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Anita T.

Thank you my dear President Trump for your sincere caring of our fellow Americans. God bless & guide you!🙏🏽



Name L

Thank you. God bless the USA!🇺🇸


Unfortunately at this stage of the game, nobody is duped, 911 was a strategic demolition orchestrated by our own demonic government with outside allies help. Let the tribunals begin and air on TV, so we as a nation can heal beyond all the BS AND LIES.

Anstella Borginski



Get the treasonous traitors who hate America and Americans out of public office. It’s up to the people. We can’t wait for 2022 or 2024. Our elected officials have failed us. The people must take back the country now.



Jerry Alan Kimbro

Lets raise an ARMY and take back our country from the COMMIES!

greg Guthrie

Thank you President Trump!!

Deborah KONDO

Spoken with sincerity from his heart that is uniquely President Trump.

Elizabeth Kesler

Thank you Mr. President for always being true to our country and putting the actual citizens of this great land first. I salute you and love you. We want you back.

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Raymond Dague

Well said, Mr. President!

Dennis Woodall

Thank you sir! Blessings to you and your family. Stay safe. We love you all!


Dear President Trump – we miss you terribly, I pray that the disastrous election/coup/color revolution will ultimately be uncovered and the country revolt against this illegitimate administration.


This a real president. God bless you President Trump!


Never Forget, Never Flinch, Never Surrender. Where was you Jeb?

Kim Donohue

Will The real President please stand up. We stand with you President Trump. Thank you for all you tirelessly do for America


Great job Mr. President🇺🇸
we can’t wait to hear THE evidence/TRUTHS about 911🇺🇸Americans are growing impatience the brainless imposter has done enough damage to to our country🇺🇸 This group of of imposters need to be prosecuted jailed for all the lives lost…. along with oboma bush…and the clintons👍🏽🇺🇸 Polosi …shumer gang are guilty of many crimes s well👍🏽🇺🇸 Americans need you back now‼️🇺🇸

myree williams

Very Nice 💖


Dear Mr. President,

Wishing you had taken more direct action the moment you smelled a rat.
Instead we have to watch the country be dismantled by a schizophrenic, demented, pedo sniffing plagiarist and satanist order implementers at the State Department chosen by the Satanic Globalists.
I never imagined I would relive my childhood in a totalitarian communist East European country.
Ever! Its happening. But here, we have something we didn’t have in Romania. The 2nd Amendment.
Miss your all business-no b/s get it done approach that NO politician would ever consider.
You need to be back at the helm, immediately.
God Bless You, Mr. President.


Outstanding message, Mr. President!

Marylan Walden Taylor

Mr President, we thank you , & we miss you.
Please come back.


God Bless America~ Land That I Love~ Stand Beside Her~ And Guide Her~ Through The Night~ With A Light~ From Above~We Will Never Forget.

Kevin Flynn

Thank You President Trump. We know you are still the man. +++ FLYNNL1VE5 +++

Anita T.

May God almighty guide you and use you to protect our country. God bless you & your family my President!🙏🏽


Mr. President you gave all patriots a voice,hope and respect. Thank you for taking all the slings and arrows for us! I personally have discovered the true patriot in myself and have been awakened to the need of every American to honor what our veterans fought for. I AM AN AMERICAN and it will be my goal to become a better one everyday. I’ve learned what a true President should do for “We the People”. Now it’s time for your return because you ARE the duly elected official President! God Bless you and God bless America! WWG1WGA!🇺🇸

Sandra Meeks

Mr. President thank you for that inspiring video and also thank you for all you’ve done for our country and all you continue to do. This country and its people have no better friend than Donald J. Trump.

j michael reisert

Thank you President Trump for all that you have done. So many are so grateful for the absolute love you have and show for this great country. Actions scream so louder than words. You have shown that to all every day. God Bless.


A supporter from the beginning. We need you back, Sir—desperately! Save our country!


God bless America and Godspeed, hero patriots–past, present and future. #NeverForget

Dan Nash

Please come back! You won!!!

Lori Van Wagner

A real President- the real President

Foggy World

As usual no closed captions from the desk of or campaign for DJT. 10-15% of Americans need captions as do bars with multi platforms. Beyond frustrating after all of this time.


We need you now more than ever President Trump. Please help us and come back to rescue us from the China Joe Biden catastrophe,

Todd Lane

Thanks Boss.

Donna Shannon

Dear President Trump:
God bless you and Rudy Giuliani and all the families of our fallen. We shall never forget the glory that is America. We will always carry the torch of liberty in our hearts. We will always look towards the heavens in grace, reverence, and awe. We will stand together with courage and dignity clad the full armour of God to combat wickedness, evil, and tyranny, deceipt, disease, and oppression with the sheer will of God to make right what has been wronged. With our prayers we shall restore the blessings that have been taken from us, reunite with those who have been left behind, heal the nation, and with your leadership Save America.

Thank you for your service President Trump our Commander and Chief.

Highest Regards,
Former Global News Director

Last edited 2 years ago by Donna Shannon

Thank you Mr. President

Carol Edge

Never, never forget…thank you, Mr President.

Catherine simunek

God bless our real President. President Trump

Tracy Fusco-David

I am crying!
Just to hear your voice President Trump….
I cannot describe what you mean to me….to us!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Fusco-David



My President

Dru Titchener

Miss you Mr. President!

T Golden

Imagine if President Trump ran for office in 2022 as a Congressional representative and won in his district. Then he gets elected Speaker of the House. With his business acumen and stellar deal making ability he could draft up some fantastic bills that would turn this progressive, marxist nightmare around and Make America Great Again. Then in 2024 we elect Ron Desantis to be president and between the two of them we restore America to her original greatness once again. President Trump could be speaker for at least a decade or more instead of a 4 year presidency. He could get all of his ideas & visions implemented with Desantis at the White House for eight years. At the rate the wicked Left is going, if President Trump waits until 2024 to run for office, America as it was originally intended will be gone. Should he win in 2024 he will fight the same battles that he did from 2016- 2020 – democrat lawfare, deep state obstruction, and biased media propaganda. It will be fours years of gridlock. President Trump as a house representative is a much better way to go. No time limits to his tenure as Speaker as long as he gets re-elected, which he will. No gridlock because he will be implementing policy instead of signing off on it and he can get back in the fight in 2022 instead of 2024. We’re running out of time. Please consider this option President Trump. You were the best president in my lifetime. We need your great policies and leadership now before America is destroyed by this clown show that stole your election victory from you and We the People.

T Golden

P.S. As Speaker of the House he could also impeach Biden or Harris. Whichever clown is in office in 2022.

Dennis Woodall

I like the way you think


Thinkin’ outside the box might amount to a good thing….

Deanna Collins

President Trump we need you back as soon as possible – and miss you more than you know ! You won we all knew that before Nov. 3rd happened

Judy Ann Vraalstad

I pray something like this NEVER happens again, but with the O/Biden regime, I’m afraid.
I pray to God that you come back, Mr President, very SOON and stop all this madness.

Deborah J Tate

This is such a heart-tugging beautiful tribute. Thank you, Mr. President. The nation turns its lonely eyes to you in these dark, dark days post-Afghanistan. We’re praying you return to the Oval Office to complete your mission.

Cheryl Lueddeke

What an absolutely beautiful tribute President Trump. I had a front row seat from across the water here in Jersey that tragic day. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I recall phones being jammed loved ones unable to be reached and the horror of watching as that 2nd plane veered into the 2nd tower….. I’d been inside the WTC thousands of times, from Newark I’d take the path in run across and down to the R train out to Brooklyn….to this day I’ve not gone back inside the new building….I can’t do it. My brother my boyfriend at the time on Newark Fire department they all rushed in to save lives ….they were never the same afterwards 😪.

The patriotism the pride in our nation was never so strong and was never so amazing….
Sad that now it’s been desecrated disrespected and mocked by this illegitimate demented treasonous criminal enemy combatant regime.
Biden n his pals have literally spit on this nation made a mockery of those lost on 9/11 and all of our troops that were killed in action or served many tours. Now I read he punked out of his speech at ground zero….he knows what he has coming. Nobody wants him there he’s humiliated us all. It must end. Where the HELL are these great generals why have they not stepped in we are being run by a foreign agent in the white house who goes home and makes deals on his private home phones away from the view of the people…..HE HAS GONE TOO FAR. HE MUST BE ARRESTED COURT MARSHALLED PUT BEFORE TRIBUNAL AND SUFFER THE MAX PENALTY FOR HIS LIST OF CRIMES. ALONG WITH FAUCI GATES BLINKEN MILLEY ETC. THEY ARE ENEMIES….AND THEY MUST BE STOPPED B4 SOMETHING VERY VERY BAD HAPPENS


Hear! Hear!


Bring Trump back!!


Thank you Mr. President . Thank you for doing a job you didn’t have to . You are loved and missed . God bless America 🇺🇸



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