No resignations or firings

“No resignations or firings for the disastrous manner in which we surrendered in Afghanistan. The military should have left last, when everything else was done and accounted for – NOT FIRST. Perhaps the most embarrassing and demeaning moment in our Country’s history!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Mr. President, I have been INCREDIBLY PI55ED ever since I learned of this PURELY STUPID & TREASONOUS operation. ALL of those involved in the planning & implementation of this, FROM THE TOP DOWN should be exiled to the airbase as it is now, & ENJOY the fruits of their stupidity-RIGHT UP THEIR ASSES!

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The Afghanistan tragedy was his worst from 2021, including all that expensive military equipment left behind to benefit adversarial nations like China and Iran.
Here are some of his other blunders that same year:
Don’t get me started on 2022!
He and his swamp comrades are an absolute, tragic disaster…criminals of the very worst order, out to destroy the USA and blatantly cheating to gain power, then incessantly gaslighting the public about it. Wow.

Le cat

Are they going to leave again every military equipment they brought in Ukraine when they leave? Would not surprise me.


They are all incompetent and colluding.


when you come back in office there will be a reckonning.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolute disgrace how we left Afghanistan! 85 billion of finest military equipment left behind for the Taliban taking.
13 US military killed.
Countless civilian friendlies to our Country and US citizens left behind.
Wrong people taken to our Country.
Bagram air base should never have been given away.
Total clusterfuck.

Neil Downe

My heart breaks when I think of the young men and women in the military who sacrificed so much over 20 years defending Afghanistan.
Finally, after reaching some success and stability an incompetent government botches the evacuation and gives Afghanistan, weapons and cash to China. So upsetting.


This is a TOTAL Disgrace to OUR country and OUR Veterans!

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