Our Country is going to HELL!

“Why can’t The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board recognize what a complete disaster our voting system is. Why does it take sooo long, like in Pennsylvania, to conclude – 5 days now. Must END Mail-In Ballots and go to SAME DAY VOTING. Also, PAPER BALLOTS and our problems are solved. We are laughed at all over the World (actually, for many reasons!). Come on WSJ, put your RINO hatred of me away and get something right (for once!). Our Country is going to HELL!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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wendy sandra harkness



They are colluding with the leftists agenda. They’re trying their best to keep the American citizen out of the know. I have no respect for Wall Street Journal nor any others who can’t or will not inform the citizens of the truth and pertinent information.


Our country is going to hell ever since you became president. All this inflation & high gas prices are ur fault Donald. You lowered taxes on the rich. You don’t care about the middle or lower class. All you do is lie & make more people angry @ our country. This Hate and everything that has transpired over the past 6 years. Is all on you. It’s all your fault.

Mark Rakow

I wouldn’t say it’s ALL his fault. But he certainly didn’t do anything to stop it, and he’s certainly not helping it now.


I’ve been calling them the Wall Street Urinal for over 30 years for a reason.
They support the RINO Establishment wing of the GOP, and by that, surreptitiously support the NWO.

My Man Trump

The death of a super country in just a short time and all we can do is watch. And watch our money slipping away, which is his ultimate plan. There is no rule of law when a corrupt, evil regime takes you over. When the regime does not follow the rule of law, it’s like taking a water pistol to a gun fight when trying to stop them. It is not surprising we are being laughed at….The regime is destroying us and our country and we are following like sheep. Here comes China next.


I just voted in Arkansas for the first time; I thought it would be better than AZ. Big surprise: voting machines! I complained and they assured me it was not hooked up to the internet. Ben voyons

Mark Rakow

They assured you it was not hooked up to the internet, for a very simple reason.

Because it isn’t.


This is a no brainer. How can these people ignore the evidence?

R Minoglio

Wake up people. The demoRATS and RHINOS are destroying this once country.


Complete 🔥all Fraudluent illegal abomination Dominion & same owners machines by melting them all…along w all voter illegal, unConstitutional rolls w millions DEAD ppl STILL on rolls. Every year, a whole new FRESH ONLY LEGAL American citizens must register to vote, prove your American Citizenship EVERY TIME w VOTER ID CARD w photo ID on card, FULL set fingerprints, data, blood type, Emergency contacts, CRIMINAL Record, any communicable diseases encrypted inside card only Law Enforcement, hospitals, selected others can have access to. To vote: must scan card at same time as scan YOUR HAND. Must match to get printout, encrypted every time differently, so NO political party can detect info. Numbers will be HAND ASSIGNED on new IN-PERSON paper ballot with same # on ballot & you will receive PAPER RECEIPT of your vote, for your eyes only…on spot to confirm. All ballots MUST BE Paper only, in-Person, Signature verification, address, Citizenship, all data must be confirmed BEFORE Citizens are ALLOWED to vote ONLY IN-PERSON.

Every precinct MUST have Law Enforcement/US Military guard all UNTOUCHED ballots BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER ONE-DAY Vote. No shenanigans, Fraudluent attempts to Vote by mail, vote 4 unfit Citizen, No Outside the state $$ influence, bribery, gifting, secretive acts of sedition, subversion, blatant lies, voter intimidation, threats against Elders, handicapped, disabled, etc… especially in known Criminal activity abound by threats by Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim radicals at Cedar Springs towers in Omar’s CD5 in MN, or Tlaib’s in Michigan, AOC in NYC! Arrest & charge w voter intimidation, felonies, incl Zuckerberg Zuckerbucks, Stacey Abrams threats, lies, hate propoganda, fear mongering, antiAmerican antiChristian antiSemitic antiLawOrder antiChildren antiFamily antiBlack antiWhite antiLatinos antiWomen antiMen…antiGod by insanity of leftists incl Antifa,BLM, CRT, SorosObamaBidenClintonBidenPelosiSchumerRomney etal…dirty politicans, bureaucrats on both sides!

We STAND UNITED 4 LIBERTY, FREEDOM, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS under God we trust…Thank God for you, Sir, blessed by God,your family, White Hats, Alliance, Defenders of God,our Children, Save America, Save our Children! Save the world.

The Bonneville family
Minneapolis MN

Just donated another time. We BELIEVE!

Question: Could you plz personally autograph a photo of you & our First Lady? I admire you so much, fighting alongside God & you since 2015! No other ‘normal’ man & family could withstand the falsehoods, malicious malfeasance against you! Content of character has been tested over and over and over…teaching younger generation WHAT A MAN ENDURES IS STRENGTH, COURAGE, HONOR, DUTY, LEADERSHIP you & Alliance Defending Liberty shown to be for all! God bless you.

A beautiful, bigly united states of America is REBORN, ReDedicated, Renewed in spirit of the Lord, inviting & placing GOD upon His throne on Earth…Renew our Republic, Constitution, Declaration of Independence as HIS PEOPLE!! Amen.

Judy Bonneville
18115 27th Ave North
Plymouth MN 55447
Ph 763-449-9546 landline

Parents: John and Virginia are with you too.
I’m totally & permanently disabled from work accident in 1995 w neuromuscular disease. Even w constant debilitating pain, I know the stakes we face. Why, every person on Earth needs understand length, breadth, insanity of DS Cabal, lengths of evil they have done thru time. Our good minds of most Citizens have NO IDEA depths of Depravity, Inhumanity Indecency pedophilia brainwashing evil acts they commit…but LIGHT MUST BE UPON IT.


Well Said!


Judy, God bless you, but you really need to be more careful of posting your personal information here in the open. From a fellow Minnesotan here and actually further west on HWY 55 from you, I implore you to not post this for those in the democrat party that would use it to harass you at a minimum.

There are other legitimate ways to reach President Trump, and through this site is NOT one of them. If you are going to make such a request on here, then do it through the contact page and ask them to forward your information and request directly. All this page does is re-post information from President Trump. They do a service but as far as I’m aware if you read their about page, have nothing to do with President Trump.

Here’s a better site to try


If you go to the share your thoughts with President Trump or the First Lady Melania Trump you’ll find this statement, but you can still use the contact link as well for your request. At least your personal information won’t be out there for others to abuse.

Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump enjoy hearing from the American people. In an effort to ensure that your requests and comments are received in a timely manner, it is strongly encouraged that you submit all correspondence online. President and Mrs. Trump prefer not to receive letters, gifts, inquiries, and invitations through the mail.
Thank you so much for your understanding.”

Mark Rakow

Totally agree with you on this. Posting personal information on this website is unwise, and potentially quite dangerous.

That said, I do send my regards and best wishes to this individual and her family. I have no doubt that she means well, and her heart is in the right place.

Gloria Hensley

Yes, I agree Mr. President. But don’t worry about the WSJ. All journalists have lost their way. Much of the nation has lost it’s way, but there are still a lot of us who have been praying mightly. (or bigly!) Standing in the battlefield, in the midst of the flying bullets wearing the armor of God. Paper ballots and in-person voting is the best way. But, you agree there must be some exceptions and those with disabilities, the military and the elderly are 3 of that category. Most people understand that. But those situations can be worked out. We can do it. God is taking our nation through a cleansing, a purging so-to-speak, and He needs to use a stainless scrubber! ” Put on the armor of God daily according to Ephesians 6. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

Save Our United States

PA voting system is pathetic… out of control. This is what happens when you let Democrats run things.


Isn’t this a Republican Primary? Surely the Republicans run their own Primary. It’s their problem and can’t be blamed on anyone else.


They can’t seem to understand that democrats aren’t involved in the republican primary.


Good old repeat and prizeless again with their complete misunderstanding of how elections work.

Directly from a very nice Old Woman reached @ “You may call 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772) for more information.” using option 3 just verified that there are NOT separate voting locations for the democrat and Republican primaries in PA. They have one polling location for both parties, a citizen picks the ballot for the party they choose to vote for, and you can only vote for the candidates on that ballot either democrat or Republican. In the General election they are allowed to mix their choices if they so choose as everything is compiled on the same ballot. Just like pretty much every State.

Do they actually allow either of you two to vote? God help us, or anyone for that matter if they do.

Mark Rakow

Neither Pete nor Prize said, nor did either of them imply, that Democrats and Republicans have separate voting locations, or that that each party’s primary is run differently. Your rather bumptuous, sarcastic comment was uncalled for.

Incidentally, I’m quite sure “they” do allow BOTH of them to vote. Both seem every bit as lucid and, roughly speaking, as intelligent as yourself.


Not to mention it is democrats holding all the positions of power that CONTROL the elections in PA.

Gov = Tom Wolf
Lt Gov = John Fetterman Who by the way pulled a Shotgun (not just a gun) on a black jogger. WTF???

Fetterman’s past gun incident rattles Black Democrats in Pa. Senate racehttps://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2022-election/fettermans-gun-incident-rattles-black-democrats-pa-senate-race-rcna25649

Atty Gen = Josh Shapiro
DOS or Dept of State otherwise known as Sec of State = Leigh M Chapman

All democrats in charge of and controlling the election process or guarding the machine.



Jerry Pyeatt

I’ve always sent in my mail in ballot. I’m in Washington state and never thought that my vote would be tampered with so I’ve never thought about going to the vote by machine @ the polls. But since this last election was stolen by Biden administration, because there’s a million pieces of evidence that it was, and I along with 100,000,000 people whom are still fuming over the bogus results,and have no choice to watch the incompetency of this bogus administration’s action deliberately destroy what POTUSDJT did which was great we sit back scaremongered by Biden abusing power he had no rights to. Now we can hope by personally going to vote day of will be the winning factor. To AMERICAN’S LET FREEDOM RING 🔔 🔔 🔔 POTUSDJT FOR 2024 if we are still an AMERICA thanks to Biden incompetency.

Mark Rakow

I work in a large Midwestern city, but I live in a rural county about an hour away. The county no longer offers in-person voting in its rural precincts; voting is conducted by mail-in ballot only. I appreciate the ease and convenience this method offers, as well as the privacy.

But most of all, I value the fact that my right to vote is now assured, and it will never be compromised nor threatened. This county is in a heavily Republican part of the state, and mail-in voting means I won’t have to deal with crazed Trumplicans, eager to aggressively challenge my presence at the polls, or my right to vote as I see fit.

Which, of course, is the very reason Republicans demand in-person voting.




Then MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck You glenn, you think it’s funny to make fun of an 87 year old woman in her situation??

You think it’s just that easy for her to get up and move, and likely she’s on Social Security, that if I remember correctly you’re so unfamiliar with. Yeah the Government is going to just take care of her and her living arrangements.

Get a life you ASSHOLE!


She’s afraid to go out because of voting by mail? She should be afraid if she listened to the trumpers and didn’t get vaccinated. And by the way, trump votes by mail.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

Showing your ignorance again hey prizeless?

No where does she mention voting of any kind, let alone mail in voting.

She replied directly to President Trump’s statement of “Our Country is going to HELL!”, she said “GOING?????” in other words she feels it’s already gone there.
Which is why she stated “I’M 87 YEARS OLD AND AFRAID TO GO OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!”, which again as nothing to do with voting, especially mail in voting.

Maybe you should brush on on your reading skills and focus on reading comprehesion.


Right ON Griff!
Fuck glenn and the Commie-Libs!

Gloria Hensley

Duh Glen! Such compassion. Hope you get old some day and obtain some empathy for the elderly. I have a 95 year old widow friend, and it’s not easy to just ‘move’.

Save Our United States

You’re sick!

My Man Trump

You’re a typical fucking asshole. But you are definitely true-to-form as a commie prick. You have to pick on the elderly just like FJB and his regime bully’s us. You are so weak and pathetic following his lead. Go to hell!!!


I agree Mary Lou, it’s long past going, President Trump was the only one string enough to fight back.

I’m sorry for your situation where ever your living. May God Bless and provide safety for you, as it’s obvious the government isn’t going to. I’m sure the democrats are more worried about releasing all the violent criminals back onto the street without any bail than your safety.

Gloria Hensley

I think that would be an exemption to in-person voting. Have your ballot mailed to your home and YOU fill it out and sign it, and seal it. Then mail it yourself, or give it to one of your children if that is possible.

Michael Jenson

only cheating socialist country’s use mail-in cheating ballots

Mark Rakow

One can actually get a mail-in cheating ballot?

I thought they were all just regular ballots.


The United States BETTER get their shit together on voting or the USA is screwed!




Voting is for choosing your masterS
Electing is for choosing your servants


Did you get your college degree from a Cracker Jack Box?


Stu, let me elaborate on what he’s saying.

Waiting to vote in the General election means you’re doing what the globalists WEF, Davos, Bilderberger’s for a few along with the leaders of the Uniparty want us to do. Then their choices are in place and they win no matter what, thus our masters..

Voting in the Primaries and electing the best possible candidate to represent we the people is from those willing to run, takes the control out of their hands and we can end up with someone who serves/represents we the people.

marlene kardamitchis

The wall street journal has become something I now ignore. I was a reader for decades. They to have lost their way!



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