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Sarah Luu

Same OL’ 5HIT (SOS). EVERYDAY. MORE & MORE 5HIT, nonstop, dumping on the Biden pile. NO CRAPPER BIG ENOUGH, or treatment plant large enough, to flush it all! A NASTY job, sifting thru 5HIT, but this pile should be EASY to sift thru because EVERY TURD, EVERY piece of ASS WIPE is LOADED with THE FOULEST OF CRIMES!!!

My Man Trump

President Trump already won the 2020 election!!!! Remove the illegitimate regime out of the WH and put in the real, duly elected POTUS, DJT. And indict everyone of those evil people.

Darren Baileey

He has run twice and lost twice. Wake up already and stop believing his lies.

Sarah Luu

TROLL, TROLL, TROLL. Get YOURSELF properly educated!, if you’re capable.


The person who only saw 12 people at Trump’s Wilkes Barr rally has replied to you. You should be honored. 😃

My Man Trump



Wray is a deep state sleeper,purposefully sitting on Hunters laptop information and pretending to be a lethargic slug who didn’t know what was going on,he should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty and treason.He knew everything and sold his soul,he is a huge disgrace to the agency.

Sarah Luu

Should be tried & convicted, WITH MANY, MANY others, for NOT OBEYING the oath they took “To Protect this country, from ALL ENEMIES, Foreign & DOMESTIC”


The corruption is wide and deep. I want my stolen vote back. Thank you Charlie Hurt.


REDO the RIGGED 2020 Election NOW!
The American People DEMAND IT!

Kreg Vergith

The swamp sludge is spreading everywhere!!

Do they really think we wouldn’t find out about all this CRAP?!?!?!??


They don’t care who finds out about it; that’s how tyrannical, insane and egomaniacal they are.


Is there anyone who is not corrupt there? Just mind blowing.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President