No wonder our Country is going to hell!

“Can anybody believe this? No wonder our Country is going to hell!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Henry F.

You guys remember when the Democrats demanded cognitive tests for President Trump? I do! I think it is time we flip the coin and demand that Slow Joe is tested. Personally, I dont think he would pass the test.


i never believed i would see our govt so corrupt and do the most stupid things in all of my 76 yrs. this is unbelievable. how can our system allow this to happen and for everyone to see it and feel helpless to do anything. wow!!! i still can’t believe it is happening. i hope it is all for the good of us all. i know one thing, most of us will NEVER trust our govt of the us again. i do hope you are able to take your true place and be our pres again. they stole the election and the pres. this is america!!!! how can this happen???? i was in the usaf and wonder where they are. i thought the military was supposed to show up and kick some ass.. soon i hope.. i am pulling for us all.. i am not giving up!!!

Debra Gilly

JB, A.K.A. fake Joe is a puppet and clown. Donald J. Trump is our true President!

Steven Smith

My question is? what is the Republican party (GOP) going to do to insure what happened this past election never happens again. What was everyone doing when the Dem’s pulled off the biggest scam in American history. I hear a lot of People talking but that seems to be all everyone does is talk. What is the plan of action. What ever it is it needs to be planned now in order to build momentum and have staying power through the next election. This county can’t sustain 7 years of this insanity.

Denise Zambrano

Joe Biden A.K.A. “DUM BASS”!! Denise Zambrano from Cali.

Joe Biden A.K.A. “Dumb Ass!!” Denise Zambrano from Cali.

Lee Stephen

This is why we need to contact our state legislators to demand a full forensic audit. They stole the election and is destroying everything. The state has the power to decertify. We gotta push our legislators now.


I could not agree with you more.



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