Never forget the crime of the 2020 Presidential Election. Never give up!

“To watch Biden speaking is very hurtful to many people. They’re the ones who tried to stop the peaceful transfer with a rigged election. Just look at the numbers. Does anybody really think that Biden beat Obama with the Black population in select Swing State cities, but nowhere else? That he would lose 18 out of 19 bellwether counties, and 27 out of 27 “toss up” House races, but somehow miraculously receive the most votes in American history with no coattails? That he would lose Florida, Ohio, and Iowa and win, even though it has never been done before?

They spread a “web of lies” about me and Russia for 4 years to try to overturn the 2016 election, and now they lie about how they interfered in the 2020 Election, too. Big Tech was used illegally.

Where did all those votes show up from in Georgia, where it was just revealed they sold ballots for $10 a piece, or in Pennsylvania, and Arizona, and Wisconsin. He acts like he’s aggrieved, but we’re the ones who were aggrieved and America is suffering because of it with poisonous Borders, record Inflation, a humiliating surrender in Afghanistan, $5 a gallon gas and higher, empty stock shelves, and rampant crime. America is a laughingstock stock of the world, and it’s all because of the real insurrection, which took place on November 3rd, but this is an election year and MAGA Republicans should get elected and work with me to fix this horror that Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought us.

Never forget the crime of the 2020 Presidential Election. Never give up!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

“They’re the ones who tried to stop the peaceful transfer with a rigged election.”
How’s that again?

There are those who think Trump has the mentality of a seven-year-old. Perhaps this is why.

God fearing patriot

Sure would love for the truth to prevail and to be fully established far and wide. Is it not true our country was attacked and isn’t the theft of the election an act of war? Why then did Trump leave office instead of using his authority as commander in chief to protect our country? So many unanswered questions. Leaving office and not using all resources available seems like surrender to me. And just look what had happened since and is continuing to happen. Our country was given over to our enemies. An explanation is desperately needed for why our country was surrendered to our enemy(comminism). It’s difficult not to question everyone and everything at this point. What voices were leading the president and what voices lead him now? These questions need answered. If Trump won he should be leading our country and government and the Biden regime must be thrown off immediately. Who will stand and act?

Mark Rakow

But, you see, Trump DIDN’T win.
Get it now?

Rosanne. Choate

Can hardly wait until our President Trump’s social media gets launched on the 21st of next month!

Mark Rakow

That might happen.

But I wouldn’t count on it.


Did you see Cyber Ninjas is closing down? What a freaking joke. Your savior, right??????


It breaks my heart to watch US turn into a banana republic with a puppet president. Question is “Who is the puppet master?”

Mark Rakow

“Just look at the numbers.” Really?
Fine. Let’s look:

Cities with large Black populations, such as Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta voted in massive numbers against Trump. These cities, by the way, are in four swing states – indicative of an unpopular incumbent.

Bellwether counties are meaningless when there’s a very unpopular candidate on the ballot.

Losing 27 out of 27 “toss-ups” means Trump had no coattails, not Biden. Put another way, the voters liked the coattails, but hated the Trumpy coat. Very unpopular.

Joe Biden received the most votes in American history because voter turnout was up 10.5% – the largest increase in turnout in US history. Overall, voter turnout was 66.2%, the highest in 120 years. Both of those facts suggest an extremely unpopular incumbent.

Incidentally, while it’s true that Joe lost Florida, Ohio, and Iowa, but won anyway, it HAS happened before. In 1960, JFK lost all three States, but won anyway.

Which is not to say that Trump is a liar.
Maybe he’s just stupid. Or maybe he’s careless.
Or maybe he’s lazy.
Actually, he’s all four. Which could be why he lost.

Trump said “just look at the numbers.”
Fine. We did.

Still looking?


Good job!


I shouldn’t do this, but can’t resist pointing out a few things.

1. Cities with large black populations voting Democrat is not news; they’ve been doing that for decades.

2. The high voter turnout could suggest a highly unpopular incumbent. It could also suggest a highly popular incumbent and a terrifically-bad opponent.

3. A man who does four or five rallies a day may be a lot of things, but lazy is not one of them.

Mark Rakow

Oh, please. On what day did that man do “four or five rallies?”


“The Hill reports that the president will hold 14 rallies in the three days before Tuesday’s election in battleground states such as Pennslyvania, North Carolina, Florida and Michigan.

Monday saw the president hold a mammoth five rallies in one day in an attempt to spread his message to any undecided voters.”

That’s from an article written just before the 2020 election.

Mark Rakow

I did a bit of research, and you’re right; he appeared at five rallies on both Sunday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 2. So, I stand corrected, partly by you and partly by myself.

Still, this does not prove that Trump isn’t lazy. My point was that he was too lazy to fact-check himself before he made a claim that wasn’t true. I did the research, and found the evidence to refute his claim in less than 10 minutes.

That said, I haven’t held any campaign rallies all this week. Guess I was just too lazy.


senator ted Cruz just called the patriots at the Jan 6 rally violent terrorists.. Cruz knows the left is pushing this narrative so they can use fed police powers against trump supporters. Cruz knows better, I never cared for him he is a rhino, and had no excuse for this!


Ted Cruz is the furthest thing from a RINO. He made it clear that he only meant those who were assaulting police. It makes me angry how quickly people are turning on him for one remark…come on, we’re better than this!

Rosanne. Choate

Amen, Tabbysaurus! Absolutely right, people are quick to judge one of our finest Texas senators. And statesmen, which we only have a few left. And he is one of those few left. Yes, we are better than this attitude.


Where is Ted Cruz on defending innocent trump supporters that have been held without bail in a DC Jail and treated like dog shit! Yet when Pelosi is furthering her Jan 6 bullshit committee, he comes up with strengthening her narrative. You are all missing the point, no one has been charged with terrorism, why did he call anyone a terrorist? What ever crimes that where committed were not acts of terrorism. Your finest Texas senator is a rhino, there is a reason we are in a mess in this country and he is part of it! WAKE UP PEOPLE.


Mr President, all due respect, this is old news! One year old news to be exact. The news we ALL are waiting for is WHEN WILL SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT IT???? Sir, use the force of the military if you must, but these traitors, lyers, thieves, and criminals MUST be brought to justice NOW! We CAN NOT wait to flip the house, we can not wait until all the audits are complete, and we certainly can’t wait for the 24 election!! We MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

Mark Rakow

He can’t use the military. It’s not his military to use.

Rosanne. Choate

Amen, Pete!

Anna Thomas

We agree Mr. President. Can’t wait to vote for you again.

Tony Tony

Everybody and their cousins know it was RIGGED
LOCAL NEWS and SIT-COMS can not remain politically neutral. THEY’RE ALL COMMUNIST

“ I’d rather see my little girls die now still believing in GOD than have them grow up under communism and one day die no longer believing in God “ — President Reagan paraphrasing a young father during the Cold War.
Amen to that.


The 2020 election was RIGGED and STOLEN and the Whole World Knows It!
YOU won the 2020 election by 40 MILLION VOTES President Trump!
Now the United States is a Communist Country with a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT
NEVER Give Up America!


You won & the Dems planned the WH insurrection!



Mark Rakow

Wrong. And wrong.

BTW, Stuart, that’s 0% correct.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

You are wrong. The commies did plan the Nov. 3, 2020 insurrection. And before your big mouth flaps, prove it wrong.

Jan. 6 does not meet the definition of an insurrection. That was a peaceful rally for President Trump that Pelosi and her minions TRIED to turn into an insurrection by Trump supporters. What has followed ever since has been and is a commie and rino cover up of what they tried to do.

Rosanne. Choate

Absolutely right!!!

Mark Rakow

I never made any sort of claim regarding who planned the insurrection. Therefore, the onus of proof is not upon me.

As for the other outlandish claims you made, they’re too idiotic to warrant a comment.

Rosanne. Choate

They also planned the Insurrection for the 3rd of Nov.

Margaret ClarkPrice

Mr. President Trump:
Sadly, the “sane” people of this country are looking to you to return Our Country back to sanity – seemingly without realizing that “only one person cannot do it.” 
On the other hand, many are frustrated because there is no one instituting a Unifying Movement that would have millions supporting you in other ways besides their money and votes (which hang in the balance due to Democrats’ theft of so many National and state elections!)
 You have been Our Leader for the past 6 years but now, as a private citizen, there is only so much you can do. 
We MUST stand shoulder to shoulder and fight the evils that will surely destroy us! Merely stating our opinions on social media and speaking to friends, family and strangers in the market or on the street is not getting us anywhere. 
We are in dire need of leadership that will give the citizenry a concrete unifying plan to stop the inevitable destruction that is looming on the horizon! 
We are suffering psychological warfare via the lockdowns of our freedoms, liberties and medical fear-mongering! Our people are suffering death from untested and unreliable vaccines, permanent disabilities and suicide all due to political power!
No one is calling forth the people in large numbers except you via your rallies. No one is asking US what we should do. No one is proffering ways and means by which we can SAVE AMERICA! No one appears to be going to the streets of America and garnering ideas! We will eventually succumb to chaos without leadership.
Thomas Jefferson saw the evils of a political power that would have enslaved us! We are facing the exact same crossroads and we must devise a RE-BIRTH OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES.
The inflated egos of our politicians cannot be allowed to continue!!
I pray for your health and safety every day because you represent ALL that is America.


if we are as close to 6th trumpet as it seems, we still speak truth, but unlikely to win back this that was stolen. the robbers of thy people—those who claim to be something they are are not.. Rev 2 and 3 vs 9. but our Father expects us to speak the truth…..

Mark Rakow

And lo; thou speakest not thy truth, but lies everlasting.

My Man Trump

Said by a liar. The biggest liar is his idol, FJB.

Bonnie Posner

Thank you! No Never Give Up…Never Surrender! I could not and did not watch Biden (or Harris) today! I was shocked later to hear some of he things he said were worse than I imagined he would say…the lies are disgusting!!


The biden Regime Are CON ARTIST!

Rosanne. Choate

Amen!!! I muted our radio when I heard what he was saying about President Trump. Despise that liar. He is disgusting. Especially to children.

Chris patriot Baker

Never forget the stolen election, never forget Ashli Babbitt, RIP.


RIP Ashli.

Mark Rakow

She didn’t go RIP.

It went BANG, then she went plop and splat.

Kreg Vergith

You are one cold-hearted Son Of A Bitch!

Mark Rakow

Why, thank you!
I’ll let my mother know.

My Man Trump

She already knows. Poor woman gave birth to a monster.


No one should ever talk that way about someone dying. I don’t care if it’s Adolf Hitler for crying out loud, death is a sober subject. Shame shame shame. When I read comments like this, I wonder if it ever crosses people’s minds to ask, “Would I like someone to say that about me or someone I care about?” Bet you wouldn’t.


Thank you, President Biden! You did our country proud today!!


Joe Biden is a FAKE president and you are an IDIOT!
FJB! and YOU!


What an impressive argument, Stuart! You’ve been practicing!

Mark Rakow

Yeah. He’s been practicing cutting-and-pasting.

Joseph Stalin

He triggers easily!

My Man Trump

As the little Imp says to his evil masters.


Well said Mr President! Stay well and stay safe. Very important!
The world needs you like never before. You remain the greatest US President in my long lifetime, at least.
You gave us optimism for World Peace. Now, all shredded.
Our only chance is a US governed by members of a Republican Party, inspired and resuscitated by you, not the Bushes, Cheneys, Romneys nor McCains.
Have a great 2022. God bless.

Meg P

FYI They are so scared of you Mr. President, they even come on this site and start giving their “thumbs down” to all the posts that speak the truth! YIKES how pathetic.


We who give the “thumbs down” are not scared of Mr. Trump. What is frightening is your belief in his lies. What can we do about your belief in his lies, I do not know. He will be called to account for his lies, and the real truth will be published. It will take the Republican Party leaders to get a backbone and stand up for the truth, and not cower to D. Trump. They almost did it once but then for some reason backed down.


You are an idiot and a moron if you can’t see the truth right before your eyes! Trump is and will be the greatest president this country has ever had! All the lies come from the demon rat party!

Mark Rakow

He’s pete. So you must be rePete.

But Trump won’t repeat. He’s an ex-president, and that’s all he’s going to be.


100% Correct!

Joseph Stalin

Yes, because giving thumbs down here really matters! When you reach a special number of thumbs up here you become POTUS again. Yeah. Right.

Meg P

Just got my answer. Just got free of my work to watch and missed your earlier statement (so many to listed to review} Thank you. While we are all, 65-75 millions of us Americans and the world are tremendously frustrated, we cannot imagine your own frustration right now Mr. President. These evil ones who continue their witch hunt to control and distract us from the truth are losing their very souls! And they just waste their time, because we all KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH is. Thank God and his son Jesus The Christ for Arizona, see you there, God Bless you President Trump, God Bless you. FUNNY THING ABOUT THE TRUTH IT ALWAYS GETS OUT, THANKS TO GOD.

Mark Rakow

The truth is already out.

Trump lost.

Meg P

Where is TRUMP’S SPEECH TODAY 1/6/22, NO ONE IS COVERING IT, OAN NEWSMAX, RUMBLE, RIGHT Side and Fox is just like the others playing creepy joe. Feels like we are in communist Russia, China. NY mag states he cancelled it. What is really frustrating is all the above outlets aren’t even stating if it has been cancelled. Perhaps Trump is sooo smart he is testing to see how they all make xxxtreme efforts to block him witch they all are! All the lying medias are all blocking like usual with their bs. Trump made contract with rumble and that makes it more upsetting. Mr. T where are you? Is this a drill.

Lynn Frank

He cancelled it a couple days ago. He will address it all at his 1/15 AZ rally



Meg P

Excuse me, but some of us have important work to do and just do not have the extra time to read all the posts. How about trying to be a little more polite next time.


Hey MaryLou, Pete M ODY. Yea some people are just a little behind.

G Krueger

He said a few messages back he’s cancelling 06-Jan and instead doing a rally in AZ on 15-Jan.


Please read prior posts.
It WILL be addressed on January 15th at the rally in Arizona!

Tracy Fusco-David



I have written before that I am sick of their lies. When will they be held accountable?

Ken K

I asked for 2 AZ tickets and it never texted my phone. Is the KKK antifa FBI Nazis blocking your website from sending them? I’d post my number but they’d probably TRY to kill me like they did at Sandy Hook. Same commandos who shot up all them kids. Same commandos who killed the president of Haiti. Sent to the white house by Brennan. He probably had a hand in jfk murder by GHWB CIA operatives too. Wouldn’t doubt it. Polygraph Hillary on election FRAUD.
Whoopie got 4 youthanization shots and caught COVID.
How many black people did Fauci have in cages when he created AIDS and a so called vaccine that helped finish off Freddie Mercury?
Magic Johnson said fuck this Fauci Nazi and sought real help and lived!!!
Ask him under oath and on a polygraph machine.
We are dealing with Nazis.
But back to the tickets.
I didnt get no phone verification.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K

Good One.
Have You been drinking?

My Man Trump

We will never forget. And we are never going to be able to securely vote again if they are not revealed to the world and punished right now!!!!! We have to quit dragging this out. People, our people, are suffering. Why are the commies being empowered for stealing an election. Why is Fauci and China so arrogant and proud of what they have done because there has been no accountability. Whatever the punishment is for treason it needs to happen now. Also for the punishment of unleashing germ warfare on the world just so the steal could happen. This has got to stop now!

john schweers

Trust your instincts sir. Do not trust Lindsey Graham’s. I wanted to hear you speak loudly and confidently today. I’m disappointed you missed a great opportunity.


We will never forget! Thank you for your service Mr. President. You brought to light the corruption that was hiding in plain sight. God bless America.


No amount of gaslighting and lies will ever make me forget. That’s what I clung to last January when the world went upside down–the left can kick us off the internet, they can shut us down, they can lie to us constantly and tell us what we see happening before our eyes isn’t so, they can call us terrorists simply for supporting the candidate of our choice, but the one thing they can’t do is change my mind. That’s what drives them nuts–they can’t control what we think.


The Americans know and understand. We are ready to take back our Country. Thank You President Trump for being our Leader.


You are once again correct, sir.


I think most of what we will never forget hasn’t even been exposed yet. The Best is Yet to Come !

Laura Bland

Justice will prevail. President Trump, we see the lies of the dems and rhinos.

Lori Nehring

WE THE PEOPLE, are behind you 100% President Trump!
What kind of idiot goes on stage with a speech like that, to over 60% of the country that hates you? PLEASE hurry back. We pray for you, our military, your family and those surrounding you daily.

Mark Rakow

You are correct; 60% of the country DOES hate him.

Given that fact, how can anyone possibly think he’d be reelected in 2024?

Patricia Burditt

We miss ypu!


Acts of war. Electronic voting system is BS and they want us to trust electronic money? Just a special kind of stupid.


I concur! Big Tech still has it’s hands in the cookie jar. We Do Not live in a FREE COUNTRY anymore . And ELECTION was definitely STOLEN! And now we’re all paying the price . Vaccine Mandates being shoved down our throats . NO-ONE is forcing this agenda on me ! OPEN BORDERS we are all now second class citizens! “NEVER GIVE UP !”

Yuk Chun Birch

You have done all you can with successful campaigns, rallies for the 2020 election President Trump. You and we the voters have fulfilled our responsibilities. I feel the RNC & some of your senior advisers failed to anticipate how far the evil left willing to commit illegal acts just to stop you from being re-elected!
Mike Pence was our last defense and of course he failed to work with you to come up with a reasonable strategy to stop the steal, then it led to Jan 6th!
Well, we know Biden in the White House just to seek his own selfish family benefits & political privileges. Kamala is most incompetent person I ever seen! I pray 🙏 God restraint all these crooked people trying to be the ultimate authoritarian. Now we know it’s a BIG mistake to have Biden/Harris as our country “TOP EXECUTIVES”😢


The crime of the century….Mr magoo was illegally elected


Man I just paid $3.11 a gallon…. prices must be dropping like a rock

Johnny Appleseed

Seattle $4.90 a gallon. San Francisco $4.90 a gallon… crawl back in your hole.


Good One Johnny!


You need to shop around… but then you don”t live in CA or WA do you ?

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Agree completely with President Trump!!
We need all election frauds eliminated or we do not have a Country.

My Man Trump

Right on! We also need our borders back or we wont have a country.


can I quote you on that estupidoe?


We will Deport you Glenn to Mexico with the Illegals!

Mark Rakow

Where did the borders go? Last time I checked, they were still there.

My Man Trump

Oh, last time you checked, uh big shot. That’s right, you were with Kamala when she checked. Hahaha. What a loser clown act you people are.

R Minoglio

I’ll never forget. DemoRATS are destroying this country. They will pay. Good always wins over evil.



Craig Barrett

WE THE PEOPLE are with you President Trump, we all know what happened, it’s time to take your rightful place, YOU WON




as you walk over the cliff. Bye bye!!!


you the person PERIOD!!!!!!!!


YOU HAVE NO PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TROLL, you’re on the wrong website. Go hang out with the other sheep…or better yet, you lead them(right off the cliff as you suggested earlier)


Move to Hungary while you have the chance


Go To Hell!
You WILL be Happy There!


Joe Biden has angered the American people with his unwarranted and unconstitutional vax mandates, forcing or colluding with businesses to comply to his whims (Fascism). Not to mention, pitting Americans against each other, with CRT, and declaring a “pandemic of the unvaxxed.”


Well Said!

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