Now there are fewer cards to play

“I never thought, in my wildest imagination, that the United States would be involved in a Nuclear War. Now, however, because of our leaders rhetoric and very poor choice of words, it is perhaps more likely to happen than not. Russia/Ukraine would NEVER have happened under a TRUMP Administration. Now there are fewer cards to play, but still very playable. China up next?”

By Donald J. Trump

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Walter Goad

Yes but it is your fault Trump for not arresting these crooked people on January 20th for treason and the overthrow of the United State government now you say we have a chance of getting blown up by Russia way to go Trump!! Should’ve stop this at the beginning!!!!!

Save Our United States

Does anybody here think that the Biden administration et al might be trying hard to involve the USA?


That is WHAT Liberals do!

Rowland L. Holland

give him time, he’s workin on it, seen him messin up our China relations this morning, so …… Uno !


Remember you are still the legitimate President and everybody knows. The military will follow your orders if it comes to a war


Don’t be ridiculous

Save Our United States

I agree with Prize for once. Imagine that. OMG what am I doing?

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What do you mean? Will the military not follow the orders of the legitimate President? You Think they will just let the criminal marxist hand over the country to our enemies and let them destroy it with nuclear bombs? Or is it just what you are hoping for? I am sure it will not happen


The legitimate President is Biden. Also, congress declares war.


Well, aren’t you special, so wise and authoritative. Illegally installed presidents like Biden incite war by being bumbling oafs, by showing the USA as weak and incompetent, and by causing Putin/Russia to declare a nuclear war with the USA. It won’t matter what our “progressive” mostly insane “congress declares” if it comes to that.


He never conceded. We may need a new revolution.

My Man Trump

I know you are still acting as President behind the scenes as much as you can. Wrap your arms around this disaster. Nuclear war is no joke. Time to reach out.


I think Kat said it best, you have a “Trump card”.
The Lord is leading this battle. Listen only to Him.

Strange Brew

Dude, you wanted to nuke hurricanes

Jerry Pyeatt

Sir. Use the technology you know our military has. I see on TV a show called America’s book of secrets. Where there is a book that is supposed to exist that only the eyes of the president gets to view. If that’s true it probably has great information on top secret stuff. The TESLA coil technologies that NIKOLA TESLA created could obliterate an enemy from like 250 miles away. Pair this with pinpoint guidance and Elon Musks super hyper-sonic fighting jets & other toys in his arsenal I think that all enemies could be taken out and his laser 🛰 satellites and tanks equipped with the technology you know and he has could be a great winning combination. Thank you for the continued support for our GREAT AMERICA. POTUSDJT 2023 as Biden gets his punishment due. IMPEACHMENT FOR ALL OF HIS CRONIES INVOLVED IN THE BETRAYAL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE &CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. AND HIS CONTINUANCE TO FURTHER DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. PUNISHMENT DUE…….!

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Pat McGroin


Linda M

👍❤🇺🇸❤ I hope the swamp can be defeated. I hope there is a way.

Dee Tilley

Please in the name of Jesus play that Trump card now then.


Brandon is not the true president. You are Sir!!


Brandon’s real political platform: Make America Suck Again


Pray to God that this does not happen, and that these evil lunatics are taken out of power while there is still some hope left. We need our real President Trump back so badly that it hurts, terribly. Things were so positive then and always getting better…until the demons put their destruction into play. It’s unforgivable, and those responsible deserve the worst of all fates, right down there with animal torturers, rapists of children and all of that ilk.


Please play your Trump card… before it’s too late.

Ken Locke

With all the chaos, disinformation, criminal cartels basically running the show at the moment. The American citizens that love, Our Republic and Constitution and Freedom, have really no choice but to dig in and Watch and Be ready. We only hear whispers, of any justice being brought against those, committing real Treasonous Acts against our Republic and People. At what point is enough, enough ? Many of us being parents, understand where that point of enough is, in raising growing children. Then Why? as Adults we are allowing this display of disrespect, lying, stealing, cheating be allowed by those in office ?? Can you explain this Sir?

Dean Clevenger

What a mess..


Can’t wait to take our country back!!!!




Nuclear War by the Deep State was part of their 16-year plan. It would be a limited NUCLEAR exchange, with the USA LOSING, killing billions of people, and destroying our beloved US Constitution. The Deep State would get their wish, depopulating the world, enslaving the half billion survivors and complete control of the world, or as they would say, a New World Order.


There is not such a thing as a “limited nuclear exchange” . If billions of people die, the whole earth will be lifeless for longer we can imagine, or might never hold life again.


You have the TRUMP CARD, sir!!!

My Man Trump


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