NARA has “lost” massive amounts of information

“NARA has “lost” massive amounts of information from past Presidents, including classified and nuclear secrets all over the place, and they don’t care, they only care about going after “Trump,” even though we’ve done everything right as per the Presidential Records Act and the Clinton “Socks” Case.

By Donald J. Trump

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Not Surprising!
Disband and FIRE, Nara and the Fbi!

My Man Trump

The commies will do anything they can to destroy Trump. Thank goodness they suck at it. They do not care about documents. They only care about stopping Trump from coming back. They know he is coming. They have lost everything and now DJT will bring them all down. MAGA forever.


Rock & Roll!


The Big Cover Up! They haven’t lost anything. It’s the control they have to be able to lie and cheat and do whatever they like with no accountability.

“They” care about selling America and filling their bank accounts. I am not screwing around when I say and have said many times for years now – DISBAND THE CURRENT FBI & OTHER AGENCIES. GO AFTER CHINA AND OTHERS IN A VERY HURTFUL TO THEM AND SERIOUS WAY.



Spot On!
Well Said!
NOW is the Time!

Kreg Vergith

How in the world do those people continue to get away with that crap?!?!?
Do they “know somebody” who can make it go away (unless it reflects badly on Trump)?

Deliberately sloppy recordkeeping is not a valid excuse!

The framework of law does not differ according to the politics of the Party in power.
It applies to all equally.

That is the concept which is most foreign to the Social – Democrats.

Clinton (both of them) and Obama have a lot to answer for.

We surely can’t wait for Karma to materialize before something is done to repair the damage they’ve caused to our Country.

Bottom line: Your stuff is your stuff. Period.
You and every other sitting or former President have always had complete discretion in the declassification, collection and retention of records related to your presidency and your personal files.
Classified or declassified, old newspaper clippings and birthday cards – it has always been your call.
They stole your passports and documents covered by attorney-client privilege, among others, by armed force (no telling what they did to them before returning “all” of them).
How and why? Oh, man, I just answered my own question…

This cannot stand!!

The new Republican-led Congress must kick a** and take names!!


Each day it seems I just keep shaking my head over all of this profound evil we must overcome 🙏🏽🇺🇸

myree williams

Not surprising, the Clintons are the worst offenders, we never got any of their records.
We now know why…..


Ask Vince Foster……………..


That’s the ONLY platform the Dems have is to “go after Trump.” No matter what it costs the taxpayer, the country, and the American people.

R Minoglio

Anything to go after Trump. They are grasping at straw. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA.


Swamp creatures have hated 45 since day one.



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