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Great Job, President Trump Florida


Great! Keep it up, Will be watching!

Much has taken you out of the spotlight. Much; being current events. In my opinion, crazy current events are promoted and caused by the democrats. These radicals mean to destroy America one historical monument and one American cultural norm at a time.

They are crazy to think we will sit back and allow this to take place. I look forward to undoing and seeing all the damage they have done corrected. I hope your pen supply is a huge one. If Biden thinks he can undo all that you have done for America I can’t wait to see all he has destroyed built back by the RIGHT better than ever before.


I am watching your interview Mr. President. I would like to say from the view point in TN, that many people are turning away from supporting you because of the vaccine. Let’s face it, you started out with a good thing, but
somewhere it was hijacked by big pharma and too many people are dying or being hurt. I personally have had three family members die from the vaccine. It is happening everywhere. Four vaccinated people in our church have developed health problems from the vaccine. I am a RN, and
someone you know well that is now in TN, (my husband is a Donald too) can tell you I am a fighting patriot. I don’t want your stance on the vaccine to be a deterant to your path forward. I know you are saying we should have a. choice to take or not take it, but someone just remarked harshly to me that you said they are effective. They are ineffective. They do not prevent transmission, nor do they prevent you from having Covid. Some are saying you have bad advisors and that may be true. I just hate to see people that did support you say they no longer trust you. My prayers are with you, Melania and your family. I love you all and God Bless you!. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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My Man Trump

I have run across the same thing with many patriots. I would really like if he would just drop it. The fake regime weaponized it and DJT has to distance himself from these shots. Well spoken on your part and so happy to see it finally being said.

Mr. Ree

It’s intentional! The vaccine was engineered by Soros & the lizard people to target only Trump supporters!

My Man Trump

So true! That is why I wish he would stop talking about it. People are starting to turn away from him because of it.

Ralph G Lamy

Keep TN from turning. I plan to get the hell out of MA and move to TN, somewhere around Laurel Bloomery.

Susan Cossett

Wonderful to hear how many great policies were in operation in the great Trump administration…….need to reinstate our great President!


or put in different words, like watching a rerun


Yeah like when the RINO Bush Sr. killed Reagan’s economy and then the Clintonistas killed America. Zero and Angry Mike just nailed the coffin shut.


I wish you were in office, Mr. President. It can’t be soon enough!!!

Sue Mckee

Will be watching Ty, We will spread the news. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and Melania.

Bonnie Posner

Thank you…looking forward to it!


Sounds Good President Trump!
I will be watching!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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