Our Country has never been so embarrassed

“The worst leaks of “Intelligence” in U.S. history. Our Country has never been so embarrassed, and yet they come after “Trump” on their old and tired Boxes Hoax. The Special “Prosecutor” should investigate Biden, maybe he was the leaker? Nothing would surprise me about this group!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

NOTHING that this DUMBSVIT adim. of Biden’s should be a surprise. A group of pre-schoolers could do a better job. This admin wold make an “interesting” TV series on stupidity & Unthinkable surprises. How do they even Know how to wipe their asses let alone run a country? Sarah Luu


One thing after another with the “FAKE” president Cho Biden administration!
TRUMP 2024!


Mr. President, as soon as we get you back into the W.H., we need you to clean the SWAMP, and hold all these TRAITORS accountable for their crimes!! The constitution states that hanging or firing squad is the penalty for treason! Sir, I will gladly supply the rope!


I will supply the Ammo!

R Minoglio

We are in dire straights. I wish people would wake up before it is to late. We may not have a country for our children and grandchildren. The MSM do nothing but lie. We are in great risk of going to war with China. Biden laughs it off like it is not happening. We need you back in office now. We can’t survive this woke bullshit
It is destroying this country. I’m worried, scarred and anxious. This is no good for my sanity.
We need you back now.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!