My company is incredible with some of the greatest assets in the world

“My long-term accounting firm didn’t leave me for any other reason than they were harassed, abused, and frightened by DA’s and AG’s that for years have been threatening them with indictment and ruination. They were “broken” by these Radical Left racist prosecutors, and couldn’t take it anymore. Even the letter they sent stated, “Mazars performed its work in accordance with professional standards. A subsequent review of those work papers confirms this.” Further, their disclaimer clause in the financial statements has for years stated much the same.

My company is incredible with some of the greatest assets in the world and very low debt. Also, we’re loaded with cash. The Fake News Media hates talking about it!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sir, get yourself another high-profile accounting firm to pick up where this accounting firm left off. God is going to help you to get through this. The darkness is being brought into the light to reveal the corruption & deception that has been done against you & your affiliates that stood & supported you. Know that you are STILL being covered by prayers & support Donald J. Trump!! Continue to fight the Good Fight Of FAITH sir!! God Bless!!

John F. Brzezinski III

POTUS, do you understand that capitalism is broken and the system is designed to protect corporations and economy and not people? Logic dictates that because it has been manipulated and corrupted so long, the one’s who set the system up and have mass amounts of FAKE ‘capital’ are the one’s to be feared. People could sustain themselves if they were given the opportunity, but in today’s day and age you can’t even grow your own food without some asshole claiming ‘property taxes’ and taking all you accomplish for the ‘betterment of the nation’….meanwhile, the ‘nation,’ as led by these idiots in DC don’t do jack shit to help those whom ‘the system’ systematically outcasts……also meanwhile, “Let’s make damn sure WAR is in the news so fear remains the only logic indoctrinated robots are capable of and would fight their own so as to sustain without themselves even having a clue as to what, where, when, why, how….

Bet your ass this Country is in trouble. ONE ANSWER!

Corporations need to get off this planet…NOW!

JMO of course 🙂


Well put John! The word goes forth…The Truth will set you Free! You are
right on the whole matter for sure! 🙂


Even Devin Nunes’ cow has an iphone…

Johnny Appleseed

Happy President’s Day, Sir.

George Washington’s Birthday.

And the start of a beautiful media accountability.


What we have here (with Mark Rakow’s comments below) is a total failure of mental health. “Trump is nothing” he says, repeatedly and vehemently, yet he and his fellow haters are totally, 100% obsessed with Trump, day and night, for 6 years now, and on into the future. So obsessed that they support a glaring disaster of an administration rather than have a competent, beneficial president in office. Obviously it is the truth that means absolutely “NOTHING” to these people.

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

Telling it like it is!!

Mark Rakow

In order to be clear, what “truth” are you referring to? That Trump will be President again? Or that he should be President again?

But first, I presume you’re talking about ACTUAL truth, and not conjecture or opinion. Therefore, to the first question, it’s very unlikely he’ll ever be president again. The numbers just don’t support that notion. Trump’s popularity among even Republicans has fallen. That fact alone does not bode well for his chances, because – obviously – that’s the group in which he should, and does, have the highest level of support.

Meanwhile, it’s unlikely that Democratic support for Trump would have increased; in fact, like Republican support, it’s probably fallen. And, likewise, independents – although it’s probably fair to say that this group is a true wild-card. After all, that’s why they’re independents. Meanwhile, it’s also probably fair to say that, at this point anyway, all this is purely conjecture. Yet, since leaving office, Trump has not exactly endeared himself to any but his strongest supporters. In short, people who didn’t like him a year ago still don’t like him much.

As for the second question, should Trump be President again? This, of course, depends on who is being asked; therefore, it’s really just a matter of opinion.

However, there’s a critical issue all Americans should bear in mind; in fact, it’s likely to be the main issue upon which the 2024 election will rest: What would Trump do in a second term? There seems little doubt that a sizable majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, believe that a second Trump term will be all about revenge.

Put another way, we’ve already seen that he’s a poor loser. Would he be an equally poor winner? There’s a strong probability that he’d be a vindictive winner – perhaps even dangerously so.

Speaking from the perspective of what Laura caustically, and rather flippantly, refers to as “the total failure of mental health,” I don’t exactly relish the prospect of a President who seems hell-bent on a wholesale purge of tens of millions of perceived domestic enemies. After all, Trump has publicly referred to Democrats as “traitors” on numerous occasions. And as shocking as that is, the Republican Party has stood by, saying nothing, doing nothing to dissuade him.

In 2016, Melania Trump, herself, said, “My husband is not Hitler.”

True. But then again, Hitler wasn’t Hitler – until he was.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

“” To be clear, what “truth” are you referring to? That Trump becomes president again? Or that he should be president again? “”
I try to answer as best I can, and my English leaves a lot to be desired:

What Donald J. Trump has accomplished in his short tenure:

01) Look at the Economy, Cheap Fuel and Getting Started.
02) Border overflows almost stopped, Border wall almost finished.
03) Look at peace in the Middle East.
04) Trump could put the little fat North Korean in respect.
05) The relocation of the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
06) Scrapping, of Abama´’s nuclear deal with Iran.
07) Trade Agreement with China Ratified.
08) Putin had respect for Donald J. Trump. Putin is playing with the old fool of Joe Biden, because had the election not been stolen from Trump, it would now probably have looked different, with regard to Ukraine. The whole West has been taken to bed.
09) Trump told Germany’s Angela Merkel (Stasi-Woman from the GDR) that She should write off Nordstreem 2 gas supply to the EU. But the woman would not listen.

10) There are thousands of pieces of evidence of electoral fraud, look for yourself, but keep in mind: Big-TECH has removed a lot of evidence, but there is plenty on Rumble and other Freedom of Expression loving media.
Regarding the Calm in the Middle East. The peace that Trump has accomplished in a few months, while the Democrats had at least 50 years left, and yet the Democrats did not succeed.
There are many more Points. !

Just on this basis, I have no doubt that Trimp will win the election here in Midway or in 2024 is. the above.
For in my wildest imagination can not believe that the Americans are so stupid in the neck that they do not know what is written in these points. AND that Trump is the Right President.

I also have Link´s for a video where the infiltrators change clothes so they look like the Trump supporters, on Pennasylvania Avenue. Nancy Pelosi has certainly arranged the infiltration.
But it will probably come out one day.

Regarding betrayal:
You think it’s a lie.

I’m not surprised by Mitt Romney’s betrayal, do not know enough about 2 of the others, but I’m deeply disappointed that Lindsey Graham in this way chooses to support Biden, There are four in all, but I can not put pictures in here.
Liz Chinney is also involved in this betrayal.
It MUST have consequences at their next election, but it has long prospects, a senator sits 6 years…, so it will not happen until 2026, so many accidents can be made before.

you write: “” Put another way, we have already seen that he is a bad loser. “”
The evidence of fraud is overwhelming, any American can see it. It is not VENGEANCE but real JUSTICE. And The JAIL-HOUSE is waiting.

“” But again, Hitler was not Hitler – until he was “”. Nonsense: Read the Story.!


Been waiting to see a response, but not surprised he given none. Very nicely said.


Ok Charles, you’re doing your homework I C. Good for you sir, you are not the only one who knows that we have a corrupt swamp in our government & it definitely needs to be drained!! There are some high-powered people now coming out, who were Democrats, and now flipped to be Republicans, because the lies & deceptions by corrupt politicians have been & ARE coming out for America to know! It is about darn time! We Americans need to stand up call our DC Washington representatives, every day or once a week, and voice our concerns to get true change applied in our beloved America! Period!


Mr. RaKow…..O yea of little FAITH! Did you “not” enjoy & like the fruits you
were taking part in during our 45th President service in office? Or, are you one of those people who also think that America owes you something? My my, God help you sir!


Laura….Wake up dear. Trump spoke the truth, while in office and out of office. TRUTH is, Trump would not play any corrupt political game with the SWAMP. I use to be a Democrat but when I saw everything that was being done by the Democrats to OUR beloved America, I woke up & joined the RIGHT SIDE because NO body owes you anything in this country! You owe it to yourself to be educated, informed & work to provide yourself with a well balanced future & life! Wake up Laura!!


AlaLady58, Laura is referring to Marks comment below, she is a Trump supporter like yourself.


By the way welcome aboard the accomplishments that made needed changes to our country and lives, and many of us (myself to be sure) are guilty of misconstruing others comments.


Thank you for standing up for us all! Our kin will know your legacy!


Hi Donald. My President.

I am from Denmark (Central Jutland) and am exactly a week older than you.
I followed your election tour in 2015 until you won the election in 2016.
I’m still following you.

yes actually followed you since you got yourself acquired a special Harley Davison.
It was in 2012 that you acquired the “fat” Harley.

** / Z0G5Lq2LGt4
OCC Donald Trump Chopper Bike WOW !!!

But it was not until 2015 that I really noticed you:

The first time I saw something about you I thought, What is it now.?. Then I turned my brain upside down and finally got what you wanted with regard to Choice 16.

I do not understand English, use google / Win translations, I do the grammar myself.

During the election tours in 2015 and now here, I do not need translation all the time, because it is easy to understand, YOU are talking to the little man, the general public can understand the twists and turns.

I sincerely hope that the Americans get out of the starting holes and get the Democratic scammers punished. Omicon “Choice (scam) machine” Finance Prince George Soros, Clinton´s, all BIG-TECH.
I have not forgotten Hillary’s betrayal of her countrymen at the Embassy in Benghazi in 2012 (Libya) on the 10th anniversary of the WTC. Hillary was then Secretary of State under the Obama Admin. I will never forget it

The video is available, I have many that have been removed from Youtube. I ask: May I put them on Rumble ???

** / TN1RvEmMPLk
POWERFUL! ♥ FULL SPEECH: Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim – Republican National Convention

We can not tolerate the democratic scammers sitting in the White House.

Donald, I hope you keep hanging on and that the Americans get out of the starting holes, for the police recovered, closed the border with Mexico, Win Midterm elections and get Nancy Pelosi removed here in 22 and Hillary Rodham Clinton imprisoned for her betrayal, as soon as possible . For the Democratic scammers are scared. Enter the White House with you.

To Me, You are the real President.

Mike Pence could have prevented Biden from becoming president, Mike Pence could have denied the vote in the White House, and thwarted the execution of the scam.
————————————————– –
There is a FAKE which can be found at the link:
** / truth-social-for-windows /
“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.”
On this site, he posted an announcement in a Short tweet format. However, this site was shut down in less than a month.
It has turned out that it is Fake, because otherwise you could not write here on this Website.
NOTE The links: https: // Inserted instead of **
Charles Nielsen
7160 Touring

NB: The slogan in 2015 was:
Obama out house
Bernie no house
Hillary in Jail house
Trump in Whit house

NB: The slogan in 2022-23:
Biden out house
Kamala no house
Nancy in Jail house
Trump in Whit house


Welcome Charles, you have been paying attention, and thank you for the links. Glad you posted in English as I was unable to understand your posts below.

Nice to see you on the TRUMP Train!


I just love this guy! Thinks & speaks like a TRUE Hearted American (Individual)! Heck, even if you were from MARS, I would still appreciate & respect you sir! You do your political homework, fore sure; which by the way does take time! How well I know! God Bless!

Mark Rakow

Trump is wrong…’s not that the media hates talking about it.

Instead, it’s because there’s nothing to say about it.

Got it now?
There’s NOTHING more to say.

Nothing means NOTHING.
That’s what Trump is:
He’s a disgraceful, morbidly obese, corrupt, lying, criminal nothing.
And he will never be President again.

Because Trump is nothing.


Of course, Trump will come into the White House again.

The slogan in 2022-23:
Biden out house
Kamala no house
Nancy in Jail house
Trump in Whit house

Knight Rider

Only if he buys a ticket & takes a tour!

Johnny Appleseed

Negatory skid marks.

You have been exposed with your own words.

Since then you merely occupy cyber space.

Kinda like a dead twig on a tree.

It still exists… but it is kind of useless unless you account for visual aesthetics.

You are proving our point.

You disagree…

Yet you still have a voice and are still here.

Personally I believe


Have become our most valuable player.

Thank you.

Keep up the good work.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Mr. Rakow, take a chill pill sir & go to anger management classes, LOL!! 😉 You will feel better & wake up to the TRUTH one day!

Marijo Makufka

Your company is AMAZING! The demons in “power” are terrified of you and all you stand for.
Thanks for staying in the fight for the American people and the world. We need you now more than ever!!!

Meg P.

Sincerely, 75 Million Americans who Love you.


Actually Meg that’s only what they gave him credit for, and I believe there are a lot more people on board now

Virginia Jocelyn

President Trump, We are praying for you, your family and all those connected to you!
Our Father in Heaven is with you! Listen to him and follow His lead! He will go before you and He only needs 1 day to change everything! Many of God’s remnant including His courageous Prophets (no compromise) see the End from the Beginning. We know you will get to the light at the end of the tunnel ahead.
So many more than you even know, are praying hours a day for You, your family, those who stand with you, our Beautiful America and righteousness for you and our Nation and World.
Victory for you and our Great Nation
In the Name of Jesus our Redeemer
Virginia Jocelyn

Meg P.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven. Oh yes, we know the power of prayer and we ask all Americans and the World to pray for this man, for you know God created America as the leader of the free world, and the world depends on us. As we enter the season of Lent and the Passion of Christ we await with great expectations, your miracles Holy Father.

Mark Rakow

Let me get this straight……you’re asking all Americans to “pray for this man.”

You must be kidding. Pray for Donald Trump?

Pray for what, exactly? Pray that Trump is not indicted? Pray that he doesn’t end up in prison? Or how about praying that Trump doesn’t go to Hell?

Actually, I doubt that prayer will prevent that last one. Because far too many people are praying that he does.

Johnny Appleseed

Hey Mark… you know we horrible stupid no good people…

We ask each other to pray for you too.

Just putting it out there…

I personally pray you see the truth soon.

But some may be praying you grow a brain…

Personally I just pray you learn how to use said brain (I do assume it’a existence).

Knight Rider

Pray that the late term syphilis finally let’s him rest in piece!


We conservative vegans love you, President Trump! What we have now is a criminal sham of an administration that has our nation swirling the drain…but something, so far, has kept us from going down it all the way, and that something is you and all true patriots who cherish freedom. We all pray every day for miracles that will put things back in order so we can just get on with our lives without feeling the constant ugly pressure of government tyranny, and witnessing the most corrupt, lying mainstream media of ALL TIME. What they’re doing with these vaccines is outrageous, and so is everything else they’re doing, or failing to do. We need you back in office, badly.



Knight Rider

Happy Presidents Day to the NON impeached Presidents! My company is incredible with some of the greatest asses in the world


Happy presidents day to Donald j trump


The radicals are relentless. They have to scrounge around to get nothing, like little pigs in a sty, and it makes them happy. Praying for all these attacks to stop. keep your faith and stay strong.
Happy President Day. We love you.


Happy President’s Day President Trump, the only President worth acknowledging and honoring since President Reagan.

Enjoy your day, play some golf, spend time with the family, and then get back at it because we know you’re busy behind the scenes.

Sue Mckee


Last edited 1 year ago by Sue Mckee
Meg P.

Amen. Who’s the man, who’s the man, You’re the Man, our dear President Trump!

Charles Nielsen

Hvor blev mit indlæg af. ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles Nielsen
Maria M Wineland

Happy President’s Day, President Trump! You’re the only one we can truly celebrate.

Charles Nielsen

Hej Donald
Jeg er fra Danmark og har fulgt dig i det hvalpeprogram før 2016.
Ja, faktisk siden du fik dig selv erhvervet en særlig Harley Davison.

Der vil være flere, men jeg vil se, om det er muligt at skrive her.
Vh CN.

My Man Trump

Mr. President, just end all the bullshit and come back now. You have the proof, you have the clean up crew, game over. Come back and show the world all the crap they have put you through and what it has cost you. Come back now and end our pain and suffering as well. GAME OVER! End it already.


How is he supposed to do that? He lost the election, remember?


This country is being driven into a ditch by the creeps you voted in.

You’re partly to blame for all of it…..

I only got one thing to say to you and your ilk.

GO TO HELL!!……………………(as fast as you can)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

Careful… they are trying to bring it to us… they may misunderstand… you do know most of them don’t speak English… and they barely understand Dumbass when spoken to them.

My Man Trump

Yes, he was the victim of a stolen election and a manufactured virus. I wouldn’t be proud about that. And again, what THosk said!

Mark Rakow

First, you insisted he was going to come back.
Next, you claimed he had all the proof he needed to come back.
Then, you bragged he was waiting for the right time to come back.
Now, you’re begging him to PLEEEEEASE listen to you, and PLEEEEEASE come back.

What’s next? Pissing and moaning that he’s making you look like a lying, oafish crybaby?

You don’t need Trump’s help for that. Even if he happens to be an expert at those things.

Johnny Appleseed

For a guy that fussed about name calling…

Skid marks…


My Man Trump

Markie sounds scared. I like to mix things up a bit and not say the same thing like you do…Never Trumper…..Ho hum. Boring!!! Don’t worry, Trump is coming back soon. Direct enough for you? Let me say it another way….Bye, bye Joey and his commie regime. Soon is just never soon enough for us Trump fans. After all, he is the greatest President of our lifetime. FJBs legacy will be the china virus collusion, the stolen election, illegitimacy, communism, criminality, hater of cops, hater of America and its people, hater of our children, hater of borders, dementia, etc. He will be talked about
throughout the ages as the absolute worst President in U.S. history and a destroyer of our constitution, religion and democracy.

Mary Bora

Your loyal people will stick by you. The swamp of corruption is bigger than the American people ever imagined! Keep in the fight! We know you’re the best for the real Patriots of this Country!!


Should there be a separate “Disgraced President Day” ?


We will call it “OBAMA DAY”

That ok with you leftist?


O’Bummer Biedumdum day might be more appropriate.


Obama is Bidens Mama, (just cutting straight to the core)

Johnny Appleseed

I thought they were symbionts…

You know



Happy Presidents’ Day!


It’s the same with Mike Lindell’s bank accounts. People are in fear we will be next, especially the unvaccinated. Hurry back! We need you. Save America! 🙏❤️🇺🇸💯


Happy president day. Mr Trump. You are still my president


Radical trump-hating AGs and their assistants along with Federal Judgesshould be doxxed. Fight fire with fire.

Tracy Fusco-David

Mr. President!


I feel pretty broken myself President Donald J Trump. Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. My search for the truth took me down the rabbit hole and it was my choice to know. I’ll never be sorry for exposing my enemy both foreign and domestic. I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming. I’m holding onto God’s promise. Together we will win. God bless ~Godspeed~ MAGA


Looking forward to President’s day and the Grand Opening of Truth Social. Thank you for your Service to our Country!

Gerald Warner

YAour private company is none of their business but when we impeach these bastards we need all their assets exposed as vthey stole from all thev peop do not need anyobe else but you as Speaker of house in 2022 Mc carthy had his chance

Mark Rakow

You’re wrong. Trump’s private company is their business, if there’s enough evidence of criminal behavior. And there’s WAAAAAY more than enough evidence of criminal behavor.

Trump is not going to be Speaker of the House There’s not a chance in hell of that happening. Kevin McCarthy’s lifelong ambition has been to become Speaker, And if you think he’ll just step aside graciously, and let the Shitgibbon take his job, you’ve got a whole bunch of thinks coming.

Anyway, Trump doesn’t want to be Speaker of the House. He has no idea how to do the job, so he’d make a piss-poor Speaker. But he does want to be President again – even though he had no idea how to do that job either. Which is why he made a piss-poor President.

Trump’s basic problem is that he’s too damned dumb to know he’s too damned dumb.

Johnny Appleseed


I get to do it to you now…

Where’s the proof???

(Oh that felt so good….)

Ohhh… blah still boring ripping you…


Well it seems things have changed a little bit on this matter from Just the News quoting the New Your Slimes oops Times

Prosecutors Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz resigned after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “indicated to them that he had doubts about moving forward with a case against Mr. Trump,” according to The New York Times.”


Please come back soon!!!

Deborah Addor

You will recover all Mr.President.
Come back soon!!!!!
Deuteronomy 28:7


Mr. President, ‘Changing America fundamentally’ is not proving so easy for America’s home grown enemies. You and your supporters are a substantial road block.
The US is not South America or Africa. It is: America.

Hopefully there are enough Americans with integrity who love their country and are awakening to the threat to their freedoms. You have demonstrated as President that you are a true, trust worthy Leader who has the best interests of Americans and Free people worldwide uppermost.

President Trump, family and associates have been subjected to the most extensive partisan investigations and vile lies in memory.
And what did those so called superior, democrat legal brain investigators/inquisitors, find? Zero, zilch; a big nothing burger. Guilty of no crimes.

However, in the past few days, an official report authorized by a non partisan Special Counsel, submitted in accordance with legal procedure is revealing much, much more to the contrary about those same inquisitors, their masters and their ‘useful fools’.

The democrat DA of NYC made her audacious, illegal intentions loud and clear when she ran for that job. If elected she would go after Donald Trump. Exactly what she has done. Massive, widespread, ingrained, democrat political corruption.
Concoct a crime to fit the man you want to remove. Really dumb, because smarter people than her failed, and instead revealed their own corruption.
This is the ongoing Legacy of both Clintons/Obama/Biden. People of integrity the world over, see this for what it is.
Only President Trump and a united Republican Party in Government can stop the megalomania of the Obama/Clinton/Biden putsch. But first, election integrity.

Mark Rakow

Did you happen to READ that “official report authorized by a non-partisan Special Counsel” by any chance? While it’s possible you did, given the claims you make about that report, it appears likely that you didn’t read it. Or, at best, you didn’t read it very carefully.

Here’s why: You claim that the “official report….is revealing much, much more to the contrary about those same inquisitors.” Unfortunately, that’s simply not true. In fact, it didn’t reveal much more at all. Some information was made clear, or made more clear. Some information was corrected. But the most significant information in the report – strictly speaking, it’s called a “court filing” – had to do with one of the attorneys set to represent Michael Sussmann, regarding a probably conflict-of-interest. As you may be aware, he is scheduled to stand trial in May on one count of lying to investigators.

Point being, it seems you haven’t read the document. Please consider doing so. It’s dull, difficult reading, sorry to say, and it’s numerous pages. But it contains the truth. Whereas, your comment does not contain much truth at all.

Johnny Appleseed

Blah blah blah…

Look at me!!!

I am so smart!!!

I can talk to some one like a dumbass and it makes me feel better about myself…

You know people really can see that crap… it’s not just the voices in your head.


Tell the truth Donald. Stop Lying, it’s embarrassing Per Mazars Letter

They said Their accounting firm won’t vouch for The Trumps Origination anymore and is ditching the entire Trump organization entirely. Mazars said in a recent letter that a decade’s worth of financial statements it prepared for the Trump Organization “should no longer be relied upon,”

And why is that you might ask. Well it cause DJT is a con man & liar. Karma just caught up 2 you Huh and it sucks right DJT

Dan for T

Trump didn’t con you – the Dems did and you were stupid enough to by it. We are NOT better off now-FACT

My Man Trump

Quit with the fake news you commie little irritant.


Dan, please. You’ve upset @mymantrump by telling the truth and using facts as opposed to purely opinion and hyperbole. That’s unfair…


Damn, there must be one Hell of a wind blowing through that ENORMOUS Empty Hole between your ears!!

Meg P.

Thanks, you for telling US the Truth, demon man. Demons are always so quick to manipulate the Truth into a lie. Time for you to get God, demon man. Hey why ARE you on this site, hoping to drag a few people into that dark cave where you live, no thanks. We all love the light, the truth, and God. You are welcome to join us in love.


We knew the D.S. trolls would be here to try to start another war. That’s OK, because the truth and the light are starting to dawn on a lot of my now ex-socialist friends.


I’m going to call it early, but Happy President’s Day to Mr.Trump.

Kreg Vergith

Plain old jealousy is a good motivator for a lot of them…


When a foe fires you fire back. Many will attempt to take down the “King” by taking down the “King’s” men.

Only the best of the best White Knights can deal with the rats known as democrats.

If RINOs continue not to fire back sooner or later they will all be shot.

You must fight and always fight. There is no walking away from the bullies. They will haunt you.

Find the White Knight that knows how to fight and do the task you need done.

Trust what I say when I say bullies like the democrats are not able to take the same barrage of fire as they fire at you and those supporting you.

This fight has just begun and any supporter of your must have the steel to deal with the dirtbags – democrats.

Tom Zahm

Why do you call the prosecutors racist? Do you have any evidence other than the fact that they’re black? If so, please present it. Otherwise, it looks like you’re racist.


Cause Trump is nothing more then a racist, sexist, conman liar. Hey DJT where is all that voter fraud proof you have. We are all still waiting to see that too

Dan for T

2000 Mules

My Man Trump

When the time is right you will see more than you bargained for. And you do know that the commies are all those things you blame on DJT. They just disguise it to steal elections and keep control and power over the people. Look how well it is working on you. It only works on the simple minded.


Ahh @mymantrump with the koolaid again. As discussed, the election wasn’t stolen, there is no proof. Do you not think if TFG had one shred of proof that he could use that was factual and provable that it wouldn’t be all over billboards he paid for himself.
It wasn’t stolen, he lost, Joe Biden is president but while his cult keep believing it the money will be rolling in for the Grifter in Chief…

My Man Trump

speaking of Kool aid, sounds like you got a triple dose.


No worries… we all know what is going on. …. there are many accounting firms that would be honored to be your bean counter as you have a real big bag of beans….and they all were collected the old fashion way…. honestly 🙂

But job one when you are back in “job one” for us … will be to put real justice back in the
“Just us” department….

I preordered the Truth Social app tonite on the Apple App store …. my guess is they will be swamped tomorrow as millions download the app of our favorite president on president’s day….

We will never be able to thank you enough for saving the country

Last edited 1 year ago by KEN
Craig Barrett

One day soon the corrupt will stand before the real Judge, hell is real and their homes are being made right now, WE THE PEOPLE STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP, the real elected President


they are the party of filth.


Dummycrats = CRIMINALS!


VERY TRUE President Trump!
Just look at Your Truth Social Company’s Stock Price since it was launched!
The stock price has Skyrocketed in Value!
Thank You!



R Minoglio

Love my great President Trump.


Right On!


Broken record…


This country is being driven into a ditch by the creeps you voted in.

You are partly to blame for all of it…..

I only got one thing to say to you and your ilk.

GO TO HELL!!……………………(as fast as you can)

Gloria Hensley

The record was broken years ago by the lies and schemes of democrats.

My Man Trump

Oh, that’s really funny coming from you. I’m with THosk, GO TO HELL!!

Johnny Appleseed

Blah blah blah…..

I have been trying to tell you guys that’s all y’all are…. Wow you finally listened…

I am writing this down on the calendar:

Note: Dean found his one single brain cell and it’s only half dead.


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myree williams

Threatening people with indictment and ruination?
Implacable means unable to be placated. relentless; unstoppable, at some point they’re going to have to stop…. but when?

Harvey Ghesser

Special place in hell for deniers of freedom…

Gloria Hensley

And what they have done, and still are allowing to happen, to the children. If they think it’s alright with God for children to be treated as garbage and/or toys, they better think again. What they have encouraged and allowed is despicable and as God would say “abominable”!! It will be better for them if a millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea” (Luke 17:2).



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