Nothing but a disaster for Ms. Clifford and her lawyer

“Today, the 9th Circuit issued yet another attorney fees ruling in my favor against Stephanie Clifford (AKA “Stormy Daniels”)—this time, awarding me $245,209.67 for my fees incurred in her 9th Circuit appeal of her failed lawsuit against me, dismissed under Texas’s Anti-SLAPP statute. Less than two weeks ago, the 9th Circuit ruled in my favor and upheld an award of $292,052.33 for the trial court work in the same case. As of now, Ms. Clifford owes me $538,262.00 in this case, not counting attorney fees for her appeal of the trial court attorney fee award, which the 9th Circuit upheld two weeks ago. Congratulations to Harmeet K. Dhillon and her team at the Dhillon Law Group! This entire case has been nothing but a disaster for Ms. Clifford and her lawyer Michael Avenatti, from the start- a total waste of court time and resources, ending up with her owing me a large and growing amount in attorney fees that never needed to have been spent, especially since as I have stated many times, I never had an affair with her–nor would I have ever wanted to (even in her wildest imagination!).”

By Donald J. Trump

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Just taking out the trash… …and the Globalists accuse you of not being eco-friendly?!?!?

Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!


Mess with the best and die like the rest. How stupid can some people be. There is so much more (winning) to do. The dirt bags are like cockroaches.

In order to bring peace and happiness to good Americans again; the Criminal Leftist Democrat Thugs must pay for the crimes against all Americans.

If civilized justice can’t do justice in these cases of Leftist Democrat Thugs (this includes all the corrupt politicians) I honestly hope for a civil war so every good American citizen can serve justice.

Johnny Appleseed

No go bro.

Civil war is not an option.

We have a civil war they win.

Overseas wins. We tore ourselves apart.

DS wins they have to “control” us.

CB wins they get to make the war profits and skim.

No civil disobedience.

Hold your hurt and let God do his work.

This is a hands off kind a thing….

Let the man upstairs do his thing.

One foot in front of the other… faith that God is guiding your feet.


NO civil war!
God Will Prevail!


What a waste of court time, for this person and her loser attorney. Glad it’s over.

Dean Anoia

The Big Beautiful White House 🇺🇸 Have the Dems MSM ever told the truth?

Maria M Wineland

Congratulations, Sir! You might not ever see a dime she owes you, but it’s the principal of the matter. Now if we would get the rest of the swamp to pay up …….


See you at Trump University


Have Fun in Russia glennie!


Winning Sir!


Rock N Roll President Trump!


He won’t take money from her he’s teaching her a lesson


maga we always believed in you.

Becky G

MAGA NATION knows the truth MR. PRESIDENT! Your character was shown to those of us who ❤❤❤ OUR REAL PRESIDENT a long time ago…



I dunno… this ever goes to court again it could come down to a subpoena the dick pics…

Marijo Makufka

Congratulations to you, Mr. President!

Congratulations to Harmeet K Dhillon and her team at the Dhillon Law Group!

We the People aren’t going anywhere, Mr. President.

We the People remain forever in your stead.

We the People know the 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED.

We the People await your imminent return as the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

We the People await the return of the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!

jo young

congrats! you know and i know that she will NEVER be able to pay you. what money she had was taken by her criminal lawyer, avenatti. i am glad you won but i wish avenatti was burdened with that kind of debt even if he is going to prison.

My Man Trump

Keep fighting, President Trump. You always win. Sal (what’s his name) on evening edit gave your troubles in New York with that corrupt AG a dim view of your success. Also, he said your recent Russia lawsuit is frivolous and will be thrown out. Check it out.

Craig Barrett

Hold her feet to the fire


Burn Her at the STAKE!

Freedom Fighter

When NAZI germany was stopped, they took all their top NAZIs and placed them in high positions around the world. Especially here in the USA. NASA was created by NAZI scientist which worked along with Disney to lie to Americans and the world. NAZIs learned from what they did in WW2 and found if they infiltrated all walks of life they could over time control everything about the masses. Now we are seeing the elite plan using NAZIs across the globe to for the next big full take over. This why we are seeing things like this article , stolen elections and how everything seems upside down. They try to confuse people so that people do not know who the enemy is until the elite come out and look like saviours while creating total chaos and blaming it on others. Its getting to the point that people of the world will need to stand and fight against these NAZIs/elite just like the real people of Ukraine trying to rid the country of NAZIs. Look up Patrick Lancaster before he is pulled off youtube. He is talking to civilians on tje ground and people are saying Azov/NAZIs/Ukraine military is shooting at their own people and then blaming Russia while the elite media echos the same. Do some hard core research before everything gets shut down. Remember Obama gave the DNS keys to the UN so now they(elite) can shut anyone down…..wait its coming. The proof is there if you open your eyes and wake up to the lies. Do your homework because the story you are being told is and has been fabricated to take all of your rights and freedoms away. The NAZIs learned from their mistakes and redesign their take over of the world like a trojan horse. Open your eyes and you will see the truth….it is there in plain sight for those not staying programmed under elite control.

Tom Birch

man… what’s coming for the deep state won’t be fun.. but it will be fun for us.


We are glad to see there is some justice possible in this country. But I think Stormy let greed and a crooked lawyer lead her down the wrong path. I wonder if CNN will cover this ?

Victoria Becraft

Congratulations Mr. President!! There are those people, like myself, who have had to live with the horrific act others forced on us. When someone lies by claiming they were victims, when they were not, it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I pray she never has to know what it’s like to be a real victim. We serve a just God!


Yet she knows what your penis looks like… How is that even possible if you didn’t sleep with her?


She better Start Turning Tricks For The Commie-LibS!

Charles Patriot 4 Liberty

God is with you, Sir. We STAND UNITED 4 Truth, Equal Justice, Liberty Full Restored Republic: FAITH Freedom Family as One. God bless you, WhiteHats Alliance Defending Protecting Humanity, Liberty, Freedom!

Johnny Appleseed

Carful the toes you step on, on the way up, because you will have to kiss their feet on the way down.

It’s time to assume the position.

From the president to the paupers.

There are a lot of feet to kiss.

How many lives were destroyed??

How many kids lives did you suck the life out of?

How many families did you rip apart???

How many did you even care what happened to them???

Did you even stop and wonder how their families would cry out in pain??

Did you know God listens to his children?

Did you know God is a jealous God???

Did you know he wants to be the center of his creation’s attention??

Did you know his children are the center of his attention???

All of them.

All the children you destroyed.

All the children you used like cannon fodder.

All the children you got hooked on drugs to fund your machine.

All the children taken from their homes placed in “care”.

All the children that grew up fatherless because money was more important than lives.

Why did you do it???

We’re you bored??

We’re you trying to keep yourself ahead of the Jones’s??

We’re you trying to fulfill some childhood dream of being important??

What was the reason you sold out your fellow man??

What would make someone do that??

You became one of them.

You sold your soul.

And gave yourself medals for it.

You laid it out on the table and took their false gold.

The whole group.

Was it worth it???

To live on your knees??

To give up your stature??

To let the red, white, and blue bleed out of you??

There are those that figured things out and made a stand.

While those that stayed made the plan.

Are you sure conspiracy is the right word???

Tick tok

Tick tok….

martha ellis

This is great! The truth always comes out! More to come! We love President Trump! Can’t wait to see full justice done! AMERICA FIRST! We would like to see you back in your rightful place before 2024!


Sometimes, I start to feel sorry for her, but Nah. It’s her own fault.


Yup!! It’s taking a little bit of time but President Trump is fixin everyone’s ass that drew first blood on him, There will be much more to come, I can’t wait.

jojo gomez

In Story Daniels wildest dreams she could never have a hope of getting to have sex with the greatest president ever of the United States. She lied and said Donald Trump slept with her but of course this never happened. And she lied about the shape of his genitals, which of course she never in her wildest dreams would get to see. Now she must pay half a million dollars for all her lies. This is what happens when the hollywood elite sex crazed liberals try to lie and cheat. hopefully they will learn and have better family values, moral standards and listen to the way of the bible rather than make up these sinful lies


Stormy Daniels is STILL more fortunate than the women caught up in human/sex/child trafficking. I don’t believe she’ll be put to death if she doesn’t pay up, unlike those sent by the Mexican cartels.

dan newnum

trump u r the second coming !!love u miss u please play jonny cash at your ralleys (RAGGED OLD FLAG)

Elizabeth Curtiss

Isn’t it funny how all those that tried to destroy you, made fun of you and lied about you are having extremely bad luck? Add this lunatic Clifford to the growing list. Karma is real. #Trump2024


I feel sorry for this woman, working in porn films and strip clubs. I suppose, that she’ll be in debt for the rest of her life now. It seems, that she was convinced to sue Trump by her unethical lawyer, Michael Avenatti. I hope, that she uses this experience to rise above this mistake and doesn’t allow it to crush her. There is no need for her to try to get beyond this debt. Its presence can serve, as a reminder to her to attempt to make better choices in her life if she wishes to.

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