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Sarah Luu

THE ONLY WAY, that I can see to begin fixing this GLOBAL mess is By PUTTING PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK INTO POWER & RIGHT NOW!!! A COUP ( may sound desperate) but is the ONLY WAY! ANY ELECTION WILL BE RIGGED & CORRUPTED A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS. It is TOO LATE to wait. WE MUST ACT NOW!!! EVERY SECOND that passes is putting us closer to unconditional surrender to these EVIL BASTARDS and/or WW3. Our friends in ALL BRANCHES of the armed forces need to organize & ACT IMMEDIATELY!!! I see NO OTHER WAY, I’m sorry to say. NO ONE ELSE will help us SO WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES!!! GOD HELP US ALL!!! Sarah Luu

R Minoglio

I agree. The Biden administration has to go. We need you now. We can’t survive one more day of this tyranny.

joy young



That’s it, just perfect said..! Thank You!


Spot On President Trump!
THEY do not care about the American People!
THEY ONLY want to fill THEIR Pockets!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

AMERICA! AMERICA! AMERICA! If we are down and out, the only way is UP & OUT. And Donald J. Trump has the way to do it. Follow him and we will be there soon. Talk to the man. if you have a good idea.For me, I just pray for my PRESIDENT and all of you.
Nancy A. Daylo

Carlos Idelone

May God help you better the USA, The Earth.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!