Now I am endorsing and fighting for Sarah Palin

“Sarah Palin, not surprisingly, brought great energy and verve to our totally sold out+++ rally last night in Anchorage. She has something very special about her, and the Great People of Alaska will benefit because she will put that quality to work for them.

She endorsed me early on in 2016, and it was an Endorsement that meant a lot, both to me and to the voters. Now I am endorsing and fighting for Sarah Palin, and the reason is that I know the real Sarah, and how good and effective she will be. The Election is Tuesday, August 16th. Vote for Sarah Palin!”

By Donald J. Trump

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VOTE for Sarah Palin Tuesday, August 16th!
Make Alaska Great Again!


She’s great for Alaska and for America.

Save Our United States

Sarah. A real American.

My Man Trump

I am behind you and Sarah all the way. She is not afraid to stand up and fight and she does it very well. Definitely a keeper in your ranks.

Lenora Thompson

Prez Trump is the ONLY one who remembers the wounded and dead from the 8/26 Afghanistan bombing in Kabul. Here’s an update on Tyler (double amputee) and Kelsee (spinal injury).


I like Sarah Palin. Will make a great representative for the great state of Alaska. I also like the +++.

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