Other big races coming up

“The Fake New York Times must have forgotten to write that we just won the Lieutenant Governor, Senate and all Congressional Races in Georgia. Overall in this cycle, 101 and 6. Other big races coming up over the next 7 weeks – My Endorsed Candidates are looking good!”

By Donald J. Trump

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One loss, Perdue being supposedly beat by Kemp, and the “press” is all over it, claiming it means Trump and MAGA are going down, while they ignore the overwhelming majority of Trump-endorsed huge wins. It only shows how desperate they are and how corrupt, but then those in the know already know that.
They’re also importing countless illegal voters through the open border; wouldn’t be surprised if they’re handing out fake IDs, SS#s, and voter registrations to them all. Could anything be sleazier or more criminal than “progressive” dictators? Biden et al are evil, a miserable disaster of an installed “administration.”

Nancy Duncan

Excellent vetting! Keep up the terrific work. We desperately need your leadership and work ethic.


Well son of a bitch! I’ll be dipped in mule shit plopped next to a ballot box…. NYT’s next misses a chance to make shit up?

Margaret ClarkPrice

Awesome! MAGA and restore Our Constituion and Bill of rights! Stop the blatant thievery of tax payers money!!

Kimmis Brady

You have an excellent “win” record for the candidates you endorse. Keep up the vetting.

Becky Peterson

They forget cause they will cheat on election day, drag the counting of votes for several weeks to make up the difference until they win
America has been hijacked

My Man Trump

Congratulations, Sir, to you and our country! Happy Memorial Day honoring ALL our soldiers.

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