NARA lost a whole hard drive

“NARA lost a whole hard drive full of HIGHLY SENSITIVE information from the Clinton White House—more than 100,000 Social Security numbers and addresses, Secret Service and White House operating procedures (EXTREMELY SENSITIVE!), political records, and who knows what else. They left the hard drive in an unsecured location, and didn’t realize it was gone for months—some say the data could have filled millions of books, and NARA admitted the material was “personally identifiable,” impacting thousands of White House staffers, visitors, and even one of Al Gore’s daughters. NARA actually had to offer a large ($50,000!) reward to try and get the information back. What else have they “lost”? How can Americans trust a system like this? There is no security at NARA. I want my documents back!

Read here. “

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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FJB! the fbi and nara the DUMMIES!

My Man Trump

Get rid of them all! Everyone of them. They are all little corrupt bitches.




Disband and FIRE NARA and the Fbi!
Worthless and CORRUPT Pieces of Shit!


This all sounds like a big joke. Is all our government entities incompetent or they all just evil.
Please come back soon President Trump. There is a lot to do.

Kreg Vergith

Yeah, these are the people running our “secure” systems…

We can all breathe easy now.


I think I will PUKE!
Save America!

Kreg Vergith

Right there with ya, man!

They get away with this crap because we let them get away with this crap.

Someone in authority needs to start turning the screws!


Right On!

Kreg Vergith

Hey, I might know somebody.
Real Estate guy.
(he’s a shy wallflower type)
Made a lot of amazing changes to skylines all over the world.
Wrote numerous best-selling books.
Had a strong TV career, as well.
He could really make some noise in D.C.

I’ve got it!
The Trump Tower has escalators, right?



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