ICYMI: Newsmax TV interview with Donald J. Trump

Watch here the interview of 45th President Donald J. Trump by Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV.

From rumble.com

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Sadie Nichole

I was in Iraq in 2008-2009…. the enemy didn’t TAKE them!!! The army GAVE them to the enemy!! They were unopened and still wrapped and brand new!! Obama GAVE Iraqi army our equipment while he put everyone at home into a recession, so they had no idea!! I tried to ask my commander, “Sir, why are all those M1114 vehicles on the other side of the wire?” And he replied, “We are giving them to the Iraqis.” And I said, “WHY?!” he replied, “we’re not allowed to talk about it, private.” and I had to turn my head and walk away.


Sad how Obuma sold us out and so many people believe he’s a good guy.


Excellent Interview President Trump!

Tim Tates

They should send in jets to destroy all the armament that we left behind!

Tim Tates

The whole VOTER FRAUD Biden Administration should be charged with treason for breaking immigration laws and the collusion with Communist Chinese in the last election!


Radicals are in charge of north america….. Joe and Justin will now bring in more unknowns to destablize our society even more. Everything these two nut jobs are doing is destroying north america and making it easier for a China take over. Both act the same and are doing everything against what north america is all about. They lie cheat and steal and their hypocracy is blatant but yet many are still too blind by the elites propoganda programming machine to see it. Canada looks like they will have a a snap election and the elite will cheat to get Trudeau back in so they can keep control and stay course with their one world order communist agenda. We need the masses on both sides of the border to stand up against this tyranny.


Was watching

John F. Brzezinski III

I am quite disappointed there are no captions for this vid, but also quite through fighting for it’s inception throughout communication like should be…..


Impeach Biden

Tim Tates

Four ways to get the real President-Elect Donald Trump back in power1)A military coup to reestablish the Constitutional Republic, and then put the criminal left-wing radical Democrats and RINOs in jail for treason,2)Civil War,3) Secede from this Marxist corrupt Globalist government, or 4)Have a FAIR National Election immediately!

Stalwart Republican

Keep posting stuff like this. Just adds more evidence of Trump’s insurrectionist intent.

Tim Tates

The only insurrection I saw was with the VOTER FRAUD Democrat-controlled Fascist Antifa and the Marxist Black Lies Matter thugs when they were looting and burning down Democrat-controlled cities! The last proven rigged elections by Democrats was an illegal coup and they should be tried for treason and collusion with the Communist Chinese! The military took an oath to obey and protect the Constitution and they should step in before the treasonous VOTER FRAUD Democrats destroy our Constitutional Republic! We can’t wait until 2024 it’s time to put the real President-Elect Donald Trump in office before these criminals do more damage to our country!


Oh really. And which of these totally rational actions are you endorsing?

Mike Hunt

A) Only works if the military is pro-Trump; they’re not! B) Civil war – see A. C) Good luck surviving as a nation-state as red states (aka home of the poorly educated MAGAts) take more Federal monies & would wither & die w/o Federal welfare. D) By all metrics 2020 was the most fair & open election in the USA’s history of elections.

David Johnson

Another way: Pass Constitutional Amendment: “Donald Trump is President.”

Stalwart Republican

You don’t know how the Constitution works. Either that, or you’re advocating for a totalitarian regime. Go kiss a pig.


Listening now…Nope nothing more embarrassing coming from leadership. NICE, election was in fact rigged!!!

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