No more political witch hunts!

“My phone call to the Secretary of State of Georgia was perfect, perhaps even more so than my call with the Ukrainian President, if that’s possible.  I knew there were large numbers of people on the line, including numerous lawyers for both sides.  Although I assumed the call may have been inappropriately, and perhaps illegally, recorded, I was not informed of that.  I didn’t say anything wrong in the call, made while I was President on behalf of the United States of America, to look into the massive voter fraud which took place in Georgia.  Just last week, it was further determined that they are looking into ballot harvesting in Fulton County, after supposedly watching tapes of it actually taking place.  This alone could be tens of thousands of votes.  What this Civil Special Grand Jury should be looking into is not my perfect phone call, but the large scale voter fraud that took place in Georgia.  Then they would be doing a great job for the people.  No more political witch hunts!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Carmine Gazerro

Mr. President a murderer can sue a homeowner for tripping on a broom as they killed people in the house. A lawsuit means nothing it just bothers us that you have to go through it I hope to God you can use donation money and it doesn’t cost you personally a penny. If that’s the case don’t let it aggravate you just be happy you can give your lawyer friends some work even though it is all Bullshit and nonsense

Marijo Makufka

Raffensberger was SOOOOOOO TERRIFIED during the call. You, Mr. President, were BEYOND PERFECT–even the lawyers knew they were caught!!! I loved when you asked about the machines, were the insides of the machines being replaced?


You definitely HAVE IT ALL!

Thank you for your courage. I don’t see anyone else around who could do what you do!

All of our prayers and good wishes to the GREATEST FIRST FAMILY IN HISTORY!!!


I listened to the entire call. The only thing wrong with it was the lies from Raffensberger. The press quoted phrases out of context to mislead.


In the minds of these wicked dems, misusing the legal system, abusing it (and any one they can with it), fraud and propaganda are all just part of their election campaign strategy. The color revolution they orchestrated was a success, why should they stop now?
I am sorry to say the 3 letter agencies have become the support structure for the evil regime that has taken hold and solidified while we were all working.
Whatever lawsuits and state laws that are being made now is the only thin thread this nation is hanging on by. If the charade continues into the 2024 election, there will be no chance, none of the USA recovering.
This indictment came, most like, President Trump, because the 3 letter agency bureaucrats who saw your interview with Glenn Beck could see that in your 2nd term, you will know who they are and what they do. So they set their sites on destroying you first.
GODSPEED President Trump. Godspeed.
The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

My Man Trump

Do your job Georgia and quit trying to railroad President Trump. Better people than you have tried and failed because he is the President for the people and most you guys can’t stand that. You all want your power grabs, control and greed and all at our expense and President Trump isn’t having any of it. Go lick your wounds and do the right thing.


I got 3 invitations to watch Biden inaugural swearing in speech 3 because I was giving to his grassroots support when I was relying on the bullshit fake MSM, till I subscribed to epoch times news & seen all the lies & manipulation & deceit against POTUSDJT, & voted for you PRESIDENT by mail in ballot when it came to me, but Biden still stole the cheese like a rat, now since I got 3 of Biden cards to his stolen inaugural speech he surely had to have counted me 3 times, I’m sure this happened to many before they turned to the good side & stopped listening to fake media, so many of them, I’m sure they counted my dead relatives too. My DAD MOTHER UNCLE COUSINS, because they still are recieving mail though they’ve been passed on for years. POTUSDJT for PRESIDENT 2024 how much more can AMERICA take of this incompetency of Biden administration?

Victoria Becraft

God is fighting on our behalf! What is in the dark is coming into the light! They who dig a pit for others, will fall into it themselves. We know the God we serve and he will not turn his back, in anger, on us forever. If we turn to God, he will hear our cries and see our tears. Love that Marjorie Taylor Greene! She is fighting the good fight in the name of Jesus!! Praying for you President Trump! You, President Trump, are our voted president! Mr. Biden is just an appointed puppet Satan has chosen to use. We all know who will win…GOD! Pray for God’s enemies, they will be worse off than Sodom and Gomorrah, because they know better.


They act like teenagers in High school, bullies, and expect us to sit back and take it. Unfortunately, that’s just what the rinos are doing. Where are the Republicans who vow to protect our Country and our rights? Democrats are always coming up with new scams just to keep our minds off the real issues. Wasting our time and money while our Courntry falls apart.


When are things going to break and good and sanity come back?


If you haven’t signed the Petition by former Trump 2016 Deputy campaign manager, Trump appointee to the the Defense Business board, and CEO of Citizens United David Bossie to have RINO’s liz cheney and adam kinzinger removed for the House Republican Conference please take the time to do so.

Thank you!!

Kreg Vergith

It’s just the Far Left’s standard distraction scheme (“pay no attention to poll workers dragging boxes of ballots from under tables. President Trump made a phone call!”).

Your phone calls were in line with what any candidate or sitting President would and should do to ensure a free and fair election.

Their actions were clearly illegal and surely against the interest of Americans who cast legal votes.
They assumed that their actions would go undetected, and failing that, would be unchallenged when were exposed.

They believed that their actions were righteous and proper and necessary because there was simply no other way for them to win.
They believed that there would be no consequences when they were caught red-handed.

They were wrong.

You were clearly in the right, and that will be proven by the avalanche of evidence soon to come to light.

American Patriot

When is this evidence coming though? It’s been over a year of our former President promising us that the evidence is coming and we’re still waiting.

I feel very let down that nothing has happened yet.

Kreg Vergith

The hard part to deal with is that President Trump and his legal team were ready to present numerous cases to numerous courts and were sent packing due to “lack of standing”.
The President, as much as any citizen, has the right to his day in court – regardless of the eventual outcome.

It would seem that the first step was to find a court – including SCOTUS, which is free of corruption and bias.

The evidence they accumulated is still there, and investigations are proceeding on many fronts.

The good news is that uncovering one piece of evidence has often led to the discovery of more evidence in unexpected places.
The key is in the small details of the jigsaw puzzle.
The Left aren’t very bright, so it’s just a matter of following their breadcrumbs.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they are rolling.

So, keep the faith, and stay alert, because the truth will eventually explode into the light, and all will be revealed.

Johnny Appleseed

What kills me is the line they subtly put out on social media:

Sometimes we have to do things to save democracy…. We had to save you. (Paraphrasing general message)

When I read these things I hear:

Yes we tampered in the election to save you because to save democracy we have to do it like Totalitarians so we can be democratic…. Because to be democratic people are so stupid we need to do it for them… they can’t do it on their own.

Wow… just wow…




Your call was absolut perfect. Perhaps the most perfect call in history Praise the Lord we live in times of this perfect phone call


Delusion is not a legal defense…

Mark Rakow

I’ve listened to the phone call numerous times; in fact, I’ve transcribed portions of it. It’s quite clear what was said.

The State of Georgia moving forward on preparing an indictment. And rightly so.

My Man Trump

Hahaha! You bust me up. Never informative but always entertaining.

Johnny Appleseed

He has selective hearing and editorial reading… if he don’t like it… it don’t exist.

Mark Rakow

It’s a fact. The special grand jury will convene in May.

Gerald Warner
Ken Locke

My 2 Let’s Go Brandon flags are coming and will be flown on the truck till Election day… TRUMP 2024 🙂 If you have a flag you want flown on our truck President Trump , send it to us and it will be daily flown on our truck till you are back in office.


Mr. President,
You well know, they (dems) will never stop the witch hunt. They will only create new ones.
You scare them, because you represent the truth and the heart of the American people.
Your fight is our fight.
They chose greed and power and will stop at nothing to achieve. Dems pretend to care about the American people but the masses know better.
Go 45!!!


If this had been perpetrated Against an Obama or a Clinton can you imagine the uproar?

Just having a Clinton solidly beaten fairly in 2020 produced 4plus years of indignant denial by the arrogant entitled, with non stop attempted coups, as well as national looting and rioting, all sanctioned by the clarion call of those losers to RESIST.
Is it any wonder a divided nation was the result?

This disgusting, irrational reaction to being beaten fairly in an election is what has shocked the world to its core; not anything President Trump ever said, did or tweeted.
Barack Obama essentially, along with Hillary Clinton and other democrats, rinos and their ‘useful fools’ in the media are entirely responsible for the state of the USA we see today.
And that is a dangerous position which threatens world peace.


We know there was voter fraud, it’s in our faces, you’d have to be stupid not to see it.


You seen the proof buddy???


You are stupid.


Why has not one republican in office objected to his or her own election win on the same day, the same ballot, and using the same election system as trump?


I don’t know about all that (sounds TDSy), but one thing we all now know is- “Why Joe Biden doesn’t do pressers”

Johnny Appleseed

Because politics is like a giant spider web. This one is connected to that one because another one is doing “business” with both….

Much like our “wars” (Clowns In America foreign manipulations) they are the same greedy assholes on both sides and playing the middle… except you and I are the middle.

We are told we need something and have to buy it…. A particular country has the natural resources:

Electric cars need cobalt and lithium… big Parma needs lithium…

HEY LETS INVADE AFGHANISTAN AND THEN TAKE OUT SADAM BECAUSE HE RESISTED. (Not a fan of a dude that his first act is to call names in his “Congress meeting” then take them out in the streets and put a bullet in their head, but…)

We need oil and a big reserve was found in the Middle East… (yeah we saw all that)


They ain’t saying anything because they have vested interests in brow beating the populace for their own personal gain… blinding them that even if they win… they still lose….

They win: they made the money they need to stay in power… they lose because what kept them in power was destroyed with their edicts and rulership.

But hey…. It is what it is… can’t fix stupid with duct tape.

I am not particularly “Republican.” I believe we are a republic so that may make me Republican… and I am not “democrat…” I am an American. And there are many many AMERICANS out there…

Rome was democratic… and we all saw how that eventually turned out.

But one would have to be educated in the tragedies to understand.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

What is really going to piss people off is when they find out:

We put Sadam in power.


100% CORRECT President Trump!
FJB! The Commie-Liberals and the Corrupt Governments!

Lynn Frank

Amen President Trump. I keep spreading truth but at this point, I think we need divine intervention to 1) bring these corrupt evil-doers to justice, or at LEAST reveal them to the vast majority of Americans and 2) Give we patriotic warriors the strength to hang on and keep up the fight. I don’t know how you do it President Trump but we love you and appreciate all you’ve done and are doing! We pray and dream of you being back in the Oval.



Craig Barrett



There has bin so much destruction of evidence and cover up of voter fraud i don’t think they could prove there even was an election in 2020

Mark Rakow

What evidence do you have that there’s been “so much destruction of evidence?” And what evidence do you have there’s been “cover up of voter fraud?”

My guess is you’ll have no response. This, of course, will answer my questions.


Yes he told you those were the wrong numbers, he lied to you, those were the right numbers.

YOUR Help is Needed

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