MEMO: Lawsuit Filed to Defend Executive Privilege, U.S. Constitution

” Today, President Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit in defense of the Constitution, the Office of the President, and the future of our nation, all of which the sham Unselect Committee is trying to destroy. The fact is America is under assault by Pelosi’s Communist-style attempt to silence and destroy America First patriots through this hyper-partisan and illegitimate investigation.

  • The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans. For example:

    • The Border crisis is flooding our communities with drugs and gangs, while costing taxpayers billions.
    • The Democrats’ mismanagement of COVID exposed America’s elderly to a deadly disease and then in many cases, forced them to die alone.
    • By defunding the police and embracing criminals, Democrats have made our cities less safe. o The unconstitutional mandates are destroying the economy.

  • The media is complicit in advancing the Committee’s unconstitutionally flawed request.

  • This committee exposed itself as a sham by requesting documents which serve no legitimate legislative purpose—what does President Trump’s campaign polling data from Florida have to do with an investigation into January 6th?

The Legal Argument—Three Pillars

  1. No Legitimate Legislative Purpose: The legislative committees’ request fails to meet the basic requirement of fulfilling a legislative purpose. The request is not just overly broad, it requests documents including campaign polling data—what does Congress hope to learn from this?
    • Newsflash: Polling shows Biden’s approval cratering and 2022 slipping out of Democrats’ grasp—no wonder the Democrats and the media want to distract America from: The surrender in Afghanistan, skyrocketing inflation, a border crisis, crippling COVID mandates, and a stalled legislative agenda.

  2. Former Presidents have inherent Constitutional Rights of Privilege: An incumbent administration does not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally waive the executive privilege of a previous administration—especially one so recent. If it did, then executive privilege doesn’t exist, including for Joe Biden.
    •  Newsflash: No one is following this argument more closely than: (1) Hunter Biden and his art dealer, (2) The Woke Generals and Intel leaders who advised the Surrender in Afghanistan and the bombing of innocent civilians and children (3) Big Tech who has been actively engaged with the Biden administration to subvert Democracy through dark money organizations

  3. Time for Review: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has not even had the time to compile and organize the documents being requested by Congress—which is the largest request in American History. President Trump and Joe Biden should be afforded the time to diligently review any protected and privileged documents before it is released to the public.
    • Newsflash: The Committee is motivated by one thing: delivering political wins for the Democrats. That’s why they’ve set a rapid timetable that steamrolls the Constitution, legal precedent, and established process. The Committee isn’t seeking the truth, it’s seeking Communist-style political persecution of President Trump and the America First patriots who served their country honorably.

Taylor Budowich
Director of Communications
President Donald J. Trump and Save America PAC “

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yes, the truth in a nutshell. Go President Trump!

My Man Trump

Excellent, President Trump. How interesting about the former president deal. We will all pray for your speedy win of your suit.

John F. Brzezinski III

Some people are deaf, smh

Johnny Appleseed

Go Get em!!!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Pelosi should be under investigation because a year ago she claimed “she had a quiver of arrows to take down our President Trump”. Why is no one talking about this!?
Pelosi is a corrupt swamp lizard who threatened this, and shortly after she said this all hell broke loose with the China Virus.
We the people need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!


Current administration is going for the “big reset”. Trying to make all “bend the Knee” and bow to their will.
All must deny and resist.
This country is meant to be “of the people, by the people and for the people” not cowed by government demagogues and overlords.

Save Our United States

4. Illegal Use of Taxpayer Funds: Illegal use of “We the People” resources to run a free political campaign against Donald Trump.


Don’t Americans deserve the truth ?
Release all documents !


Including Hunter’s laptop!


0d335e815aa053f0.mp4 it was all a sham just like the election

Peter T

I agree. Let’s see all the documents. Trump did nothing wrong so there’s nothing to hide. Release the documents so we can all prove to the world that Trump is innocent and did nothing wrong.


Please, Just hint at a house run! Please.#1 The physiological screw that the dems and the media would be priceless subterfuge.


Fight like hell against these Communist. The only thing they are trying to do is stop the best President in history from being able to run in 2024 these people are nothing more than snakes hell bent on destroying our democracy. Lets go Brandon.


I would love to own and run Fox. Yep things would change. Hum. If I couldn’t own Fox then I would just love to run it. Yep. That would work and the powers that be would just have to let me put on what I want. Oh yep. Holding the line. Praying.

Elizabeth Headley

I’m beyond disturbed by the tricks of the demons behind all of these false plays simply to keep the TRUTH FROM COMNG FORWARD ON ALL FRONTS!!
I can’t deal with it when I feel the effects personally from all sides @ me..with no where to turn, no one to trust, and in the END…no one who will take notice that I’m simply no longer around.
I care. For my Country. For her citizens. Even the lost, out here, homeless, on the streets…others, not missed.
I’m overwhelmed today.
I feel the earth quaking beneath me and the sky sizzling above me.
I need God now.
So do we all!
Where’s the military when you need them?
Not here.
Not now.
Not yet.
I exist right now.
Please don’t let anyone get away with saying I never was.
Thanks patriots. Worldwide patriots.

Angela Hanson

Very eloquent Mr. President. Thank you.

Chuck Roast

Unfortunatly it will go nowhere. They own the legal system!

Hannah Lenfestey

Yes, sir, you should absolutely have anything you request as a former sitting US president, which we think you still are legally. You’re coming to our age as best you can we just wish it were sooner, we cannot afford to lose anything else. Please, sir, help us.


The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans.
Judge Denies Bail to Jeremy Brown – Former Green Beret Was Arrested Thursday After He Earlier Refused FBI Request to Be Informant Plant at Jan. 6 Rallies”!!!!


Give the Commie-Liberals HELL!
WE are behind YOU President Trump 200%!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help