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Becky G

WE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ OUR REAL PRESIDENT…most folks r like me and can NEVER tell you enough how much we are grateful for ALL YOU’VE DONE…ARE DOING…AND WILL DO for all of us and OUR COUNTRY..I for one, will ALWAYS ALWAYS SUPPORT MY REAL PRESIDENT!
DJT 04 10 20



People don’t even know the accomplishments your administration did while in office. The media suppresses it all. When people start talking crap about President Trump I just start mentioning the accomplishments one after another. Seems like all look at me with a deer in the headlight look and have nothing to say back.


actually, that is true. I get the flack from from both sides, always focused on a man (hating or loving) rather than the policy. the policy is what matters, and people need to mature and get some wisdom. and all wisdom comes from God. I think some Christians ought to understand that a little better.

Wild Bill

That’s the truth. I live in Denver and and half of these folks have no ears. Their a strange looking bunch. The other half have no eyes. Just ride their bicycles down the road like they own road. God look over President Trump and his Beautiful family


Some day the world will see, and those that didn’t know will feel foolish and betrayed by the main stream media and the press. Truth always prevails

Mary Geiger

That’s for sure. There are too many deaf, dumb, and blind Dems out there who refuse to hear or look at what you did for our country and us. They’ve never learned how to deal with the truth. That makes them Dum.


Dum dum Dum= Stupid. It’s hard for them to be cured! Pray they can accept a good dose of TRUTH! Those home grown commies though are a different matter. They = evil.


This is true. Moreover, “they” work to suppress the good work. Why? It hurts “their” “Plandemic.”

You must run and win in 2024. We are not just saving America, we are saving humanity from a “group” of crazy people that are trying to play God with “natural selection.” These nut cases (Dr. Fauci, China & others) are taking “The Origin of Species” and running with this utopia concept of creating the perfect world with “their” idea of the perfect human. In other words the drugs made are made for others reason than “they” claim.

If you were born 50 or more years ago you lived to see the sudden change of new and oddly timed disease (AIDS). What do they have in common – Fauci and China and others.

This problem is huge and big changes must come to bring this massive army of evil to its knees.

You must run in 2024 and you must win. Then serious swamp draining and many, many more things MUST actually be done. No pussy footing around regardless of what the clowns think and feel.

There is a silent but deadly war in play and it’s been this way for at least 50 years. We are losing. Eyes are just now seeing. It is getting late.

Just Me

I agree. There is another part of their master plan that has already affected the US population by decreasing the male birth rate to 1.05 males to 100 females. When this young generation of children reach 18, US born males will be in insufficient numbers to staff any military branch, any police force, any home. US males are being eliminated. If the birth decline isn’t enough, they are convincing young boys that they are really girls, neutering them before complete adulthood, thus reducing the ratio even further.

The immigrants pouring over the border are primarily male, socialists, fighters, criminals, drug lords. They will fill the gap in insufficient American-born males. These immigrant males are our future. Within 20 years, they will dominate us.

As our vaccines are mostly made outside of the US, I believe it may be quite late in “game” to investigate which childhood vaccines are preventing the development of male sperms and, or increasing the acidity of uteruses.

I think the US is in deep doo-doo,


That’s crazy

Troy Lee Lime

Truly hard to donate now that Frost Bank and Capital One have the worst app. Not to mention not being able to join TruthSocial because y’all have the wrong username.

My Man Trump

Isn’t that the truth! l see that many senators on Fox brings up Trump and the things he did and how he lead the nation with strength. But you don’t hear the good things anywhere else. But we all remember and talk about it all the time. President Trump never forgot us and we never forgot him…..nor will we. See you soon.

A new leaf on the tree


We deplorables out here know what you did in the past. But the past is the just the past and today is just today. What we need and are looking forward to is for you to get back behind the wheel (with a new and much better crew on board) and steer this country back on the right course before we end up on the rocks.


YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President