Michael Henry is doing great

“Michael Henry is doing great against racist A.G. Letitia James, perhaps the worst violent crime fighter in the Country. We can NEVER have a safe and nonviolent New York State with Peekaboo in charge. She wants violent criminals out and about. Michael Henry is tough and smart, will save New York State!
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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You choose the folks you support by whether they say bad things about your foes. Your opinion of people has absolutely nothing to do with your personal experience with those people.


Good for him. Hope he wins and sends her home broke.

My Man Trump

I love it. Keep up the great work.


Both Lizard Cheney and this James person are suffering from the most extreme cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome I’ve ever seen outside of the lunatic leftist YouTube trolls.


None of the democrats will debate on any issue because they know they will lose
They don’t want to expose their agenda right before an election.
They campaign with the fake news only.

Prayer Warrior

Complete lunatic this LJ poor ppl of NY, she’s in great need of a savior and deliverance from demon possession, or meds for ptsd


She’s as stupid as a box of rocks, but then again, she’s a democrat.

When no one immediately reacts to stupid behaviors; never assume the power gone to your fat head is in the clear and your corrupt actions won’t receive there due.

All those who seek power, and then abuse it will always lose. It is just a matter of how much rope will the good people of America give you to hang yourself.

Tim Tates

Pray for fair elections! We can see that Democrats are brilliant at rigging elections!


Give Peekaboo James HELL Michael Henry!
Make New York GREAT AGAIN!

Mary Geiger

I only have two thumbs so two thumbs up for Michael Henry.

Robert Taylor

I have feelings from the first I read this verse, that the Lord is saying there is direct relevance in it, that He has not forgotten you, or conversely, those it describes.
A false witness will not go without punishment, and the breather out of deceit will not go free. Proverbs 19:5




Letitia James is suffering from a political version of “target tunnel vision.” While Letitia’s target is Donald Trump, the other enemies in her combat arena are lining her up for the (political) kill shot. The other enemies would be the REAL victims of the rest of the criminals Latitia chose, instead, to ignore. These victims would be the voting citizens of New York.

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