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“In the Polls, I am beating Biden everywhere, by a lot, except in the Globalist inspired Wall Street Journal, one of the worst, and most partisan, media outlets anywhere. It was that way with them in 2016, until I beat Crooked Hillary. Now they are using the same Fake Playbook, that I beat Ron DeSanctimonious easily, but Biden is close. All other media outlets have me beating both by a lot. Don’t buy their Bull…. They are FAKE NEWS!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

I HAVE NEVER believed ANYTHING spoken or written by our so called “reporters” that has been released since the 50’s. EVEN then the beginnings of the liberal left (Communism) were taking root, but they called it “editorials”. I haven’t heard ANYONE say that they were “editorializing” a report in my lifetime.( I’m 40 ). It is ALL OPINION (lies) being puked out claiming to be the truth. NO ONE EVER goes back AFTER THE FACT & show how WAY OFF their “polls” or “reports” (STORIES-FICTION) were. Isn’t there any FCC “rules” on what is considered news & opinion that defines how far the “media” can go with “Freedom of The Press?”. IT IS SUCH A SHAME that MANY of the people BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY SEE ON TV AS TRUE. Listen to regular people in public, such as sitting in restaurants, bars, parks or other diverse public venues TO HEAR THE TRUTH about what people ARE REALLY THINKING. TRUE HONEST ENDORSEMENTS, STRAIGHT FROM “THE HORSES MOUTH” are the ONLY endorsements I believe.(unless they are RINOS!). The MORE TRUE, HONEST ENDORSEMENTS, FROM PROVEN HONEST PEOPLE, THIS EARLY ON IN THE ELECTION PROCESS is POSITIVE PROOF that PRESIDENT TRUMP is, BY FAR, THE GREATEST MAN ON EARTH TO OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE AS OUR ONE & ONLY TRUE PRESIDENT. WE NEED HIM BACK NOW! THERE IS, BY FAR ENOUGH PROOF THAT THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. SOMETHING(S) MUST BE ABLE TO BE DONE TO “CORRECT” THIS CRIME & NOW. WE MUST M.A.G.A.!!! Before It’s TOO LATE (WW3). Sarah Luu

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Most of the polls r ridiculous. Sometimes u can’t stop laughing especially when they have illegitimate Obiden’s % in the high 40’s. What a farce.
Frankly I can’t see how obiden could be even at 17% & that’s with all the die hard msm tv watchers!! These r people that are soo brainwashed by MSM they will die not knowing they have been lied to & manipulated for the last 20++ years. MSM is an extension of the alphabet agencies and the Smith Mundt act, ( changed in 2010/2012)..(2011?) how disgraceful. Just my opinions. God bless America and our World.


keep it clean Mr President—stay on topic/belief/philosophy/”religion”.


TRUMP 2024!

Sonette Tippens

Do not battle wit De Santis or any Republican. Stand on your own merits. I am your ardent supporter, but I do not believe in Republicans biting other Republicans.

Sarah Luu

Not to long ago I believed just as you do, that not to fall into the divide & conquer game used by the Communists to play each of us off against each other, UNTIL I READ SEVERAL OF PRESIDENT TRUMPS POSTS ABOUT DE SANTIS. READ THEM ALL, they might just change some of your thoughts. De Santis has & is a fairly decent Gov. of FL., BUT IS IS NO DONALD TRUMP! NOT EVEN CLOSE! Thanks for your comments. With the UPMOST respect, Sarah Luu.

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Nancy A. Daylo

My son tells me. that you brag a lot. But, I don’t see it that way. You deal with the FAKE NEWS who NEVER say anything good about you and they lie and distort the TRUTH beyond recognition. So,I say that you are just setting the record straight. And for the regular person, if you are constantly being berated, you have to stand up for yourself. So, have patience with our PRESIDENT. He is right 99.9% of the time. What more can one ask? Nancy A. Daylo

Mary Geiger

His work resume is an audible. Everyone has a resume when they apply for a job and he has an excellent resume. Trump 2024!

Sarah Luu

Tell your son that he should watch SEVERAL of Presidents Trump’s speeches & COMPARE THEM WITH HIS RECORD & THE TRUTH. This WILL help him change his mind. Yes, You could call it “bragging”, but what he says about himself is 100% THE TRUTH! YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH THE TRUTH! Good luck with your son & GOD BLESS YOU BOTH & THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY. Sarah Luu


Mainstream media = American Pravda, the propaganda arm of the DemonRat party. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how well they learned his mass brainwashing methods.


Thank you my PRESIDENT

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