One year ago

“The Afghanistan disaster of exactly one year ago was the most embarrassing, incompetent, and humiliating event in the history of the United States. Not the fact that we left, I was the one that got our soldier count down to 2 thousand in preparation for leaving, but the way we left, taking the military out first, 13 dead soldiers (with many badly injured), leaving many Americans behind, and giving the enemy over 85 Billion Dollars worth of the best military equipment in the world. So Sad!”

By Donald J. Trump

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You are kind to honor our fallen and recognize what a mess this was.

My Man Trump

And this is what is running our country.


We will never forget. Please hurry back President Trump.


That’s where all the treasonous crimes are happening, with the deliberately incompetent, evil biden administration 100% responsible for all of these unbelievable damages to the USA. How long will it go on? Every day it’s something new and worse from these people, like the FBI stealing President Trump’s passport. It’s all so shocking and depressing. Justice has got to make a comeback and put this evil regime to an end. A military coup and civil war could bring about a military dictatorship for a long time to come, but perhaps it would be worth it, and perhaps the conservative half of the country would not suffer too much. We’re a split nation, irreconcilable differences, so much hate…it’s just sad.




It’s more than sad…it’s a bad mark on how Americans do things. Leave no man behind including our own civilians. Everything safe & secured before last man leaves.


It’s hard to believe things could get worse after what happened on that day, but it has literally been downhill ever since. How low can you go? We are losing our country. The lights are going out in “this shining city on the hill’. Our government is longer ‘of, by, and for the people’. We must fight like hell to save America. Speak out Americans, and call the Democrats what they are–the enemy of the people. To call themselves the “Democratic” party is an antiaptronym, because it is the opposite of what they actually are. The Democrat Party would more accurately be called the Marxist or Communist Party of America. Not the DNC, but the MNC, or the CNC. We need to confront them with the Truth.


I agree that withdrawl was not executed well. Why didn’t you do anything about getting the US out during the four years you served as President? You had the chance to show us how it is done. What would you have done? Just like healthcare, you abandoned that task. Talk, talk, talk, talk–and nothing.

Mary Geiger

You didn’t pay attention, did you? Do some research and you’ll find he tried. Also do some soul-searching while you’re at it.


He did not pull them out Mary. He could have.


Were you one of the 2,000 Mules?


In March 2020 trump approved an agreement with the Taliban (not the Afghan government) for U.S. forces to leave the country by May 2021. Although the timing was different, Biden was going by that agreement. Don’t forget trump also invited the taliban to Camp David until everyone objected to it.


Yes he did. But he made a deal with the devil. Agreeing to the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners against Afghan wishes. The Taliban never lived up to the agreement and continued to attack the Afghan people as we withdrew 10,000 troops. So I stand corrected–he did broker an agreement, but with the enemy and it certainly backfired. Let’s put it this way. We should never have been there and in the end, we screwed the Afghan people. The withdrawl was a cluster as was the deal.


Another Ridiculous Troll


Ridiculous Troll.


I think the theft of the US 2020 elections by a plethora of traitors and foreign criminals alike is the most embarrassing, humiliating and incompetent event in the history of our beautiful nation. Don’t get me wrong, the horrendous occurrence in Afganistán was plenty horrible enough. But, everything wrong on our sovereign land today stems from a fraudulent election carried out by some of the most evil beings on our great earth. Nothing should come before fixing that. Nothing except the children.


This is the mark of a “Resident-in-Chief” whose regime is trying intentionally to destroy our country and our people!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Everything that woke clowns and demented Joe touch turn to absolute shit.
The southern border is a catastrophe. Crime is rampant. Inflation. And we are no longer energy independent.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.

Sarah Luu

Giving away that much, or any amount of, our advanced military equipment to our adversaries MUST BE CONSIDERED an act of TREASON! These TRAITORS MUST be punished to the extreme. HANGING is TOO GOOD for them. Would ANY other country ON EARTH allow this to happen to their own without at least trying to get it back, destroy it, and KILL THOSE RESPONSIBLE? I don’t think so! Sarah Luu


President Jimmy Carter lost the presidential election in 1980 over 34 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days. How many live Americans still remain in Afghanistan? And will we hit 444 days before the elections in November?

Meegan Fixler

The topper was Fake Bye–Done checking his watch at the funerals/memorials of these 13 brave men and women who lost their lives. Absolutely disgraceful!

Sarah Luu

It was a “Ms Pac-Man” watch!


Did we leave equipment and military air base for nefarious reasons? Give China/enemy control of airbase to keep usa from having 1 hour access to critical Chinese infrastructure. Was thus in preparations for war?

Sarah Luu

Likely a pay-off to the Chin-Lee for help in RIGGING THE ELECTION!

Sarah Luu

NO WAR, they (Biden & his Gestapo) will just give us( & Taiwan ) away for “world unity”.

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