May we honor their sacred memory

“On Purple Heart Day we pay solemn tribute to our Wounded Warriors and Fallen Heroes. These immortal patriots shed their blood, and many gave their lives, to defend our flag, families, and freedom. May we honor their sacred memory by protecting all that they sacrificed to secure. God bless our men and women in uniform, the greatest heroes in all the world.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Hunt

You mean the “suckers & losers” as you called them? The heroes you wouldn’t get your hair wet to honor? Just another scam for a few more dollars on the bodies of dead American heroes. What do you care Captain Bone Spurs!


wow, you do care about our country at all. Get out of this country go to China or Cuba, maybe after a little while you’ll start to appreciate USA

bob simpson
bob simpson

the more you troll the worse Biden polls

The poll by Morning Consult/Politico warns “Biden’s general reputation among unaffiliated voters” is “exposing an early problem for his party to remedy with 14 months to go until the midterm elections.”
Among registered independents, 44 percent of independent voters approve of Biden and 49 percent disapprove. His net approval “has dropped 18 percentage points among unaffiliated voters” since April.
Since June, registered independents have increasingly disapproved of Biden’s “handling of the economy and the pandemic” by “9 and 13 points, respectively, to 51 percent and 43 percent.”
The poll also suggests Biden is to blame for the “13-year high in inflation” and worsening immigration crisis, handing the President a 54 percent disapproval rating on the inflow of unvaccinated migrants on the southern border

so, keep trolling, you are doing good work



While you continue to dig for anything to throw at Trump, long term he will be remembered for fast tracking the corona virus vaccine and funding a fast high volume roll-out. If left to normal FDA timelines, we would still be 5-6 years away from a vaccine. I think 7 years was Faucci’s time-line.

This achievement alone literally saved and is saving millions of lives here and internationally.

That is the Big Picture, history will remember him well. History will not remember the Trolls.

Mike Hunt

Trump will be remembered for stalling on the vaccine, masks & respirators so he & jared could make money on them while 600K Americans died!


No you have that wrong only the Biden Crime Family would do anything close to anything like that. You are right they stalled I guess the fact Biden got his 1st jad Dec 17th under the Trump Administration go figure. Harris was about a week later. You forget respirators were built by auto makers and NASA go figure. What did Biden say about Covid after taking office. Not a lot we can do.

What Biden/Harris doing on our southern boarder is going to cause major issues with covid and crime.

Drink Clorox

Then explain this:

During the winter surge that yielded the largest COVID infection rate during the pandemic (250,000 cases a day), Trump said and did NOTHING.

I dare you to show me ONE QUOTE that Trump made about the Pandemic after he lost the election.
Just one.
That’s how Trump will be remembered in history and there’s nothing you can do to change that.


the more you troll, the worse Biden polls. (see above)


We will always hold dear the memory of our heroes! We have so much for which to be grateful to them!! Thank you to all who served, and an extra thank you to those who served in combat.

No one wants to be at war, but we want even less to live under the tyranny that would follow an invader’s triumph! Thank you for keeping us free!!

Also to those who served to keep others free (I think of Korea and Viet Nam and others in such situations) – while traveling abroad, I had a taxi driver thank me, as an American. He said that when he was young, his countrymen had a saying: “It will be alright, because one day the Americans will come, and they will rescue us! And the Americans did!”

“We” have that wonderful reputation abroad in the world because “YOU” were willing to risk your lives to help someone in need! Their is no greater honor you can have than to be someone who would do that! Well done and God bless you!

Mike Hunt

Were you napping Kenski when Dear Old Donnie called out troops & vets “suckers & losers?” Is that ok to hear from a 5-deferment draft dodger?

Hanne Hoberg

And here is one American that is NOT a hero!
Former Acting Attorney General Testifies About Trump’s Efforts to Subvert Election



Pssst….(whisper) Your TDS is showing…

Vicki paquette

God Bless our veterans. God Bless our Purple Heart warriors. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🙏🙏🙏

Mike Hunt

You mean the “suckers & losers” as Trump calls them? :Like he calls his cult the “unwashed masses” that he hates being near?


I don’t believe he really said that do you got a video.

Mike Hunt

There are literally a dozen interviews & articles on this! Report: Trump Called U.S. WWI Veterans ‘Suckers’ And ‘Losers’ (


God Bless our Veterans and Military. your appreciated with out all of you we wouldn’t have a country. Trump 2022 and 2024

M C Price

We are AMERiCA with fading Freedoms! May God Bless and Protect all who stand for the Freedoms our Warriors fought and died to protect!

Kathryn Vass

Amen. 💜🥺


Remember when he called them suckers and losers

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert

Remember when we called leftist, loonies and sky screamers? Now we just call them Marxist…

Mike Hunt

I love Groucho Marx!


God Bless ALL United States Military Veterans!


God Bless our Heroes, and God Bless you POTUS. We are ready.

Drink Clorox

Yes, God bless our POTUS Joe Biden.



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