My Complete and Total Endorsement!

“Ryan Guillen is a bold conservative Democrat who has switched parties to join the MAGA team. He has an A+ NRA rating &100% Pro-Life record. Vote now for Ryan Guillen. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Pete Flores is my choice for the Texas Senate. 27 years in Law Enforcement and a lifelong Republican, Pete Flores is the only candidate with the experience in this race. Vote now for Pete Flores. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Conservative Kevin Sparks is my choice for the state Senate. He has the business experience to represent the Farmers and Ranchers in the panhandle to the oil fields of West Texas. Vote now for Kevin Sparks. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Conservative Dawn Buckingham is my choice for Texas Land Commissioner. She will protect the great story of the Alamo and fight for the oil and gas industry against Joe Biden. Vote for Dawn Buckingham now. Dawn has my Total and Complete Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Great. Another MAGA pick Mr. President!!!

Elizabeth Headley

I follow your picks, was unable to vote in the primaries b/c I have not received my updated address voter’s reg. card, and trying to find out WHY, I was et with a rediculous amount of INTERFERENCE, being hung up on twice, and then ‘gaslighted’, as though I were making trouble on the call from my end? I won’t call back. They lied and said we don’t have your new address…but an old addressed card was delivered to my NEW ADDRESS and it was NOT forwarded… when I pointed this out, was one occurrence where she hung up…So, my point is I am not able to vote in primaries, but God willing I can in the 2024! In 2020 I was informed by calling D.C. that I had NEVER VOTED, in ANY election. I never cared until YOU came into our lives…you have made ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN ALL OF AMERICAN’S LIVES! Thank you for the sacrifices you make to hold this office!


If they are close, you and some friends can pay them a Visit!
Make SURE you video tape everything!

Elizabeth Headley

Hahaha!! You assume I have any friends!


Keep Texas GREAT!
Vote for THESE Candidates in the Lone Star State!

Elizabeth Headley


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