Now he’s looking at it again?

“Can you imagine? I am leading the opposition within the Republican Party by 30 plus, and Biden by 6 plus, and everyone is waiting to hear from a local George Soros backed D.A., who has watched Violent Crime in Manhattan soar to Record Highs, as to whether or not he is going to “criminally indict” me for NO CRIME. Every Prosecutor, and the FEC, who looked at it, took a pass. One year ago he, Alvin Bragg, said “NO WAY.” Now he’s looking at it again? He should prosecute Mark Pomerantz & Cohen!”

By Donald J. Trump

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R Minoglio

This will make President Trump stronger.


TRUMP 2024!


The Commie-Libs are in a Tailspin!
TRUMP 2024!


Bragg will barely be a footnote in history. Treat as such.
Long live 45.

Forever With Trump

I think he’s working for Iran.

Nancy A. Daylo

YOU HAVE BEEN SO INVESTIGATED AND HAVE OVER A MILLION PAGES OF DOCUMENTATION THAT DECLARE YOU AN INNOCENT MAN! Now, Alvin Bragg, your desk is cluttered with thousands of criminal cases of people who need to be in jail and you are messing around with Donald Trump? You are sick, Alvin Bragg. You are a SICKO! And George Soros is a renowned sicko. You sickos should join a club to reform, like AAA , but it would be SOA, Sick-os- Anonymous There are a lot of you sickos out there, your club could be huge. Too bad, most of them are not in jail.Get to work, Alvin. You have a lot of criminals to convict and you could be a hero to the public.But, you choose to be a scumbag who should be in jail along with the worst criminals.Nancy A. Daylo

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