Most of Europe won’t go along with the United States

“Just confirmed that most of Europe won’t go along with the United States in boycotting Russian oil and gas. As usual the United States will be left out there alone, being taken advantage of by Europe, as we defend them, while we read in the Fake News how everyone has come together under Biden to fight Russia.”

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Question Mark

Apparently, only the people that read this blog are going to believe this post. Europe, and particularly NATO are following the US lead. Even neutral countries like Switzerland and Finland are following the lead of the United States.


Meanwhile I paid $4.09 / gallon today. Thanks, Brandon! PUTZ!$!$!

Under POTUS Trump we were #EnergyIndependent, and paid $1.87 / gallon. Even a Globalist can do that math…not that they care!$!$!$!

ONE of the consequences of the stolen 2020 elections!$!$! Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!

Tom Zahm

Let me get this straight. Mr. Trump is insinuating that he’s against the US standing alone. Really?

Just Me

If you were still in the White House, where you rightfully belong, even if this war had come, the US would be able to provide Europe with what they would lose from stopping Russian imports.
If there is an up side to this, it is that some snotty European leaders are going to have to admit to themselves that Donald J. Trump was the best President for them as well as for us. I’d love to see some of the Obama-lovin’ snots have to publicly admit it.


Bidet and the basement-president are likely to surrender the US to Russia, they don’t love America, they are criminals who put themselves first. They have already shown with Afghanistan that they are happy to humiliate the people of the greatest country. There would be no greater humiliation and demoralisation of the American people than to surrender to Russia.
Russia say they have ALL the evidence of the crimes of US and European politicians and leaders. The bio-labs that Nuland had to admit exist. Putin bombed the locations, he has the scientists and evidence he will present at the Hague. Local people who lived in the locations of these US/NATO labs report deaths and illness of unknown origin, mystery sicknesses. Terrible crimes against humanity.
It will be interesting to see what comes out, providing of course that we get to see it.


I’m not saying this lab theory isn’t possible, but no one can tell me Putin isn’t a monster. He just bombed a maternity hospital. He’s killing children. He’s killing civilians. What’s the excuse for that? There isn’t one. We live in the days when drones can fly in and kill a specific target, like Trump did with those terrorist leaders. Putin is evil.

My Man Trump

What a clown act he and his regime are. Of course, Europe will not go along with him. Everybody witnessed Afghanistan.

Carmine Gazerro

Regular gasoline will be over $10 per gallon by November unless Joe Biden allows the United States to produce. Does everybody realize that a bartender three years ago has made a plan for our energy for the future of our country. Does everybody here know that if we had electric shipping trucks the battery so large the way to the truck combined with the way to the cargo would cause shipping cost to double maybe triple causing every product to inflate by anywhere from 20 to 200 percent

Carmine Gazerro

Halloween not producing the natural gas and fracking tomorrow by emergency order declaration by the president to fill-in what Europe could lose and be there for them. How we’re not there for them to stop the skyrocketing cost by the US being an exporter we can get gas on the two dollars again instead we’re going to go to $10-$12 for regular gas by the end of the year. How does Biden not say produce the natural gas for two reasons number one American gas is cleaner and causes less pollution than Russian gas so let used as much as possible since were weaning off of it over the next 30 years, Natural gas Vern is very low CO2 in emissions I don’t know why we wanna get off of it. We need to be there for our allies


Screw Europe!


Unfortunately that’s very true so American gets to pay the price again. Why in heavens name would we go to See ran for oil? DRILL BABY DRILL!


       ON NOVEMBER 3rd, 2020
The Russians and Chinese are playing a chess game and Biden and the political class are pawns and they don’t even know that there is a game going on.
 (This comment is updated and bears repeating)
Here are the moves (steps) the Russians and Chinese have made
1.     Rig the U.S. November 2020 election and move Trump off to the side as he is the only person that could stop/beat them (done)
2.     Install puppet government (Biden/Harris) in the United States and fill key positions (Bureaucracy, Judicial, District Attorneys etc.) with compromised or useful idiots (done)
3.    Cancel Trump & MEGA movement using big tech and fake media (done)
4.     Hold phony investigations with compromised crooked politicians (Pelosi etc.) and utilize useful idiots (AOC, McConnell etc.) to create more damage (done)
5.     Have U.S. bureaucracy and “justice department” ignore and oppose any laws that hinder the strategy (done)
6.     Stop U.S. energy production under the green energy farse because it will undermine the economy and causes inflation (done)
7.      Make the United States dependent on foreign oil producers like Russia to drive up the price of oil and fund the Russian war machine and create inflation (done)
8.     Create wide open U.S. border (hide as much as possible from the public) and allow thousands of criminals from all over the world come in and create crime and chaos in US cities. (done)
9.     Oppose law enforcement and elect District Attorneys that do nothing (thank you George Soros) (done)
10.  RETREAT from Afghanistan…. pull U.S. forces out, leave all bases and $85 billion in weapons for enemy forces and confirm the U.S. puppet government is now operating as planned/designed (done)
11.  Have U.S. continue to buy oil from Russia and Iran for as long as possible to fund Russia army and move Iran towards a Nuclear bomb (thanks John Kerry) (continues as March 7, 2022) (done)
12.  Make Russia the head of the UN security council… an almost pointless move but a blocking one (done)
13.  Remove from the “Justice” department the special unit *created by President Trump, to stop Chinese thief of U.S. intellectual property and spying… the unit is removed despite even the current FBI director warned that this is the greatest security threat to the U.S. (done)
14. Allow Chinese controlled companies to fund Chinese military directly through United States dollars through ETFs, retirement funds and shell corporations on U.S. stock exchanges (Only Maria Bartiromo, (American hero) reports on this to get the truth out ). (done)
15.  Have the puppet U.S. government pretend to negotiate meaningless sanctions claiming “they do not want to provoke a wider war with Russia and China” … War will happen anyway… Russia and China laugh at the U.S. government confusion and fools running it (done)
16.  After the Olympics, Russia begins the invasion of Ukraine making it seem as if it is just a small incursion at first to deceive the U.S. public then continues on to devastate the citizens and attacks nuclear reactors (done)
17.  Putin continues to threaten nuclear war and paralyzes U.S. government and public opinion as well as NATO countries (done)
18. Continue to prevent public understanding what is REALLY going on by utilizing big tech (traitors) and the mainstream media (done)
19.  When the outcry due to fuel costs and inflation builds to a level the U.S. government can no longer ignore it, instead of restoring the U.S. energy industry, they switch from buying oil directly from Russia to buying it from the criminal countries of Iran/Venezuela and continue the flow of dollars to U.S. enemies (done)
20. Europe does not go along with Biden U.S. boycott of Russian energy as the Russians have their boot on the European throats (done)
21. U.S. elected and bureaucrats (useful idiots) and the criminal U.S. mainstream media try to blame the war on Trump, the inflation on the war and the petroleum companies. (done)
What is next? My guess
Russia expands the war bringing in fighters from their allies (already has) and will justify expansion of the war (if they can) into the Eastern European NATO countries which will bring the United States into the fray, and it will expand to land, air and sea…. hopefully not nuclear
Unless the war goes nuclear, inflation and crime will soar worldwide as chaos spreads. This will cause a deep recession or depression which will allow China (while affected) to stand on the sidelines and watch it play out.
I do not think China will bother with Taiwan right now as it is not worth it, they don’t have to, and they will hesitate after they saw the worldwide reaction to the Russia invasion.
In the meantime, Russia will destroy itself as well as their opponents (including the economies) if the war does not go nuclear.
Then China (diminished but basically intact) will step in with the biggest army left in the world and with little opposition will take any part of the world that they want to take, and you and your children will live as the slaves of China and be monitored by technology developed by U.S. big tech.
The only hope I see is ….
 The will of the Ukraine people to fight to live free or die
The MEGA movement restoring as quickly as possible MEGA candidates in congress and restoring to office the real elected President… Donald J Trump… 
We don’t have much time and we have to stop election fraud and move fast

Last edited 1 year ago by drofphilosophy
My Man Trump

Your 21 points are all on target. Well done. I do not envision the rest as you have spelled out but that definitely is a scenario that could play. I hope not. I believe we can hold out until the red wave and DJT “helps” the Republicans because they need it. Too many rinos will still remain. Then, I believe in very early 2023, DJT will return as the legitimate President. There may not be a democrat party left, especially the commies, and the deep state here and worldwide will be gone. Cleared out by DJT and other helpful countries. At that point all things done by the illegitimate regime will be undone by DJT. The things that can be.

On another note, Ukraine is a corrupt country who launders millions of dollars for FJB and Obama. Also, FJB needs another pandemic to control the people and the elections, just as the China virus was for. Ukraine was his go to people and they are running gain of function labs for FJB. Those two very important things are what Russia is destroying.


Well maybe it’s time to squash the malarkey that is the fake news. I thought the military was under oath to protect we the people from all enemies foreign and domestic?? Seems to me the fake news is helping those enemies, and if so, can’t they also be held accountable? In the words of your favorite Brandon——“C’mon, man!”

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

That feckless zombie Joe canceled Keystone XL on day one of office and has been supporting this “woke” green agenda by the demonrats. Now Zombie Joe wants to buy oil from Iran and crazy Maduro.
We have gross incompetence rampant in this administration.

Mark Pensak

In this instance Mr. President. Your wrong. Europe had no choice but to continue to get it from Russia. Because of Biden’s stupid policies. If we open up Keystone. All will be fine.

Gerald Warner

We have aiding and abetting in the outhouse


Treason…. Biden #1!!


we have an idiot that did not win and we are stuck with this ass because the supreme court has no guts. we need to get rid of people that do not follow our constitution-that even includes the supreme court.

Rosanne. Choate


John F. Brzezinski III

If you watch closely at the ‘new articles’ you can plainly see the writers of the articles and those who knew the article would be coming out work in coordination with the commentary.

Me telling NASA they better quit screwing with ‘new rovers, etc, etc and get working on ‘the Moon’ by 2024 with NO excuses got me shaddowbanned…I.E. ‘signed in’ but unable to comment since I am not ‘signed in’….nothing but looped programming used to silence.

Next thing you know, if they can’t talk their way out of what they were told to do, they will claim they are landing on the ‘far side’ of the Moon since they know damn well they can now be seen landing by public cameras and telescopes.


It has gone TOO far.

Craig Barrett

We have a idiot that’s the RESIDENT in the Whitehouse


The biggest idiots RESIDE in Florida.

Baskin Robbins

At times I think it’s either a contest or something in the drinking water.

My Man Trump

I think you have been Baskin in the sun too long.

Gloria Hensley

Sounds about right Mr. President.

Robin Seeber

I wondered about that. I can’t believe, well yes I can, biden cartel got us into WWlll… unreal


Biden’s American-Marxist Green new deal I creased cost of oil, which supports Russian attack, and now US will pay for extra to Russia. Thanks AOC!!

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