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Great Job Mayra Flores!
Keep Texas RED!

Cheryl Driscoll

True leaders being birthed out of this turmoil! So many to watch and mentor! We’re all responsible for taking care of our own communities! I felt good @ her when she reached out and introduced herself. I wish I had funds just FOR THESE YOUNG PEOPLE STEPPING UP TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! PLEASE SUPPORT THEM!! THAT’S CONTRIBUTION ENOUGH! IF WE ALL NEED GET INVOLVED, STAY INVOLVED, & DO WHATEVER WE CAN, WE WILL REAP THE COLLECTIVE BENEFITS OF GOOD WORKS BEING DONE, ALL OF US! Takes all of us wanting it, and making it a reality! THANK you all for ALL YOU DO!


Congratulations, let’s roll


I’m very disappointed Arrington didn’t beat the RINO. What’s wrong with SC district one??

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President