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My Man Trump

So has its people. Elections have consequences and stolen ones also have catastrophes and regimes that hate America and Americans. But here we are thirteen months later. We are drowning in destruction, chaos and the will of the cabal with nothing stopping them. Now we have reached territory that cannot be undone. The cabal wanted Russia to attack. It is the beginning, other than FJB, of the new world order. The great reset. Things are happening fast. I know everyone is counting on the red wave in November. But Republicans still have not changed; a lot of talk and no action. They are still weak and wrought with rinos. President Trump was the only strength of the Republicans. Where are you, DJT.

Becky G

Ok…weird thought…. WHAT IF????
IN 2024 Gov Ron D ran as President
DJT ran as VP…
There are no term limits on the vice-presidency…. Weird thought I know..

Marijo Makufka

When you were in office, Mr. President, our great nation was confident, proud, and strong.
We the People KNOW YOU WON the RIGGED 2020 ELECTION.
Until you are officially returned to the White House, We the People remain committed to your BEAUTIFUL MAGA MOVEMENT.
We the People aren’t going anywhere.
We the People LOVE YOU!!!


Come on really. You guys are still spouting the lie that the election was stolen from Trump. He LOST FAIR & SQUARE. His own AG his own VP and NSA & CIA & FBI directors said it was the most safe and secure election ever. Just cause Donald wasn’t happy with the MAIL IN VOTES being counted AFTER the live votes doesn’t mean the election was stolen. Trump was the 1 who tried to steal the election, with the big lie and counterfeit electors. Enough is enough already. Get over and STOP LYING TO EVERYONE. It’s embarrassing @ this point. Pathetic

Rosanne. Choate

Doesn’t surprise me, Mr. President! He’s a follower and groveler.

calvin wrenn

the danm jad did nothing for anyone who thought it would help their confidence you big dummy,… yes i am a conservative


I think WE THE PEOPLE have self confidence… but, we have NO CONFIDENCE in our Government!!!


So who’s the Commie now…

John F. Brzezinski III

Nah. Our Country is simply based on the wrong economic structure. Not to mention currently incapable of getting out of said structure and self sustaining due to indoctrination claiming ‘jobs jobs jobs’ Sorry…I STILL TO THIS DAY disagree with ya on that one, and will NEVER change that. Benefit of doubt is given because I fully understand you have to pander to the ignorant so as to set the stage….we have a Mil. We have land. There is NO difference in these two from ANY other place in the world…NONE…

This means our Mil can defend while we become self sufficient in ALL aspects of necessity to ensure continuity of our Nation…NOT our damn government. We The People will take care of ‘governing’…NOT career assholes who if they lose their jobs and money right now would NOT be able to survive in the ‘real world’….disgusting.

Becky G

The “normies” just dont/won’t get educated about the true state of Our nation. Even though we who are 👀👀👀👀 know what’s happening..


I think the American people lack the confidence in the judicial system. Unless we can see some of the heavy players get arrested and punished, all confidence is lost for a bright future. You can’t sniper a hologram tho….

Rosanne. Choate

We haven’t seen any arrests yet from congress nor the House, much less the Speaker’s chair. She should have been arrested the moment she ripped the State of the Union document you handed her that nite.


She should be arrested for tearing up a photocopy of a speech? Not like she was tearing up classified documents, or anything…

My Man Trump

She should be arrested for everything she has done in her career. She is an evil control freak and did insider trading that made her millions and millions of dollars. That is every commies goal….To get filthy rich off of our backs. Disgusting. To hell with the country and its people. They are going to throw away all you little commie irritants, as well.


Every time we try to get active (US Truckers), someone waves us off with warnings of infiltration by DS, Antifa, BLM etc. What the hell can we do w/o being ‘sacrificed to the DS and then jailed like the Jan 6th folks.

Rosanne. Choate

That’s what a vet lady of our’s was talking to me about earlier today.


Leading from Behind DOESN’T WORK!

Knight Rider

Leading from behind a pathetic blog rawks!


Oh oh Stu watch out, trying to sneak up behind you looking for some action.

What’s with these guys?


Sitting here sobbing my eyes out~God knows

Gerald Warner

We nee President Trump as Speaker of House in 2022 we will not last another 3 years

Rosanne. Choate

Yep, much as we need him back in the oval office, Speaker’s sounding better along the way here.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Fake news medias, Big Techs, corrupt democrats and RINOS must be taken down and removed. Demented Joe and his whole administration with their “woke” agenda are destroying our Country.


Will Mr TRUMP have Mr PUTIN run his 2024 campaign ?

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We all know that demented Joe is bought and paid for by Burisma and the CCP.


Trump – Putin 2024 😉


Words are cheap. Justify your BS!!!

calvin wrenn

your shoes are cheap

calvin wrenn

why would you even comment big dummy


cuz I want to little turd

calvin wrenn

well then make sum sense you big dummy fat turd cutter

Last edited 1 year ago by calvin wrenn

Prove him wrong gwenny, like you did me on your so called guberment funded social security, or any other of the fake claims you continually spew around here.


You be the grifter cheapy!!!


That’d be the grifster to you, and yes I’ve been know to be a bit of a cheapskate now and again.


The Russian collusion allegations the bullshit Durham report has been deemed prosecutorial overreach EXACTLY. They need to pay you POTUSDJT for using your name on every news station or podcast or news paper I hope your being compensated for the bullshit rhetoric you give everyone everywhere the ratings they need to keep afloat my goodness they are relentless in the attacks. I hope you are getting your cut of the cake the pie the big enchilada good for you if you have because this has gone on for way too long & the swamp is actually causing the water level on this planet the sea rising the swamp is making it deeper. POTUSDJT SOONER THAN 2024

Ken Locke

With the hard evidence that We The People have and growing daily… Put an end, to this illegal occupancy of Our White House, Our Senate, Our Congress. Our Republic. If the swamp is to be cleaned the time is Now. President Trump had and has the courage and perseverance to tell us all what was and is going on. Stand solid We The People, Stand.
Trump 2024


Criminal Biden = FAKE President

cynthia powers

we will just have to hang on till we have a true leader back in office to work things out ,so hurry up 2024 America needs Trump


America won’t last til 2024


Sorry but I’ve been hearing those threats for my whole life, and yet here we still are. President Trump has already proven what can be done under the proper leadership, even though we’ve been told our whole lives by the msm, talking heads, and phony politicians it’s impossible we now know it can be.

Kreg Vergith

We are simply tired of the Left’s constant barrage of bullying, disinformation, and cancel culture.

At some point, it affects just about everyone.

It will take effort from all of us, but we must tune them out and take our Country back.

Don’t be afraid of them! The People have the power!


Self-confidence is something that the wok/left believes is an undesirable personality trait to possess…. especially by males. They have been taught this by the wok public “schools”

The left promotes this falsehood because self-confident people have a spirit that is hard to break, and that makes them hard to control by governments and political parties.

For proof ….. check out Mohammad Ali or Nathan Hale

Last edited 1 year ago by drofphilosophy

God bless America 🇺🇸 I stand behind America Land of Free . I don’t bet .. but as a Grandma of 3 I haven’t seen such a mess by people paid off considered officials. I will bet on the American 🇺🇸 people and God any day 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Because our government has turned into a bunch of dictators sadly

Craig Barrett

We have lost conference in the government yes


I haven’t. I have always been an island in the way I live. Hence, my life with Covid19 has been and easy existence. I’m the “unvaxxed.” I am old and I am not nor have been ill that I know of?

I gov. myself my way. If it so happens that laws do not clash with me, it is because I support such a law or the law and I have not crashed. I do not fight. I only kill. Please give me no reason to kill.

Always keep true to you. It is you and God only. This ride we take on the planet is no ones but your own.

Live Free or Kill em.

Bella Sera

Completely agree – it makes me sad what is happening to our beautiful nation.

Sue Mckee

We need strong leaders in the house , Senete and white house. WE NEED YOU BACK PRESIDENT TRUMP. GO FREEDOM TRUCKER’S 🇺🇸💪 WE ARE STANDING UP !

Tim Tates

We have lost confidence in the VOTER FRAUD President and the National Socialist Democrat Party! They have cheated and lied their way to Washington!

Gloria Hensley

Because a large part of our country has removed God as Creator and King.


100% Correct!

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