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It is a shame, that Americans had to go through this BS with Congress, Senate & DC!!
Trump 2024 or before!!


Should have been 100%! Lets say goodbye to those 4% pathetic communist-RINOs now!


When you become president again and undo the Biden agenda, please demote Ketanji Brown Jackson.


You still lost the 2020 election fair and square. Nothing more then a well dressed loser you are DJT

Dan for DT

2000 mules don’t lie.

My Man Trump

The only losers are FJB, his regime, and YOU.

Strange Brew

Actually it’s 73% & that is of GOP only, not counting independents!

Dan for DT

I’m proud to be a deplorable ‘cause at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forgive the idiots- who put Biden in DC- and I’d gladly stand up and ship them all to a socialist country- There ain’t no doubt – I love this land— God Bless MA-GA Country- You know how that song goes.


Delorable is a thing of the past. Hillary is gone. Give it up crybaby!!!

Dan for DT


My Man Trump

Huge Red Wave and our President soon to follow.


Had these assclown politicians all been on the side of we Americans, they would have risen up as one person and demanded an investigation into the 2020 steal! But they were all, like Bush version 3 (a.k.a. Pence) more worried about themselves, and misread the election results as “Trump lost. We better distance ourselves from him.”

They have absolutely NO morals or even insight. Whoever came out immediately with demands for an investigation, and who also didn’t hide their bs self-serving motive behind the “Trump incited an insurrection” double-down lie, those are the few with whom to lay the foundation for the new phase of The Republic.

Of course they all support Trump now. You’d be a moron not to!!! But we must remember the traitors inside our own party, and deal with them first. THEY are the real reason we’re in the midst of the current nightmare!

Let’s complete the reclaiming of Congress first, then deal with the RINOs, and then wrap-up the clean up with these self-serving politicians.

Geez! There’s a lot of work left to do, but our beautiful Republic is worth it!! We truly are the best country on Earth!!


There were plenty of investigations following Mr. Trump’s election loss (e.g., recounts as requested and lawsuits on his behalf). There is just nothing credible to support his claims. Most, if not all, politicians know he lost the election, even though some still pretend to back his claims. As an example, listen to what Ron Johnson said about the topic while being secretly recorded, or watch Ted Cruz smile in a “I’m guilty as charged” manner when a reporter told him he knew President Biden won the election fairly. The real heros are those who refused to try and overthrow the will of we the people and who are trying to hold Mr. Trump responsible for the events of Jan. 6, as that day would have never happened if not for Mr. Trump. I’ll check back this evening in case you want to respond.

Dan for DT

You have been sold a shit sandwich and your eating every bit of it – we’re not buying


I’m sure the actual number is closer to 110% if you consider all the Republicans who vote more than once…

Dan for DT

… and here we have a dem socialist marxist who hates America doing what a marxist will always do. Accusing his adversary of the very thing they are doing every day. Right out of the marxist playbook. We Know what you beat-offs are doing. Go back to your video games.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dan for DT

WRONG Dino, try the Commie-Libs!
FJB! and the Libs!!!!!!!!!!


Copy paste copy paste you need a new writer/alia Stewie!!!

Susan Miller

We need you back fast, President Trump!!!


Dear DeSantis Stop saying you will send to DELAWARE! Delawareans do not support Biden. Send the illegals to Black Lives matter street or the streps of Congress. They created this mess . Save the 50 states and send them illegals to congress ! If you want to run for President or have the people of USA behind you .. STOP THREATENING THE CITIZENS OF DELAWARE!!! It’s not right …………….. …….,,,,,,,,,,, Send illegals to Washington D.C,


Send them to Delaware!
A Commie-Lib state!


copy paste!!!


Rock N Roll President Trump!

Gerald Warner

Totally agree with P Chatary! I am sick and tired of GOP begging and threatening for donations ..I will never give them one red cent as when I ran for President in 2012 and county commissioner they ignored me. I am ready to go to work in your admin when you take over in 2022. We need you for Speaker of house in 2022. Bastard obama must have got tired of waiting in outhouse basement so he came upstairs and ignored his bed buddy obiden.


SoooooooTrue!! On national TV.


They best be backing you Legit President Donald J Trump, Sir. Although every Rino must go Zero Doubt!

P Chatary

Are you saying that the Republican Party has an approval rating of 96% President Trump? I’m sorry to question you, but if I’m reading your post correctly I can’t imagine such a high percentage of voters trust the Republican Party! Except for a handful of great Patriots the GOP, in my opinion, is overrun with spineless, do-nothing RINOS.

There is a lack of trust in the RNC because it never seems to put REAL Conservatives in office. I believe the RNC needs to be revamped, starting with Ms. McDaniel.
I will never donate to the RNC or WINRED. I will only donate to YOUR campaign President Trump. We need real Conservatives like you who love our Constitution and want to keep American values as our founding fathers established.

We will never regain power in Washington with a go-along to get-along attitude at the RNC—or by electing more Rinos like Romney, Collins, and Murkowski.

Lynn Frank

I think it means President Trump has a 96% approval in the Republican party. I don’t know who’s poll it is. I’m looking

Dan for DT


Last edited 11 months ago by Dan for DT

I think your comment actually reinforces what I believe the 96% refers to. I interpreted it to be Trump’s approval rating within the GOP. I could be wrong about that, but I agree with you, it certainly cannot be the approval rating for the RNC from the general population.


We must take every opportunity to make sure that this totally translates into an enormous victory from this day forward. Can you tell us that if you were to take the presidency again, will you be able to get two consecutive terms in office? I thought the constitution says that if you only serve one term you can then serve two consecutive terms. Is this correct?

Mark Rakow

No person can be elected President more than twice. And no person may serve as President longer than 10 years, total.

This means he could run, and lose, in 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, and so forth. But he could run, and actually win, only once more.

I might add that, in all its hstory, whenever the Republican Party’s nominee has lost, he has never been nominated a second time. Whch is not to say it can’t happen. It just never has.


Congratulations!!! I know it should be 100% but gotta love those that hate us….lol … if God be for you who can be against you….Romans 8:31


I am so loving this last few weeks, feeling so close to the future of the world being marvelous, simply marvelous!!


That’s only because 4% didn’t vote… we know it’s 100%😁
Love you sir.

Mark Rakow

No, it isn’t. What’s more, it’s not even possible. If 4% didn’t vote, it would be 100%.
If 40% didn’t vote, it would be 100%.
Even if 99.999999% didn’t vote, it would still be 100%.

However, if 100% didn’t vote, it would be 0%.

My Man Trump

Yea! DJT to finish FJBs term and re-elected two more times by the majority of Americans. Bring it on President Trump. We are more than ready for you.


YEA! You are 100% in our ratings!

Elizabeth Curtiss

You are our only hope! #Trump2024

Craig Barrett

100% with all of my family and friends


Excellent! But I’d love to see sources included with data like this. When I share this with my liberal and rino friends, I need to be able to defend myself.


A new Marquette University Law School survey finds that 73 percent of Republicans nationally view Trump favorably. He’s been making up the 96% for ages. Pathetic


It’s not hard at all to believe that 96% view our real, duly-elected President Trump as favorable. It’s probably even higher than that.

Strange Brew

It’s probably 213% Nancy!

My Man Trump

I don’t know who taught you math but I absolutely love the enthusiasm!


Because everyone always and only goes to Marquette University Law School to survey. No Prize in that crackerjack box.


Their surveys are nationwide and not confined to the school. Do you have a source that another poll placed him at 96%? Calling people names because they present the actual facts is what America has come to expect from most Trump supporters.

Last edited 11 months ago by Shell
Dan for DT

There is a lot of statements out there that are questionable or outright BS – So what do we KNOW to be true? First – We are NOT BETTER OFF with the current morons in charge That’s obvious- second— The only people who would support what is going on right now, are those who WANT to see America fail. That’s YOU and your TROLL friends- move to a Socialist country and try living with it for a while and see how much you like it- you’ll be crying to come back to America but you should just go and stay there. Your not wanted here if you hate America.


Because I love America I never want to see trump and his pack of crooks anywhere near the White House again. Why do you trumpers think liberals or Democrats hate America? It’s just the opposite.

My Man Trump

Then why are you destroying it. The dems planned the destruction of American many years before you were even born.


Prize, you and your 4 other fake contributor id’s you made up so you can upvote yourself can all go fall in a hole. Like the fart that you are, you simply smell up the place.

A new leaf on the tree

Hey “the booby Prize” is back… I see you won the fool of the week prize last week...

That Soros money must still be coming in for you

use some of it and contribute money here…


Why would I ever contribute here. All you trump fans give money which goes directly to trump. He doesn’t use it to help other candidates and the RNC pays his personal legal bills with money also contributed by you. He flies around giving rallies so he can stay in the public eye feeling relevant and “adored”. If he declared he was running in 2024, the money would be regulated. So, who’s the booby prize now?

My Man Trump

FJB lost majority of dem voters a-hole.


I just smile at them and let them try to figure out what I’m thinking!


Yes, I was wondering about the source myself, as Mr. Trump’s post was very vague, lacked citations, and I have not been able to confirm it with a fact check. Prize supplied you with a credible source below. Thanks, Prize!

Dan for DT

Just Go away

A new leaf on the tree

You will have all the data you want in November. It already started here in Wisconsin on Tuesday

You will have all the data you want in November after adjusting for voter fraud and the distortions from the fake/communist news outlets ABC CBS NBC CNN and their local TV stooge affiliates in your hometown.

All are controlled by the ruling class whores who get paid for their “tricks” by China.

Hunter Biden is only the most visible in a sea betrayal as he is too stupid to hide it.

Many criminals unconsciously want to get caught and leave clues at the scene of the crime that will get them caught. (Hunter laptop)

all of this mess is thanks Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden

re: liberal friends

a. they are not “liberal” … they are brainwashed with dogma learned in the public (government) school indoctrination system that you pay for with your taxes

b. There is no need for liberal “friends” … they are just acquaintances and “family” who
put their politics ahead of you

Tomas Sowell quote “Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family”

upgrade yourself …. there of plenty of MAGA people out here 🙂

Last edited 11 months ago by A new leaf on the tree

Must be 96% like you to stay where you are right now!!!

A new leaf on the tree

It must be miserable life to go through life full of hate.

Why don’t you do something more productive with your life than get paid by Soros to be a troll.

As a socialist we know you do not contribute any of the Soros money you get to help pay for this site. Just another freeloader socialist …

Remember the mouse never wonders why the cheese is free….
Sandy Cortez said that by mistake


you’ll be raked up with the others in early November

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President