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My Man Trump

Donald J. Trump, our ULTRA MAGA KING!!!




Rock N Roll President Trump!


One Question!
Will you be back before 2022 Midterms, or shortly after?


Winning at all costs comes with a dangerous price.

We Patriots have been trying to steal the GOP from the traitorous RINO Scum for decades. Why bring in more RINO scum like OZ?

The DNC Is Dead, the RINO Establishment is the true enemy of the people.
We’d rather lose an State, than cede to the enemy Within!!!

I love ya Donald, but please, no more RINO endorsements!


If the Stolen Election is never fixed we simply cannot trust you or anyone else. Nothing else matters until the Election is talked about openly like Adults. Stop dodging it and dancing around it. Stop pushing the covid vax and do something about the Stolen Election. All faith in America is gone honestly. You allowed Antifa and BLM to grow stronger and harm many of us. Now you are sitting silent allowing our Freedoms to be stolen. How can we support you if you cannot do these things for all of us?


We all agree US needs to remove usurper Biden BUT WHEN?

Patricia McDermott

Not only Biden, but this entire administration!!! And let’s not forget who’s really running “the show” – Soros and Obama.


And the people are behind you all the way! So glad you are our leader. Thank you for helping us. May God bless you and America.


Mr President the endorsement power is helpful, but you know it is mere butterfly kisses to their sucker punches.

You, me and all good people must fight back much harder than we claim to have. We are peaceful people by our nature and wish to live and let live. This is the problem.

I said it before and I’ll say it again; “they” have been at war with us for many generations and many don’t even know this.

Up until late, its been a silent war and one sided. It is time to wipe them out for good.

You must run in 2024 and win. You must enter the White House clean the house. You must kick some serious ass!

Once in drop you pussy footing business man ways and sport the hat of the military general.

It is now or never.


Sorry JMF but you sound like collateral damage is just part of the war. I can see a concerted effort to save as many American lives as possible from the White Hats. We’ve had enough of a cabal/demonrats/medical fraud killing corporations to last more than a lifetime. Yes they need to go, but throwing the innocent people under the bus is inconceivable to me. We need to fight, but let’s fight smart and pommel the enemy from all sides. The educational side with our children, the evil side with our truth, the evil side with our prayers, yes even the evil side with our love and forgiveness. We need to rewrite our history, teach the basics of our constitution, and reform all our institutions of learning. I hope that that can be accomplished but it does take time. Not everything is accomplished with brute force, some must be accomplished with truth and love. Before you think I’m a pussy too, I’m a veteran, and raised in a family where love was expressed with discipline and hard work. There is still room for that!!


Not trying to pick a fight here but,
It was his “pussy footing businessman ways” that accomplished more than any other President including our whole government combined ever.
I also feeling that President Trump “sports the hat of the military general” just fine.
I truly hope you have a nice day JMF


I don’t know about you, but I prefer a more peaceful approach. Less bloodshed, even if it’s the long way around. Be patient and hang in there. We’ll get there. The mass shootings are an indication that the Deep State is in full panic mode. Be aware of your surroundings. This fight, and yes, it IS a fight, isn’t over!!

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!