Maybe they can!

“Liz Cheney is having little luck getting people to focus on the Fake Unselect Committee after losing tremendous credibility in her record setting loss in Wyoming. She lost by almost 40 points, and now she wants to tell other politicians “how to do it.” Also, people are beginning to focus on the fact that because I recommended 10,000 to 20,000 troops on January 3rd, which recommendation was turned down by Pelosi and the D.C. Mayor, I cannot be held accountable – But maybe they can!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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“She lost by almost 40 points, and now she wants to tell other politicians ‘how to do it.'”

She’s what we call a “jackass”… but let’s use her and have her tell the other RINOs “how to do it”. Perhaps it is me but I really, really have a difficult time trying to understand Liz’s thought process. She thinks like a Democrat.

My Man Trump

Brilliant, President Trump. I like the way you think.


She just needs to go away.


Of course they turned down the troops…troops may well have spoiled their plan to wreck the day.

Liz won’t take being discarded by the dems very well, just wait and see. Or maybe she’ll fade away into oblivion. Either way, she’s a disgrace. A “Republican,” siding with those out to destroy the USA against a President who did great things for the USA. So insane and evil.


She wants to tell other politicians how to be a loser? That shouldn’t take long. However if she’s trying to tell them how to win, that shouldn’t take long either. Just do the exact opposite of what she did during her run. She must have taken a page from Hillary’s playbook,. The chapter titled: Desperately grasping at straws after a HUGE loss but still remain relevant is a sure fire way to get her popular again with the people. Btw, just for entertain purposes only, I read Googles polls and the day of election they had Liz ahead by 60%. I guess that little psychology trick didn’t work out so well for them or the other polls that had her ahead. Oh well, maybe next time fake news. I still believe in y’all.


I don’t know how these people can even show their faces! It won’t be long before they won’t even be able to walk down the street! We might be there already. ;o)


she is a liberal ass in the quise of a republican just like those she surrounds herself with.


Debunked by Acting Defense Secretary Miller and others. Trump is accountable for January 6.


That would be nice, turn around is fair play!!


Oh, How the Tables Turn !!!


Speaking of January 6th, 2021, where are:

John Sullivan (known BLM activist, who filmed selfie inside capitol building that day, even received $70k from CNN & NBC for that selfie),

Ray Epps (known FBI infiltrator, inciting trespassing the capitol building the night before),

pipe bomber (dressed in white, caught on camera waving to police car passing by), or

Lt. Michael Byrd (capitol city police officer videoed using excessive force only after three other police officers removed themselves from being down range from his intended target, Ashli Babbitt).


They are indeed quilty’

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