Plenty of existing politicians who wouldn’t be in power now

“Could somebody please inform the low-rated political shows that plague our Sunday morning programming that my Endorsement of candidates is much stronger today than it was even prior to the 2020 Election Scam. I am almost unblemished in the victory count, and it is considered by the real pollsters to be the strongest endorsement in U.S. political history. There are plenty of existing politicians who wouldn’t be in power now were it not for my Endorsement (like the Old Crow!). The Fake News does everything within their power to diminish and belittle but the people know, and the politicians seeking the Endorsement really know!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Chuck Todd & leslie stahl air on Sunday & all they do is lie about you, your name comes up all the time about all the bullshit fake propaganda that they spew, it wont get better. If you could get some of the $ they make from airing constantly using your name gets the ratings you should be compensated & get fucki$ paid I hope you can do this shove the shit in their faces.

Your Delusional

Can your head get any bigger???

Wilhelm Schultz

Don’t worry Donnie, they won’t be in power soon.

My Man Trump

There is nothing like your endorsement, President Trump. It is 24K gold.

Ex Military

The elite are using every bit of power they have to stop freedom loving people in Canada. The main stream media is lying about what is happening in Canada. The goverment has declared a state of emergency which is nothing more than starting a civil war against it people. The main stream media is propping up an anti protest(anti freedom protests) The media is not our friends and are working against freedom. Canada has been taken over by elites and they are a broken record saying the same thing over and over when ask serious questions…Trudeau is an elitist and all he does is push vax and division amongst Canadians. Canada has fallen and there are many good Canadians fighting to get Canada free again while the main stream media is pushing freedom loving people are the problem. PLEASE HELP….THE ELITE ARE MAKING THEIR MOVE ON ALL OF US!!!!!!!!! Stand for FREEDOM now or lose it forever and be made to think you are free.

God Bless…love you all but it’s time for you to stand and fight for your FREEDOM like many in uniform have done for you so you can have what you have…..IT’S YOUR TURN TO STAND GUARD FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!!! This goes out to all across the globe…now is the time to stand together…get out of your homes and fight for your FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Ex Military

Unfortunately not all will be willing to stand together against this tyranny we face, and many actually adhere to it whether knowingly or in bliss, but your right we need to come together Like Steve Bannon, Naomi Wolf, Robert W. Malone, Robert Kennedy Jr, and many others on opposite sides of the aisle to defeat it, and then sort out the ideology details afterwards.

God Bless you


A civil war is what needs to happen otherwise we all are going to be completely destroyed & prisoners in concentration camps if Biden & Trudeau cant be stopped they have too much power & they need dropped to the lowest knotch. Power gone to their heads something needs done it’s up to people all to stand together

Johnny Appleseed

Trump picks we vote.

I am sure he asks a bunch of us if they would be good for us.

I don’t know who would be good… I am stuck in a dungeon all day sweating…

Like most workers.

I barely have time to read and post here.

I do have time to vote that is a right given by the good ol constitution.

Weather they give me time to do so or not.

Carmine Gazerro

Say that your endorsement means nothing and then the fake news will say you’re endorsements the most important thing. You need to pick up movement you really want and then Push the other side of it the news media will pick up anything you don’t like. Do you understand that defund the police came from your support of the cops that’s how sick they are they pick up anything against what you like. You could say you love baby still start saying they hate babies You could say you love puppy still start saying puppies are horrible for the earth you don’t believe me try it

Wilhelm Schultz

The all powerful OZ!


You are the people’s champion, we are with you forever.
All the corruption will be exposed by the grace of God.
And then you will be returned to your rightful place and
MAGA will be in power for 100 years.


I think the candidates that have received your Endorsement should consider it a very profound and honored move. Those that have abused your Endorsement should not be holding any position, official or otherwise. Just my opinion. Thank you….


👍. I’m only voting for those you endorse.

Wilhelm Schultz

It’s all rigged FloRo, just stay home!


I’m sure they’re well aware of those facts, but will continue to try and bury them deep inside their BS propaganda to infinity or they are finally run off the air, but highly unlikely as the Elite Globalists and Big Pharma who back them unequivocally as they forward and promote their globalist agenda, and actually believe in it at the same time.

I know this is off topic, but just wanted to share an awesome video with Dr/Prof Carol Swain interviewing a former liberal democrat activist converted to Conservative now working with Prager U, and well worth the 30+ minutes watch.

It may be on other platforms, not sure but I’m sure anywhere Dr Swain can be found.

Lenora Thompson

If the Canadian Freedom Convoy is anything to go by, we’ve got one heck of a good time to look forward too. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of the Par-tay-of-the-Year they had in Ottawa this weekend!


God bless you.. please give us truth

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Old Crow Mitch and flip-flop Lyndsey wouldn’t have had much of a chance if you had not have stepped in and spoken up for these two.
Sadly, they did little to not only promote their own campaigns, but behaved like back stabbing children when their elections were complete. Top it off, they ultimately did not support you, President Trump, a year ago with the nightmare election of 2020.
Problem is this……
Perdue is going to have to start getting out there, roll up his sleeves, and start meeting people in Georgia.
There is no way that We the People can allow the ballot harvesting criminal, Stacy Abrams the Hutt, to take Georgia.
Vote out all democrats and RINOS.
Verified, vetted Save America candidates ONLY!

Gerald Warner

We are watching and know the truth. msm has lost all credability and may take all new msm to come back


Keep those endorsements coming. It puts fear into the hearts of the demorats and left. Thank you Mr. President (the real President)!!!

Becky G

You are Our REAL PRESIDENT…everyone knows it…the fake news…the puppet masters…Soros….clinton…obumer…bush….
Your endorsement is a guaranteed victory! The peeple are behind you, MR. PRESIDENT! THANK YOU FOR LEADING THE WAY and showing all of us what BRAVERY looks like…
4 10 20

Marijo Makufka

We the People trust your judgement on candidates 100%.
We the People know YOU HAVE IT ALL!!!
We the People remain at your stead, ready to help how we can.
We the People know you are the TRUE WINNER of the 2020 Presidential Election.
We the People await the return of the GREATEST, MOST BELOVED PRESIDENT EVER!!!
We the People await the return of your family, the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!
Please use We the People in your service.


Looking forward to your endorsement of Ramthun

Craig Barrett

Please don’t endorse moderates like Greg Abbott, we need true conservatives


Yes like Col. Allen West, MAGA and a TRUE Conservative!

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand
Chris Lockert

Hope your RINO detector is working full throttle! Love to see the indicator arrow point to NNBHN all the way to MAGAW. FYI: ‘Not No But Hell No’ all the way to ‘MAGA Worthy’

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris Lockert

The old crow won his race. He didn’t need trump’s help. trump lost the presidency, senate and congress. I wouldn’t say his record is unblemished.

My Man Trump

Easy now. He’s coming back soon, ya know.

Mark Rakow


My Man Trump

Shhhh! If you are real quiet you might be able to escape somewhere safe for you since you are a never- Trumper. Or stay and enjoy yourself. It’s okay because President Trump follows the constitution. You will not have to worry, unless you are part of the regime.

Michael Jenson

They all know the truth and you said it THERE FAKE NEWS, lets never forget what they have done to the Country they hate and the one we love, by taking there ill gotten gains and throw them in jail it’s the only just way……………..they love CHINA


The government should always remember that we the people can give and also take the power away! Whoever really works for we the people is the ONLY ONE has the real power given by the people!

Kreg Vergith

You’ve got a helluva batting average!
Let them find out the hard way – in the mid-terms!

Elizabeth Curtiss

There are so many RINO’s in on destroying this country, it is hard to believe. We are in a downward spiral. Pray that we can keep the corrupt democrats from stealing the midterms and that we still have a country by then. #Trump2024

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