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Mark Rakow

Just how would Trump know that “over 100 countries are ‘represented’?”

My Man Trump

It’s already been destroyed and continuing. I know the commies understand letting this invasion happen just turns this country into what they are fleeing from. That’s the goal of the commies but coming here from everywhere just destroys this country. Where will you flee next after you have destroyed us? Why are our laws allowed to be broken with no action or consequence? Why are FJBs many mansions not surrounded by aliens. This is just greater numbers now for DJT to round up and ship back (at the expense of all the commies and the elites).


Perhaps millions and millions already. And the marxists allow them to vote. Perhaps 10 or 20 ballots each. In multiple States. Why is no one looking into that ?

Mark Rakow

Perhaps because it’s, perhaps, not true?


You, AGAIN? Marxists are the party of tyranny, lies, corruption, equalized poverty for the “commoners,” zero morality, etc.. You represent them well.

Mark Rakow

You certainly know a lot about Marxists. Just a coincidence?

Probably not.
Go back to your ironing.

Just Me

We are being replaced. With the US male birth rate of 1.05 to every 100 females, these illegal immigrants are being brought in to replace all of our missing males. They don’t care about the US and have no loyalty or respect for the US, not those coming in or those already hiding among us. The ones already here have no remorse for voting in our elections, financing their lives with our government handouts.

Mark Rakow

If they don’t care about the US, why would they even bother coming here in the first place?


Time to Bring in the Napalm, Warthogs, B-52’s and Whatever IT Takes to Stop This Mess!
FJB! and the Liberals!


Zombie Brandon and cackling Harris should be down there welcoming each one of them personally, spouting “Now don’t forget, vote democrat all down the ballot. Who are your friends? WE are!” All of these sociopathic politicians…traitors to the USA…should be publicly executed. I pray that strong, brave Americans get to defending our border, and to hell with anyone that would try to stop them.

Mark Rakow

“Publicly executed?”

Rather a cold-hearted creature, aren’t you?


We need President Trump, our military, our ICE agents, to secure our border! The SWAMP needs to be ARRESTED and charged with TREASON. The news media needs to expose their crimes against HUMANITY. They need to acknowledge the TRUTH.. #MAGA🌹🦁🇺🇸

ULTRA MAGA Trump Supporter

AMEN sister.You forgot a few details though.They are traitors as well,and all need to be tried, convicted and hanged by the neck until dead.I am not talking about a hanging at the gallows either.That death is too quick.I am talking an old west hanging.Setting them on a horse,with their hands tied behind their backs,a rope tied around a sturdy branch,the noose around their necks,and the horse walked out from under each of them,so they can hang a foot off of the ground and suffer like they made us all suffer.All of it must be televised live for everyone to see.This will send a message to ANYONE who would think about repeating what these treasonous traitors did to all of us.

Mark Rakow

You’ve been watching waaaaaaay too many old Westerns.


Build The Wall NOW!!!!!!!!!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!

Linda M

Wish we could stop it. I don’t see how and not break law. It should never have been allowed. 😠😡


This President is not protecting our country. Taxpayers are paying for this. Drugs are killing our young. This is so unbelievable that it seems like fiction but it is real. How can we stop this? I’m scared.


Lift all gun restrictions. That will help a lot


Shoot All Illegal Aliens!

Mark Rakow

Which, of course, would bring arrest and prosecution, and probable conviction, on murder charges.

I might add that, in many States, particularly in the South, murder is still a capital crime, and the death penalty may be imposed. Whether or not the victim is an illegal alien is irrelevant. No State’s homicide statutes make mention of the legal status of the victim.

Lethal injection does not a martyr make.


They were “surgiing” cause you encouraged them when you left Texas!!!


Stupid, nonsensical remark from you there. Why aren’t you down there as the dumbass welcoming committee and orientation guide…afraid? Just do some wheedling and let them know you love their rape of your bad, racist, greedy country…maybe they’ll like you. Hey, take in several of them who have nowhere to stay; same for your TDS buddies…walk the walk, don’t just talk.


Liberal DOPE!


Fake news

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris

Joe Bidumb = Fake News & Fake president!


How can we stop this if the powers that be, will NOT. God help us all.




If we don’t #BeatTheCheat in November, it’s over for US…! Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!


Military and President Trump need to help save our country! God help us all🙏

Mark Rakow

Trump is no longer President.

Under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, signed into law by then-President Rutherford B. Hayes, the military cannot be used to enforce domestic policies within the United States. The notion of protecting the nation’s borders might seem to be a foreign policy matter, but it’s not. Instead, it’s a domestic matter.

I suspect you won’t like that answer. But it’s a fact.

And that’s not all. Here’s a fact which you’ll surely like even less.

Unauthorized entry into the US – i.e. crossing the border – is NOT a crime. The reason is somewhat complicated. US Border Patrol are not, strictly speaking, Law Enforcement Officers. This is why they’re called Agents; they do not have the same authority and latitude in the conduct of their duties as “true” law enforcement, who are duly sworn Officers.

People who cross the border without prior authorization are detained, not arrested. There are certain major differences. For one thing, these people are frequently accompanied by small children. Children cannot be arrested – period.

In what I imagine is your seething fury, you may be wondering why USBP agent cannot arrest people. That part is really quite simple. They’re not authorized to. US Border Patrol AGENTS are under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security. Meanwhile, Law Enforcement OFFICERS (police, sheriffs, deputies, US Marshals, etc.) are under the Department of Justice.

With the sole exception of FBI agents, who have been specially conferred that particular title, Federal agents do not have the power to arrest. Nor, of course, are they authorized to discharge weaponry with the intent to kill. All Law Enforcement Officers, nationwide, are authorized to make arrests at their discretion. In general, they are also authorized to kill, under certain conditions, which can vary by state and jurisdiction.

All that being said, anyone who is in the country without authorization (such as a person here on an expired visa, which remains the most common reason) is subject to deportation. If one is deported, THEN reenters the country, that’s a felony…….and the person is subject to arrest by Law Enforcement, and prosecution on that charge. That doesn’t happen a whole lot, but it does occur.

Sorry. I said you wouldn’t like it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mark Rakow
ULTRA MAGA Trump Supporter

The vast majority of these illegal immigrants are MAM (M)ilitary (A)ge (M)en.This is an invasion of the USA by foreign enemies.It is going to come down to the civilian militias and states National Guards to stop it,by force if necessary.


I pray that they do stop it, before it’s too late, since our installed enemy government actively wants this invasion by foreign enemies.

Mark Rakow

You throw the words “enemy” and “enemies” around very carelessly. If not recklessly.

Or even stupidly.


Correct, Napalm, Warthogs, B-52’s, etc.!

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