People are beginning to find out

“Ron DeSanctimonious is dropping in the Polls so fast that he soon may be falling behind young Vivek Ramaswamy. People are beginning to find out that Ron wanted to destroy Social Security, and raise its minimum age to at least 70. He also had strong plans for cutting Medicare, and still does. Nothing good happens when you are a disciple of Super RINO Paul Ryan. Also, Florida did great long before DeSanctus came along, got my “coveted” Endorsement, shot up like a rocket, and won!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Trump 2024 and beyond!


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Desantis = RINO
TRUMP 2024!


REALLY! I didn’t know that. What an eye opener…WOW! Good thing that came out. I’m sure all the senior citizens are glad to hear in out in the open instead of after the fact.

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