr President are once again in the White House.
Don’t get angry. It’s not a good look. Instead, Give your enemies lots of rope. They are already in the process of hanging themselves beautifully.
Good health, good luck and God Bless.


The statute of limitations has Ran Out a Long Time Ago!
What A Joke!
TRUMP 2024!

R Minoglio

It’s ridiculous. People are not safe on our streets but all they do is go after the greatest President of all time. Donald J. Trump. Shame on them. They care nothing about the American people. They are a bunch of liars, cheaters, killers and thugs. The worst of the worst. That is what’s running our country now. God is with you President Trump. God and you are the only thing that can save our country now.


Well Said!

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