Please explain to The Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal

“Can somebody please explain to The Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal that a person named Donald J. Trump easily won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s vote in 2016 against Crooked Hillary Clinton, and in 2020 did MUCH better against Joe Biden, but the Election was Rigged and Stolen. The people of Pennsylvania understand this far better than the RINO “Board,” who have totally lost touch & influence with America. I will soon be Endorsing (so far, 58 to 1) a candidate for Governor!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Yea!! Use your endorsement power and silence those bastards.


[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming. The news media all know who and “what” was exposed. They are knowingly ignoring the truth. God Bless 🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA


Can’t wait to learn of your pick for Pennsylvania governor. Our state has suffered under woken Wolf and there’s so many candidates to pick from.


Right on! MAGA King


Lindsey Graham said that D. Trump would destroy the Republican Party. He was correct. Unless you get away from the past election, the party is doomed and will not achieve anything in the mid-term elections.


And you believe and trust graham. You got it backwards.


Wake Up

My Man Trump

Lindsay is one of you. He is the one destroying the party, along with other rinos. DJT is the reason that the rinos will not win.


You are the President. You must order sn arrest of the traitors at Wall street journal. Only the TRUTH can be allowed. Otherwise We dont have a democracy any longer


The President cannot order the arrest of anyone. Only a dictator can do that. Is that what you want, a dictator?


I want law and order and TRUTH and the power back to the people. Traitors and criminals and communists and enemies of the people must silenced


That’s what we have now. Put your mask back on. Stay home and be happy.

My Man Trump

You have no idea do you. There are still innocent people in jail from Pelosi’s insurrection of J6. Wake up.


Dinesh D’Souza did a very thorough, easy for all to understand, complete explanation of the WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD in 2000 Mules.

Sourced by True the Vote non profit, using geotracking data (gps pings) the same as marketing uses, social media uses, our government uses, intelligence agencies use, etc and 4,000,0000 minutes of video surveillance. There should be a LOT more but you will see and learn that many more laws were broken by denying, turning off, or changing laws illegally to interfere with this required (in most places) video surveillance.

IRREFUTABLE Evidence! At LEAST 2000 MULES who went to at least 5 “suppliers” of illegal ballots, went to at LEAST 10 different drop boxes, so that NOBODY would be able to spin the evidence as “large family” or “not provable in court same person”, etc etc etc

So just like VAERS is less than 1% of the total adverse events for vaccines, 2,000 mules is less than 5% of the total MULES transporting illegal ballots being paid to do so, to subvert democracy in the United States of America.

It’s time We the People started making the corrections needed, as supplied under the Constitutions of both our Country, AND our States. in plain text to copy and clickable link to be sure it’s getting through, no matter what.


So many people came out to vote for a president that cared about the American people. You lost by 8 million votes. Get over it,


Curious, did you vote for Biden policies he is effectuating?


You mean so many mules came out and ballot harvesters, dead people and all those in nursing homes that comeaux murdered!

My Man Trump

Don’t forget about the Dominion machines.


They can’t stand the truth and continue to lie. You won President Trump!! We all knew that already.


#Treason sir!


To the Editorial Board of the WSJ, we know you read these posts so listen up. We are sick & tried of crooked politicians. They only care about themselves they Do Not Care about the people they serve and I might add Pay Their Salary. Our People Elected President Donald J. Trump has and will always remain our President no matter how you try and spin it. There is a saying, “All good things come to those who wait”. Our wait time is almost at the end so you had better figure out what side of the fence you are on cause we will lawfully act accordingly. We are done playing/listening to you. You are washed up, deal with it.
Pick a side and choose carefully


Sorry, forgot to add. You are not only fake news you are also old news.
Now I feel better. Thank you


so you had better figure out what side of the fence you are on (be)cause we will lawfully act accordingly”

I love this, because it is 100% accurate for the majority of us. It is what we request of everyone, supporting what is just and right.

When the minority come for you acting unlawfully, do not blame us. You will try to blame the actions of the minority on the majority, just like you did with Jan 6th, and have countless times before, but we are calling you out ahead of time. The only ones you can blame for that fringe minority reaction, are the ones looking back at you in the mirror. Your actions speak louder than words, your choices to go with corruption are your own responsibility. I just pray all the innocent are wise enough to divest themselves of any association with your choices to break the law, or cover it up.

Stolen elections have severe consequences once the Light of TRUTH has exposed you fully. Lying to We the People, who hold the ultimate power of government, has grave consequences. Suffice it to say, many are serving their last term in any form of government, if they even make it to the end of their term. O’Biden SHALL NOT.
We can no longer wait, no longer allow anymore damage to our country, to the whole world, by those breaking the law, subverting democracy, involved with False Flags all over the world, including UKRAINE, and in some cases, performing downright evil acts, no matter what lens they use to justify it.

2000 MULES is a must see for every citizen, present and future, to view the way in which corruption undermines the will of the people, puppet regimes get placed all over the world, controlled opposition is used to cover up bigger issues and crimes.
It is your civic duty to watch AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Dinesh himself said on his locals livestream, if you can’t afford to pay for it, watch a bootleg copy, however you may.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President