NEW: Save America Launches “Surrenderer-In-Chief” Commercial

“Joe Biden lied to America and to the World when he told us “America was back.” Instead, he surrendered to the Taliban, and left Americans behind to die in Afghanistan.

This will go down as one of the greatest Military failures in American history. Now, it’s the Taliban that is backnot America.

This is not the America we know and the media refuses to hold Biden accountable for the destruction and tragedy he’s caused. It’s time for the truth.

By Donald J. Trump

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That was awesome. I wish he would make a “comparison” commercial. Unemployment low with Trump, high with Biden. Illegal immigration. Inflation. World respect. Crime & murder rates. Cost of homes. Energy independence. Cost of gas. Dividing our country. Handling of Chy-na virus. Mandates. Promises made vs kept. Food shortages. Everything shortages. EVERYTHING Biden’s done has been a failure.

Monica Yost

I miss your strong leadership. Biden has proven to be such a cold heartless person! He truly hates America. I hope I will wake up from this nightmare and you will be our president.


Impeach Biden and Harris! They are not qualified to do the job!


Impeach Biden /Harris ASAP and take his people with him. They are destroying America.


Do Not Know about you guys ‘we are on the Biden titanic’ And it has hit the iceberg. The ship is going down fast 🙁 We will be under water soon.

American Patriot

What about what you did? Suspend our Constitution and allow this Medical Tyranny HELL that has been unleashed up on us? 2+ years later & Fauci the Nazi (who you should have fired) is now saying we may be shut down till spring 2022. All deaths were covid deaths even cancer and you let that happen. Thanks to warpspeed we now have to show papers to dine, work, and live in the Communist USA. You allowed mail in ballots! You installed ACB who sided with the University to JAB this toxic vaccine which I have read the insert. You installed Kavanaugh who allowed Socialism in the USA to continue “NO RENT”. YOU FOLDED like a coward instead of a staying in the White House. You asked your most loyal followers to go to the Capitol where Nancy and the FBI were waiting for them. Many are still in cages right now. POW’s of Jan 6th (YOUR IDEA). You did nothing to free them. You did nothing for that 16 year old boy Kyle Rittenhouse who tried to stop Keynosha from burning. They are financially breaking everyone who supported you. People can’t even bank, fly, have a credit card, etc.. anymore for supporting you! You put Kristen, Kevin, Chad in charge of DHS who did NOTHING to those domestic terrorists ANTIFA & BLM. You installed Barr. HRC never went to prision. NO ONE FROM THE SWAMP EVER WENT TO PRISON. Stop pushing the vaccine. I voted for you Trump. You abandoned us.


So you want Trump to be a dictator is that it?

Keith Kimmerle

My tribute the the achievements of 46:

“Humpty-dumpty went to the Wall

Humpty-dumpty started the Great Fall

All he King’s horses and all the King’s men

Couldn’t stop with humpty, with teleprompter nor pen”


Good one! This will be a great epitaph for his administration’s tombstone! I particularly like the “great fall” line!

Rigged elections have consequences!! SO MANY have contributed to the steal by simply being silent on the crime. Now we’re all suffering!

My only question is are there any “men” in the Bidenophile administration? We might have to write it as “all of the King’s people who identify as men”? But that messes up the thing, well, that would be fitting for them!

Jim Williams

Mr President, I deeply regret you leaving the White House peacefully.
Clearly, you and us were cheated.
Clearly, our nation is in jeopardy and Biden & Company are a clear and present danger that demands removal using any and all means necessary.
Your leaving without a violent fight has made Biden possible and damaged our nation.

Our citizens will put you back with violence and on the dead and broken bodies of thousands of democrats and republicans, but damn you if you walk away from us again.

Biden is going down with you, or without you, but if you want to lead, then lead.

We have a lot of damage to repair and we are in no mood to have some pussyfoot president walk away when the death toll climbs.

We are ready and have been ready to fight for our country.
We would be honored if you would say the word, and if you can’t, then get out of the way and let someone with balls get the job done.

No more delay. No more talk.
We need action now.


Well Jimmy boy, I don’t think Antifa members are really part of the conservative response, but thanks for writing.

I do agree with your sentiment about ACTION being needed. NOW!! But I would prefer more public protests and state-level legislations actually decertifying the entire election.

We can’t even let the Senate rule while we sort this out because several of them don’t belong either. I expect several RINO’s jumped on the Dominion bus in exchange for their silence. I’m not sure what got Pence on the team Biden, but I suspect it was threats to his family. Clintonistas have no limit to what they’ll do for power.

Mrs. Sunshine

@Jim Williams,

While I appreciate your passion, our U.S. military and DOJ is corrupted by corporate communists.

Trump tried to follow the rule of law but the U.S. institutions ignored and actively committed treason. The United States Republic is the primary victim, Trump voters second, Trump third.

A special shout out to the ultimate betrayer and traitor – Mike Pence. Rule of law post conviction would be quite harsh. I hope to see real and true justice imposed on Mike Pence as soon as possible.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mrs. Sunshine
Mrs. Sunshine

Excellent ad, Mr. President.

The “vaccine” is a big pharma tax payer money grab and, all things considered, kills far more people than it saves. Please remember that the next time you speak about the “vaccine” (it’s not a vaccine) in public. Don’t get fooled again.

I hope you are back in office soon. Trump won the 2020 election and the whole world knows.


Trump 2021 and again in 2024!

Kate Kate

I predict parades in every city, town and village from sea to sea when you are back Sir, Dancing in the streets too, God Save America!

No one

Mr President, day 1 when you are back in office, you need to pardon all of your supporters that got arrested and are still imprisoned for heeding your rally call on Jan 6th.

Ralph Fleming

You must have missed a meeting or two. Those weren’t Trump supporters, they were Antifa and BLM that heeded NO call from Trump. Did no one tell no one that Trump and all his followers are innocent. Somebody better tell your boy before he says the wrong thing again.


Thank you! They heeded no call. The corrupt FBI had infiltrators and the Capitol police were told to stand down. They actually held the doors open for the peaceful rally goers to enter the Capitol.


At least you’re finally writing something that is true!!


Those poor people are being held in such absurd, extreme, and appalling conditions because they obviously witnessed seeing whichever Demoncrap actually shot Ashli Babbitt.

Where’s all the video?


Great video!!! Need to be able to share this to Gettr!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

President Trump was absolutely correct about everything one year ago. I for one, knew, I knew, and I heeded President Trump’s messages back then. Our Country was on the verge of greatness. President Trump worked harder than any President in our history, yet the DC swamp threw bogus scandals and impeachments… anything to block him and/or discredit this wonderful President. President Trump loves America. He has children and grandchildren. President Trump is a builder, the absolute best in business. President Trump is what “I exactly hired him to do”.
As an adolescent, I remember reading his book, “ The Art of the Deal”. Since then, President Donald Trump has been a personal hero of mine.
His children and grandchildren are lucky to have him as a father and grandfather. We Americans are lucky to have President Trump as “the leader of the free world”.
The election in 2020 was a total disgrace, it was conned and cheated from we Americans, under the guise of the China pandemic. But hold on… I remember clearly, that utter hag Pelosi bragging that “they had a quiver of arrows”.
Yes indeed, Pelosi said it…
Then came the China virus, burning and looting across cities, “wokeism” went on full display, the election atrocity….
For what?
So the radical left can install a “mummy” in Office and sell our Country out into true slavery and misery by handing it all to China.
It’s an utter disgrace. I’ve watched every video of Mike Lindell’s. I believe in President Trump.
However, something GOOD needs to happen, and soon, our Country is at serious risk.
God bless President Trump and his family, and God bless our great Country.
Save America.

Drink Clorox

Sorry, Don Jr. Your daddy lost the 2020 election.
Your daddy’s Attorney General said so
The DHS said so
Mitch McConnell said so
The US Supreme Court said so
America said so


We all know what you are. Do you get paid per word? You could just type “boo” and collect your pay instead of tying “boo hoo” all the time.

At least you admitted to a nice list of sold-out traitors!! That’s a good start for the criminal indictments. Want to add your name? It certainly belongs with that group!

Biden has no soul

Do you enjoy the way America is heading? Yes or No

Trump won

President Trump won by a landslide on election night…before the pause on five key states (all red). Our Government is corrupt, including our courts.


No, he lost by 8 million votes.

Trump Won

20 million of which were swapped by servers from Beijing, and swiped multiple times, and cast by people born on 01-01-1900 or long dead…

Trump Won

Nice name.


Fake President Biden and his Communist Regime are Destroying America!
President Trump must SAVE America before it is gone!


Such is whst happens with an installed commander in chief…what a joke!


100% Correct!


I agree 100%! Biden shouldn’t be in the White House! He was selected not elected!



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