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Escape from New York Part II is happening now in reality.
Run for your lives!


That’s a good


Sad but True.


They don’t care about N.Y state. It’s what they want. It will be the first demolish of statehood, and will be taken into a complete federal run government. The citizens of NY will be their slaves.
They want poverty to flourish.

Save Our United States

NY was once truly the Empire State. The Democrats and RINO Republicans (that the Democrats have since run out of town) have since destroyed it. Most of the upstate counties are red but the NYC area counties are blue and this is where 1/2 of the population lives. So… the sane upstaters are subjected to the NYC insanity and it just keeps getting worse.

Why? Because Democrats think with their emotions and never use logic unless it pertains to controlling people.


When a corrupt AG acts, it’s never good. Better, the corrupt AG needs to resign immediately and be replaced by a legitimate one. Among biden cronies though? A miracle would have to happen.

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