Morgan Ortagus is exploring a run for Congress in Tennessee’s

“I am told the very strong and impressive Morgan Ortagus is exploring a run for Congress in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. I couldn’t be happier because she’s an absolute warrior for America First and MAGA! Morgan was fantastic in her role working with Secretary Mike Pompeo at the U.S. State Department and understands the threats posed by China, Russia, Iran and others, and will be tough, not just roll over like the Democrats and RINOs. She serves in the U.S. Navy Reserves and will fight for our Military. She won’t bow to the Woke Mob or the Leftist LameStream Media. Morgan Ortagus will have my Complete and Total Endorsement if she decides to run!”

By Donald J. Trump

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john schweers

NFW. Support Robbie Starbuck. Another RINO??


She is extremely smart, talented , tactful, diplomatic , well-poised and an outstanding communicator! She has a bright future no matter what she plans on doing.

Marijo Makufka

Yippee! I remember Morgan Ortagus well and respect her intelligence. Such great news!

We love you, Mr. President, and we love the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!

joy young

I really hope she does. She is very impressive! A great addition to the Congress as long as she doesn’t roll but my hunch is that she would be an extremely hard person to roll.


Keep the Volunteer State GREAT!
Vote for Morgan Ortagus!

Elizabeth Headley

She has my vote if you trust her!


Okay. I’ll check her out and consider it. Thanks.


She is extremely smart, talented , tactful, diplomatic , well-poised and an outstanding communicator! She has a bright future no matter what she plans on doing.

My Man Trump

Please run Morgan. This country needs lots of patriots like you and right now they seem to be in short supply. Once again our President is taking care of business. Thank you, Sir.

Ken K

CIA FBI Calls Christians terrorist. That can only mean Islamist NWO inbreed have taken over.


My policy: Trump likes, I donate.
Least I can do after all 45 has suffered.
The one President that LOST MONEY becoming POTUS

John F. Brzezinski III

don’t think because YOU think YOU are in control…the ‘button’ can’t be pushed twice again, as fake history would have the world believe. I PERSONALLY will push that button 10 times


Link so we can donate, thank you!

John F. Brzezinski III

YOU were told outright to stop playing the capitalist/political game. The stupid people programmed are literally TOO stupid to counter it. The rest of the world don’t agree because YOU listen to their ‘politics’ does NOT allow YOU or any other monkey in the office to make sure OUR fucking work PAYS for their ignorance. IT IS OVER!!!!!!

John F. Brzezinski III


John F. Brzezinski III

System of control is dead. US Mil, YOU better remember WHY you have all the goodies to play with. If not, you too will be taken the fk out.

My patience is gone.


Are YOU on Drugs?


Keep picking them sir! We need to get rid of these dam rhinos!

Carmine Gazerro

Morgan always gave our Great POTUS the respect he deserved. In the moment some done realize as history will prove from action, evidence and production. Some day history will look back and say facts Lincoln and Trumps movement and Second term were the greatest Accomplishments and turning points that bettered USA for millennium. This movement is 6 years old and has shifted the electorate changed RINOS into fighting Gorillas for America 1st. We haven’t remotely comprehended the positive impact of President Donald Trump. People hate change they fear change and that’s with the hate and fear comes for this great man it’s also where the love and commitment and devotion and thanks comes from well over 180 million people in this country, more incredibly a few billion worldwide Realize watch Trump has started this movement can better the world. We need to all get along on a global level but globalism is a failed concept just look at Biden he gave Putin his pipeline, he gave Putin lifted sanctions, It was seen as weakness and opportunity for Putin to invade a country as he put money in his countries car for us to be able to afford this offensive. That’s what thinking let’s just be nice and will all get along does. “ peace through strength” if Trump was in office as legitimate votes have him nobody would be on the border and if they didn’t go on the border may be a comment like you have three days to move off the border if not we’re going to plow them feels and uproot the dirt from planting some nice crops we’re going to soften the soil so I would move. Biden and Obama gave money to Iran left the sanctions on Iran now are they building a nuke and they’re going to use it before they use it Israel‘s gonna have to strike them first and what the hell is going to happen. And buying oil and gas and energy from other countries it’s not about green it’s about a few things the first thing is about punishment of American citizens you punish them maybe if they pay $10 a gallon for gas still buy an electric car, but they don’t tell you as it takes 12 years before an electric car brakes even with a gas car as far as pollution. And that’s without the dispose of the batteries which they haven’t even considered. Can you imagine disposing of hundreds of millions of batteries monthly. Who’s going to power all this new energy we need to charge all these cars. We couldn’t power our country right now on their plan for solar and wind not even close maybe we could do just the homes if we had rotating blackouts to conserveIn different sections of US. Let’s look at Biden giving China whatever he wants removing all tariff. They’re trying to shut down a lot of industries here that they sell to a lot of US businesses will close and they’ll sell direct to our clients it’s happening now. Tariffs would stop it protect USA companies and jobs.

One thing I got to say the best of all best is stop producing oil and natural gas in the USA and we buy it overseas. Why because green they say. My first question is who has more regulations and will pull natural gas and petroleum out of the ground with cleaner and stronger regulations that protect this beautiful earth the USA or the Middle East. OK so number one we know that it will be done cleaner temper tech the earth better in America. By removing this we lose millions of good paying jobs in the United States more punishment. The gas prices go up and they’re not gonna stop till they reach 89 dollars a gallon why wouldn’t they who’s gonna stop OPEC. And that’s a punishment thinking will buy electric cars because the gas is so expensive but don’t forget we cannot charge the electric cars we need the oil in the coal to charge the electric cars that we now pay more money for that hasn’t even been put into the equation.

The kicker of all kickers we stopped producing natural gas that’s cleaner than any gas in the world and it’s a clean form of energy so I don’t want to hear they want zero net 09 cents because natural gas is part of an answer and they don’t want it so we pull it out of the ground somewhere else and buy it. And then the oil and petroleum that we need instead of putting it in a pipe that’s emission free. Remember this buying oil from the Middle East we have to go to wars we have to protect the area we have to pay more money we have to lose the jobs but remember this. We pollute this earth more the oil is pulled up the oil is put on big tankers they clunk all the way over to the United States, they’re put onto trains and the trains go all over the United States, then they’re loaded onto trucks and the trucks drive all over the United States. The transport pollution that’s created proves they don’t care about a clean environment they don’t care about CO2 emission because if they cared they would say we have to get oil under our own country because it helps with the environment. And after you reach that point you say resize helping the environment we get more jobs we get $1.50 a gallon gas we get natural gas we’re energy independent we don’t have to worry about fighting wars over making sure we have Energy. Anybody with a brain would say we can get gas to $1.75 a gallon maximum we’re going to put a fluctuated $.25 to 50 Cent tax on to invest in new green energies. That’s what smart gas would never be over $2.25 half price of where we’re going and we have a cleaner environment and millions of high paying jobs because if we’re not gonna use these types of energy sauce is one day let’s pull up as much as we can now before it becomes obsolete. Do you realize how rich Saudi Arabia is off oil we could produce more our government should produce and profit off oil to pay off all our debt and rebuild this whole country for the next 300 years before it becomes obsolete. And it’ll never be obsolete unless you go nuclear you can do wind you can do solar but you always need call, natural gas, and petroleum as a back up so when the wind stops blowing and the solar panels can’t store the energy for when you need it you always have to have the back up of these miracles from their earth. They don’t discuss these things because you have to be an absolute moron when you look at it and I don’t know why President Trump doesn’t have rallies where he talks about things just like this in detail for an hour. He’s going over the same old stuff that we all know about and that we don’t want to hear anymore I did this I did this we did this he acts like we don’t know. It’s becoming embarrassing to hear it over and over we don’t need to hear the comparison we know it. Stops that stuff and start talking about plans Like this energy plan I just talked about you talking hour about that what are they going to say they can’t even argue it it’s news they don’t want out it’s a plant that even lefties would agree with. Wow we pay half and we invest so much per gallon into green energy and we’re going to make our country rich before we make it obsolete why not and in the process we save on pollution from the transport. President Trump being a citizen and elbow to elbow with business people every day at 50 years old we know what the people want to hear and how they have to hear it because the average person isn’t too bright but they understand the basics and they want detail before people weren’t involved into politics. The involvement in politics is so deep we know everything the one-liner punch lines of all political ways don’t work people want to hear granular information, they want detail they wanted explain they want it deep. I hope you get some people around you to discuss things like this to get some new ideas. Nobody’s better at delivering or speaking or making people laugh than you you’re great but nobody’s telling you what to talk about and what not to talk about you’re talking like every time you speak you’re only talking to 1500 thousand people and you need to repeat the same message over and over so everybody hears it. No we’ve all heard it 100 times I would say that there is 40 million people that follow you weekly easy and we know everything you say every time you speak. Sorry for this long text letter but when somethings start driving you insane you got to speak him on a piece of paper so you stop thinking about them. This start off on a great woman that would do a great job and she has our support if she chooses to run. I hope you’re well please send your wife our regards and your kids also. I know your daughter is a halfway Democrat a little bit but I hope she’s learning how evil these people are that they’re actually pulling her in like she has something to do with loans and appraisals. Anything that’s wrong with loans or property values has nothing to do with the Trump family it Hass to do with the banks and what bank would want to loan money on a piece of property worth 20 million and loan 90 million on it so they had no collateral. That woman in New York is so stupid she doesn’t even how know how reality works. She actually believes when banks do multi million dollar loans they don’t do their due diligence and they leave it up to the Trump family to choose the appraiser.

does everyone realize how nuts this is President Trump you need to sue this woman personally whacked her with the biggest lawsuit ever and God I hope you can use your campaign money for this because I hope it doesn’t cost you a penny and then it doesn’t bother me at all just go after them. But sue this woman personally she personally did this and went after you before she was whenever she is in New York. Even if you make her spend a couple million dollars personally that she doesn’t have go after it because what she’s doing and what she did is illegal. Can you imagine saying I’m gonna go after somebody there’s no crime nobody was arrested there’s no evidence there’s no innuendo there’s nothing but I’m gonna go digging looking for a crime. It’s a legal there’s got to be a way you could sue her and have the venue in Florida. Sue this woman personally because she began personally to attack you before she was an elected official. Make her spend two $300,000 she doesn’t have it put her in her place money talks bullshit walks

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