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My Man Trump

Great interview Chief Sir. I also just love Maria Bartiromo. She is a true patriot.


Please upload to rumble. YouTube is purging Trump videos and interviews.

Michael Quinn

Always great Mr. President….I can hardly wait for your reestablishment as our rightful President!! Here’s an idea….you and Gov. DeSantis form a personal pact with each other…he’s your VP for 4 yrs and you’re his for 8!! Together you could make this disgusting government of ours pristine again!! And DeSantis is one of the few people on earth I think you could trust in such a pact!! America needs you sir. Give it a shot!!!


Thank You President Trump!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding!! Maria Bartiromo is awesome!

Ken K

Place bugs in the conference room to hear what deepstate tells them to do. I’m sure the NSA already has everyone bugged so fair game right?


the rest of the interview tomorrow, as if it ‘wasn’t as important’ as what was ‘aired’ today?


What are you talking about??

The statement clearly reads

“My interview with Maria Bartiromo will air at 10:00AM ET on Fox News.  

Rest of what interview??? That is the interview, and it won’t air until tomorrow, there was no interview being aired today. Of course that is all in past tense now.

I can’t figure out if you’re a troll or just a very confused HUMAN?

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Thank you Mr. President have a blessed day. Godspeed…

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