Our Country can never be strong again unless we have an honest, open, and fair media

“The Fake News Media has done everything in their power not to report the record setting $122 million that has been raised for Save America and publicly announced last night, they hate that I broke all records. The Failing New York Times refuses to acknowledge that the power of the Trump endorsement is far stronger today than ever before—it is virtually unblemished! Our Country can never be strong again unless we have an honest, open, and fair media and sadly, our media is largely fake and corrupt. The people of our Country demand the truth!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

You’re awakening the sleeping masses, Mr. President, at exactly the right pace. If you pushed too hard, there would be violence. We need you, a follower of God, to shine a light on the demons among us. Once the world can see them, they will be rejected entirely.
We pray blessings over you, our TRUE PRESIDENT, and over the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER! Keep at it. We are with you!!!


The media are liars and anti-American.


We can beat an unfair, biased and full of fake news media, by merely changing the channel! #ChangeTheChannel #BoycottMSM

And then we just need 1 official “state” channel/social media with First Amendment rules, which means you’ll need a Town Square (same laws as being in public), a kid safe channel (same rules as in school), and Wild Wild West with as few rules as possible.

While we are at it, we could use a “rating system” or “scoreboard” for all media, where permanent ratings records can be kept based not on viewer numbers, but on unbiased, truthful news, with reductions for errors, propoganda, fake news, etc

The Real Problem:
Our Country can never be strong again unless we have an honest, open, and fair”

Those who broke the law in 2020, or in any previous election, must be held accountable, to the fullest extent of the law!

Fix2020 First!
https://frankspeech.com/fix2020first Be sure to click on State By State results for the BigLie and the BigTruth, as well as the 72 page Class Action Lawsuit vs the Banana Republic Electronic Voting Systems company!

Kreg Vergith

Whoa, have y’all seen this?

Jeff Zucker has resigned from the CEO position at CNN!

Some kind of illicit sex thing in the C-suite.

Rats fleeing a sinking ship!

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.


we see indications that truth is being destroyed quickly. OANN being taken, to FOX gettng crap crap due to some major truth being put out. Once truth in the media is erased, I would suggest already know, that satan comes first—at the 6th trump before Christ returns. It is written, and media/edu are powers satan uses to deceive. It is written.


Let the grift continue…


Yeah we can’t stop you so go ahead keep yer yappin if it makes you feel good.

Johnny Appleseed



Naturalness.com is my number one go to, followed by epoch times, Western journal and lifesite news. I do watch OAN and sad to here they’re being taken down. You’ve awakened many of us with the Call-Out of fake news. It’s waaayyyy worse that you’ve even said. Even Fox News tells lies, more specifically spins stories, create narratives, or omits truth. Paul Ryan’s influence has brought Its reputation in line with the other MSN media networks. I miss Lou Dobbs! Every profession has a regulating board to keep them accountable to ethical practices, the media should too. Basic truth – no bias should be allowed for anchors and news reporters. Opinion isn’t news and shouldn’t be portrayed as such, but left for podcasts, write ups- opinion pieces, and talk shows. News should not allow opinion broadcast during prime time or new hour news reports. Opinion shows should be off hours 1-3 slots and clearly marketed that way. There should be a distinct line in the sand with an ethical board holding them accountable to uphold truth. Truth=facts not opinion. If discussion panels are allowed on MSN shows there should be equal opinion of multiple sides allowed, maybe 1/5 of the show time at most, and NOT off topic comments that don’t answer the hosts question being debated.

My Man Trump

The fake news has always been the propaganda arm owned by the dems. They didn’t get horrible, evil and nasty until DJT. The president scares the hell out of FJB and his regime. They have tried everything to get him. Nothing works. President Trump is absolutely right when he says that the fake news people are Americas number one enemy, just like FJB and his illegitimate regime. When there is power and greed involved there is not much you can do to stop it if you’re not willing to cut off the head of the snake. DJT is coming and they know it. I’m thinking fireworks!


I have to give this comment a “Thumbs Down”. Eventually TFG will have to answer for the damage he’s done to our country. Lidsey Graham said it best, that “D Trump will destroy the republican party”, and he is right. Not only the party, but if we are not careful, the country itself.

My Man Trump

Say goodbye while you can because it will happen fast. Lindsey Graham is the pathetic rino you are hanging your hat on? That’s funny.


$1 million to Mark Meadows… what’s that all about ?


Typical Liberal!


It’s about Meadows getting back in line to kiss the ring!

My Man Trump

You got it! Even Italians love Trump. Everybody loves Trump. Except the Marxists regimes, the rinos and elite who sold America out to get even richer.


The fake news is also not reporting the Convoys happening world wide! USA starts 3/1! Get ready! FJBLGB!

Rod Tussle

Yes sir; that’s why OANN & NewsMax will soon be gone for good!


No, that is WHY CNN, MSNBC and the other FAKE Resources are GONE FOR GOOD!
Good WILL Prevail!
Evil DIES!


A common word in these replies is “speak”. That is exactly what we need to do. We need to be Truth Speakers and Truth Seekers. I’d like to see shirts with the slogans. I’d like to see a nationwide movement that we will speak the Truth; we will not parrot the libs or the “woke”; we will not accept information from the Mainstream Media. We will seek the truth, the unedited videos, the complete statements made.

Seventy million Truth Speakers and Truth Seekers will be impossible to ignore.


Yes we do Mr President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️


AMEN! Love my POTUS Trump! <3




FJB! and the FAKE NEWS!

Bonnie Posner

Congratulations to Save America for their record-setting fund raising! Keep up the Good Fight!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

As far as I’m concerned the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, AT&T, DirecTV… NetFlix with their Obama stuff….. they can all go BROKE. Looking forward to the launch of TRUTH Social.
Change needs to happen and happen NOW.
Those who hate our Country, those who are willing to sell out, they need to be dismantled.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.

Kreg Vergith

Our Save America record totals were announced, with some emphasis, on NEWSMAX today.
We’re living proof that people will, indeed, come together for a cause: to Save America.

The Trump endorsement is still a fine prize (with an amazing batting average!).
You must first, of course, ascertain that it isn’t the only thing a candidate is running for.

The Fake News propaganda is a powerful weapon, and the Far Left are using it very well.
Simply turning off contrary views isn’t very sophisticated, though…
Thankfully, there are still a few bright spots willing to tell the truth, and it is expanding daily.

We WILL take our Country back!!

Daniel Bacon

There are many who will stand and fight, but as long as the Dems are in control We The People will be label domestic terrorists, just the they are doing thise from Jan 6th. And yet nothing has happened to the person who shot and killed an unarmed woman.

My Man Trump

Daniel, we are already labeled domestic terrorists. The little commie irritants on this site is taking care of that. They are not on this site for their intelligence or to spread propaganda….they are trolling. Would not surprise me a bit if most of them work in the white house as janitors and this!

Kreg Vergith

I think that we can have confidence that the wheels are actually turning behind the scenes.
There will be some explosive disclosures, and heads will (at least figuratively) roll.
My trick knee says it will happen before the ’22 midterms.

Joe will “resign”, and Cackling Kamala will disappear into political obscurity.

The Far Left paints a very dismal picture of our future, but optimism is contagious!

Keep the faith, and keep fighting!


Spot On!
Well Said!

Kreg Vergith

Aw, shucks. T’weren’t nothin’.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Mark Rakow

Why should anything happen to him? He was a police officer, and she was a criminal, fully intent on the crime of breaking and entering. As a result, she was shot to death.

That’s what happens to criminals. And deservedly so.


As opposed to the Biden endorsement, which seems to have democrat candidates running the other way when he shows up lol 😄

Kreg Vergith

Nice how that works out, huh?

Joe and Kamala and their cronies are already gone. They just don’t know it – yet.

Mark Rakow

Actually, you’re living proof that P.T. Barnum was right – there’s a sucker born every minute.

Ken Locke

How about creating a News Network or Good old Fashion Newpaper, Mr Trump? People,cameras,crews that are sent out to the events. Do some real Journalism. All the others CNN, fox,new york times all started small and grew, but lost the edge of Journalism and sold out to propaganda.

Daniel Bacon



Not missing Fake News Media at all. Can’t remember the last time I actually watched them, except when my hubby turns them on and I have to put on my headsets to watch and listen to X-22, Christian Patriot News, Charlie, Mel K., to name just a few.

R Minoglio

When are these idiots going to listen to us the American people. They are in the tank with the dumb demoRATS. We need justice. All people should be treated the same. That’s not happening today. I want my good old America back.


I agree, However, we need a change NOW not in 6 months not in a year not in 3 years If we don’t make changes now to our government there won’t be an America to save. We are loud, we are speaking out.


I have no problem not paying any attention to them.

Craig Barrett

Yep I only listen to alt media or in more accurate definition truth media


Yes, you are correct Mr. President, but we have people out there speaking the truth. The problem is too many still follow the lies provided and don’t get the real truth. I mean we have someone putting up billboards, Reawaken America tours, other conservative venues, conservative talk show, conservative patriot pastors with a backbone, but this has still not been good enough. Do we need to go door to door? Drop leaflets out of planes? I mean you reach a large crowd, but you are not able to reach all that need to hear.

The truckers in Canada have spoken volumes, and I know they are discussing that here too. My concern is the full truth that is being missed, the casualties of war are pilling up.

Ken Locke

Would be awesome to see 10’s of thousands of bicyclist ,roll across the US, coast to coast 🙂

Brad Gustafson

America is with you.

Rowland L. Holland

May God bless you, your’s, and your plans.

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