Not fair to America, or the American taxpayer

“So much USA money has been given away to the “Club,” as President Macron of France likes to call it, and to NATO, despite the fact that those countries have taken economic advantage of the United States for many years—until I came along. Not fair to America, or the American taxpayer!”

By Donald J. Trump

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i love this new site mr p. much better than twit… what a crock of shit that was. now we can speak FREELY without worrying about some darkie threatening us.. thanks

yep, time for the people to use our hard earned $$$ for ourselves and our country instead of making darkies and crooks rich.

Lance Waugh

The guy who slapped Macron, had it right (lol). Macron mocked Biden when he said, (paraphrasing) US showed leadership by being a partner. What he really meant was…, We can again walk over America and not pay France’s fair share.

Rodger Harrison

Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. President. We need you now more than ever.

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