Mike Carey is the only one who has my Endorsement

“Numerous candidates in the Great State of Ohio, running in Congressional District 15, are saying that I am supporting them, when in actuality, I don’t know them, and don’t even know who they are. But I do know who Mike Carey is—I know a lot about him, and it is all good. Mike Carey is the only one who has my Endorsement and he’s the one I feel will do the best job for Ohio, and for the United States. Please vote for Mike Carey next Tuesday, and let there be no further doubt who I have Endorsed!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Hunt

So as Trump’s track record goes that means he will lose!


who the hell cares!!!!!

Mike Kissinger

Mr. Trump, do you vet any of these choices you have made? Or do you just stop and endorse them because they traveled to the golf course to kiss your ring? This guy Carey is up to his neck in scandal in Ohio, and has been a coal lobbyist for years. Are you purposely trying to move the Republican party to the permanent sidelines? These “politicians” that you are blessing will undoubtedly win their respective primaries…..just as they will undoubtedly lose in the general. If this is your plan, then, good job, it is working!


Are you really that delusional to think Trump might be looking at your comments? I guess you would think that in your tiny lil fantasy world, that your tiny lil brain has made up. Get over yourself, you egotistical leftist Looney.

Mike Hunt

Oh Thoski, you’re the one fellating him here! Swallow & wipe you lips son!

True American

Uh oh. Someone’s acting testerical. Do you need a cool compress and some Klonopin, pumpkin?



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