Maybe they should all get together and sue him

“Remember when Paul Krugman, the highly overrated op-ed columnist for the New York Times, told everybody to get out of the stock market fast and completely after I was elected President in 2016. Anybody that took this losers advice would have approximately one-third of the money they have right now—or even less assuming bad investments. The New York Times probably told him what to say because nobody could be so dumb, and nobody has attacked their credibility like me. They are truly Fake News. They got a Pulitzer Prize for Russia, Russia, Russia, and it turned out to be a total scam. The Pulitzer Committee, which has no credibility left anyway, should demand all of the Russia, Russia, Russia prizes back because the facts were the exact opposite. Likewise, Krugman, should apologize to all of those people that followed his advice and lost a fortune doing so. Maybe they should all get together and sue him for what they have lost. Apologize, Paul!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

If you recommend suing, Mr. President, the advice must be spot on. We the People know YOU HAVE IT ALL.

Angel P

I miss 2016-2019 (except for the Dem Drama)! Would have been perfect years.

Knight Rider

The following few weeks will be popcorn worthy!

Wendy Trump

Jesus Christ in Heaven. You’ve gone crazy.


You are a Crack Head like Hunter and Brandon!

My Man Trump

You can’t go crazy….you started out that way.


what about Sen Lee’s bill that just failed? and we needed only of of 4 repubs to get er done. take those names and war against them.

My Man Trump

Who is going to apologize to us. We are losing a tremendous amount of money in the stock market and the hidden taxes. Those other people got very bad advice from a lunatic and we got an illegitimate regime. None of it the peoples fault but we are the ones paying the price. We all need help! Who is going to undue what has been forced upon us from a lunatic fringe. We the people do not have that kind of power. Come on, DJT, lead the way forward. You are the real POTUS and these illegitimate lunatics are having their way with you through us because they can’t get you.

Mark Rakow

Paul Krugman doesn’t owe anyone an apology – least of all, Donald Trump.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Beyond apologies…. They need to pay DAMAGES!


I did really well on the stock market while President Trump was in office!


When is trump going to apologize for being the worst president in history and for making our country a laughingstock to the rest of the world.


I think Donald Trump is worse person ever. He nothing more then a con man who lies to everyone

My Man Trump

All you people are lost.

Knight Rider

Actually, we WON by over 7 million votes! Whereas Trump lost the Oval Office, the Senate & the House.

My Man Trump

LOL. You could have stolen more but even the 7 million was ridiculous. I’m sure you’ll try again. Hey how about those commies acting like Republicans now….getting ready for the midterms. LOL. That way when they try out their new steal techniques they think posing as Reps will save them. Hahaha


YOUR Marxist commie’s that you idolize are the con people. They took the most successful 4 years under President (STILL PRESIDENT) DJT and totally destroyed our country AND the world in the span of 10 months under the illegitimate puppet master Hussein. Jimmy Carter NOW…..will go down in history as the 2nd worse president in US history.


Wake up


Prize….when are you going to apologize for being one of the most stupid people to walk this earth and making yourself a laughing stock for all of the world to see? Askn’ for a fren🐸


Love it … I do my own stock picking and if that clown says to do something I do the opposite… I have cut way back on my portfolio in the last 6 months because the people in charge are destroying the country…. (except for the Social Truth equities) but will jump back in heavy next fall when MEGA retakes control of the Senate and House…. and then will sell the shirt off my back to raise more cash to buy all the stock I can when you are back in office ….. I noticed the Sam and Dave song you played at the last rally: “Hold on I’m coming” …. I am holding on to my cash until then…..

Mark Rakow

I presume, then, you haven’t heard the predictions about TMTG’s long-term prospects. But never mind; I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you.

After all, it’s your money. For now, anyway.

My Man Trump

You are getting more like them everyday. You have become cruel and evil just like the regime you serve.


Last two rallies, his exit song. Not an accident!! 🥰


we stayed in the stock market and did really well while you were President….now, we have lost money…

Craig Barrett

We Patriots have never listened to their trash

Knight Rider

You listen to Trump; same thing!

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