Not supporting or endorsing Senator Butch Miller

“I will not be supporting or endorsing Senator Butch Miller, running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, because of his refusal to work with other Republican Senators on voter fraud and irregularities in the State. Hopefully there will be strong and effective primary challengers for the very important Lieutenant Governor position!”

By Donald J. Trump

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surinda patel

Absolutely, we need to support officials who support the American Citizens. America First
President Donald J Trump, The last elected President of these United States
President Donald J Trump, the people’s President


Whatever happened to the new TRUMP / Gringrich / Graham policy agenda ? They’ve been “working” on it for two months now and not a word about it. Nothing resembling a “policy” came out in the TRUMP CPAC speech; just same old tired lines and jokes. TRUMP agenda seems to be same as always, self glorification, cover his own butt and rage in his constant vendetta against the “disloyal” subjects within his kingdom.
Oh wait, I know the answer : “in a couple of weeks…”


Butch Miller can “Hit The Road” and don’t come back!
President Trump 2024!

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