McConnell lost those two Senate seats, not Donald Trump!

“The New York Post, once my favorite newspaper, in defense of Mitch McConnell’s weak performance in stopping the ridiculous, record-setting spending being done by Democrats (which will ruin our Country!) by not using “all of the tools in the tool box,” like Debt Ceiling, doesn’t discuss, in their recent Editorial, the advertisements run in Georgia by the Democrats “knocking” Mitch McConnell’s $600 limit, versus $2,000+ by the Radical Left Dems.

McConnell lost those two Senate seats, not Donald Trump! If anything, The New York Post Editorial Board (whatever happened to them?) should be talking about the brand new revelation of the fired Trump hating “Special Agent” In Charge of the horrendous, and unnecessary, Mar-a-Lago Break-In—Also, this was the same horrible person who was in charge of the virtually non-existent 2020 Presidential Election investigation—but we found plenty, even without him!

The fact is that the FBI told Facebook the “Laptop from Hell” was Russian disinformation when they knew very well that it was not. This Fake statement alone changed the outcome of the Election by millions of votes, and it was by no means the only corruption which took place. Sadly, the Media in our Country is so afraid of being sued that they never want to mention anything having to do with the corrupt Election of 2020!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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They all need to be arrested and charged for any involvement in the crimes pertaining to our election and the attacks on President Trump.
They have no respect for the American citizens and use certain groups of people to help their agenda such as blm, antfa, abortion pushers, the elderly in nursing homes for votes even murdering for their COVID agenda. They are using the weak people of society to support their agenda.

Beth Mitchell

At long last, Lin Wood is exonerated!

Sarah Luu

You’ll NEVER get ANY “good decisions” from McConnell. His brain is nothing but a playback machine from years gone by. I spoke with him at the Ky.State Fair the other morning at the annual Ky country ham competition. Spoke with him for a minute, only because of my HAWAIIAN LOOKS. People think he looks bad on TV. There were plenty of turkeys(both kinds) there, but McConnell has MORE CHINS ON HIM THAN ALL OF THE REAL TURKEY’S(in cages on display for competition) PUT TOGETHER!. He stuck! Whew, worse than the “Port-‘O- Potties” there! I wonder how corrupt Ky. Farm Bureau Ins.Co. is.THEY got $5 mil. for that ham. LOTS of politicians, KISSING ASSES there. I’ve seen MUCH better hams come out of my uncles curing houses than what they had on display. I got close to & A LOT of stares from “Mr.Pretty Boy”, Gov.Beshear, but didn’t talk to him or would want to- TOTALLY TWO-FACED, more than MOST DEM’s.Other than that, a very nice, family fair to go to. LOTS of Police present. VERY friendly people. LOTS & LOTS of MAGA hats, Trump Tee’s, at LEAST 100:1 Trump vs Libs! Most things, a bit pricey. My girls loved it along with my hubbie. Enough to do for a full day of it & easily put on 5 or 10 lbs. Really noticeable when I’m 5’6’ & normally 115 lbs(bragging, but true). GREAT FOOD & LIVE MUSIC. Well, enough promoting Ky Fair. AS ALWAYS PRESIDENT TRUMP, with LOTS of Thanks, Love & respect. TAKE CARE & BE CAREFUL!! Sarah Luu

Last edited 6 months ago by Sarah Luu
Groovy One

Trump will get his wish to be in government housing again, in a federal prison!


How are things in Russia Comrade Groovy?

Beth Mitchell

Ignoramus. It’s those antidepressants that affect your critical thinking. Try to wean yourself off of them.
A whole new world 🌎 for you.

My Man Trump

McConnel is a commie and a hater through and through. He is helping the other commies destroy our Country. He need to go….NOW! Exiled to Siberia.


The senate seats were lost when trump kept saying the election was stolen and republicans didn’t show up to vote in the Georgia special election. Trump also lost the presidency and congress. First time that happened since 1932.

Groovy One

Trump, not McConnell lost Georgia. Hard to believe that I am backing Mr. Evil aka Mitch McConnell but there it is!


You must be dining with a Prize huh?

Last edited 6 months ago by Kevin

Both of THEM are really HIGH on crack with Hunter Biden and the Russian Prostitute today!


lol. They definitely seem to be on something. No way anyone is that ignorant and drug free.

Beth Mitchell

time for thicker beer bottles.


You remind me of the type of person that goes into a fine dining restaurant and after the meal, you compliment the chef on how delicious the salt tasted.


Right on target. Everything they have done and are doing is a fraud, the most lying , cheating piece of government I have ever seen.
The fraudulent media need to be held accountable. Democrats are breaking our system so they can get away with their illegal and criminal involvement.
It’s time to expose all of them and their crimes.
They Rigged and Stole our Election. We deserve Justice.


All they say is that only crazy people believe the election was stolen. Their gaslighting skills are off the charts.

I’ve noticed the New York Post is going downhill lately. Did Soros give them a call and some $$$$$$, or what?


Mitch McConnell is a COMMIE_LIB in DISGUISE!
Get RID of this Piece of Shit!






Get a new line Fascist Stewie!!!


FJB! and YOU!


Eventually you are going to have to accept responsibility for your actions. You cannot point your finger at somebody else and say “it’s his fault”.


Eventually YOU will be Deported from the USA for STUPIDITY!

Beth Mitchell

With dumbells like you, no wonder the USA is failing.

Sandra Moore

This is why, since they screwed President Trump by stealing the election for that BOZO Biden, i WILL NOT send the Republicans one red cent! McConnell can kiss my ass, him and his cohorts that helped the Damn DIMMS and not their own party!! NOW, I ONLY make my contributions to the Trump page. PERIOD!!


Your franetic desire to overturn the election in the days leading up to the special election in Georgia let to the narrow defeat by both of your endorsed candidates. Make no mistake, Mitch McConnell is a liar and unethical–you just happen to be the bigger liar and more unethical. And I will add delusional as well. If the GOP does not win the majority in the Senate in the midterms, you will get full credit for that as well.

Last edited 6 months ago by AKD

Afraid of being sued, Mr. President? Try afraid of swinging from a yardarm for conspiracy to commit treason, overthrowing our government. After World War Two, I seem to recall a few journalists swinging from a yardarm after the Nuremburg Trials.

Dan for DT

Should be Joe and his cohorts


Timmy BOY is Dyslectic.

Beth Mitchell

No you are the coward, you had a LOUSY upbringing. Pity.


YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President