Precluded from investigating election fraud allegations

U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was precluded from investigating election fraud allegations. Outrageous!

You can read the letter here:


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Rigged election STOLEN from President Trump and 75 MILLION AMERICANS!

Mike Kissinger

The only disgrace is the deluded Americans who buy into this nonsense.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Prove it. With no proof, It’s not fact. You’re just talking out of your assumptions.

Mike Hunt

This letter is as close to a blow job as a letter can be! Suck it Willy!


Stolen elections have consequences. One of them is cynicism of the law by middle class people. That is corrosive and the cost will be paid by the same lawyers/ judges that caused it. It’s turning out the the true criminals are the federal judges.

Ralph Fleming

Before we start make sure you know McSwain’s case was prior to the 2020 presidential election. Notice how McSwain was able to prove in court election fraud. According to him he was able to prove in a court of law that two people cheated in an election in a local level. But now we are supposed to believe the democrats pulled off election fraud on a national level. He did not say he was precluded from investigating he was precluded from releasing any press releases. He received allegations but no proof he didn’t provide any instances in this letter to Trump. We see McSwain’s true intentions on page 2 he just wants Trump’s endorsement and knows the best way to get it is to stroke Trump’s ego.


Sooooo what, The Democrats still cheated and you know they did (All kinds of evidence of that coming out, Just look around), or you would be backing the audits. Everybody wants to know the truth, why wouldn’t you?? If it turns out Biden won fairly ,that’s just something the Republicans would have to get over. If Trump won, that’s something all Americans would have to deal with.

Ralph Fleming

There have been audits and recounts all over the nation. This has literally been the most verified election in the history of elections. How many audits will it take before Trump loyalist, not Republicans, will get over it? How long has the “forensic” audit been going on in Phoenix? Where’s all the fraud they were supposed to uncover? Do you want to finger print each ballot? What more do you need? Look at what Trump lawyers have to say in court when they’re under oath. Look at what Sidney Powell said in response to dominion. Look at what fox news and your precious Newsmax said after REAL legal action was threatened. There is no proof of election fraud on a wide scale. There is always election fraud to some extent and when it is found it is investigated and prosecuted if necessary. Please point out any “fake news” in this post. Please post any actual evidence of election fraud. Do you think Ted Cruz cheated in the 2016 Iowa caucus? Do you think Clinton cheated enough to win the popular vote but not enough to win the electoral college? Take time to be honest with yourself and look into Trump saying every single time he loses it’s because someone cheated. Let me repeat that EVERY SINGLE TIME HE LOSES IT’S BECAUSE SOMEONE CHEATED! I know this is falling on mostly deaf ears but I feel I have to try. I know every one on here thinks I’m some leftist commie, I’m not, I voted for Trump in 2016 but he has been the closest thing to a dictator this country has ever had. I get the fighting with the democrats and not wanting to do what Congress poses but he didn’t listen to the Supreme Court either. Look at their decision concerning DACA whether you agree with DACA is irrelevant. The Supreme Court decided that DACA was to be left intact until Trump’s administration re-filed it’s case. Trump’s administration stopped processing and accepting applications for DACA. We have a checks and balances system for a reason. He didn’t listen to the people of this country when they voted him out instead attempting to get the Senate and even the Vice President to go against the Constitution. Please correct any non factual information in this post.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ralph Fleming

You are truly disgusting. You need to seek help. Seriously.

Ralph Fleming

Please point out how I am disgusting? By asking Trump supporters to truly look into what he says and compare it to what happens when lawyers have to tell the truth in court? Or am I disgusting for pointing out that he didn’t listen to the Supreme Court? Or am I disgusting because I brought up all the audits and recounts that have been conducted and nothing found? Or is it because I wonder where all the fraud in Arizona is and when cyber ninjas will release all they’ve found? Or is it because my opinion differs from Trump’s and that is why I’m disgusting? Please let me know which option fits best.

Trump Won

You just can’t accept the fact that Trump won. Election week instead of Election Day made the 2020 election the most least secure and corrupt election ever. CNBC and other lamestream media are just lying to you.

Trump Won

Pennsylvania had corrupt attorneys, Supreme Court justices, and a corrupt Supreme Court. Trump’s landslide win was so massive it would take a whole week of cheating to steal it. Georgia never went to Biden without cheating. If you voted for Trump the 1st time why didn’t you do it again? You are a leftist commie for not voting for Trump and saving America. Biden is the closest one to a dictator, not Trump. Recounts of the votes is just recounting all the fake votes all over again. The CISA is corrupt with a liberal bias. The 2016 election still had plenty of fraud from the liberal side. Critical Race Theory and limiting our 2nd amendment is what it means to be a dictator like Biden is. Stop being a communist and get your facts right, RINO!!!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Prove it. With no proof, It’s not fact. You’re just talking out of your assumptions.

Trump Won

Radical left lawyers are liars and so are you! If you despise Trump so much, then why are you such a troll then? You are disgusting for defying the constitution and picking communist instead of democracy. Our rigged election being certified instead of overturned is unconstitutional to our democracy. Trump won PA, WI,NV,AZ, GA,MI, and maybe New Mexico as well. Liberals believe in stolen elections through fraud instead of them being far. Liberal language: Voter suppression = limited voter fraud. Trump= dictator. Criminal=Hero. Confederate flag = white supremacy and hate.

Yes, liberals are that stupid.

Ralph Fleming

Please provide any evidence of an entire week of cheating. Or are the “stupid” liberals too smart for you “real” Republicans to catch. And please re-read my post nothing in there is from your so-called lamestream media. I referenced what Trump’s lawyers said when they were under oath, what Sidney Powell said when facing real legal action, and what Fox News and Newsmax said when facing real legal action. A recount was of the physical ballot by hand and it matched what the “evil cheating” dominion machines tallied.


Hey Ralph, Sit On It!

Ralph Fleming

Again with this guy.

Ivan Yerkinoff

You’re wasting your time, Ralph. These minions won’t believe anything you say, no matter how cogent. They are cultists. They HAVE to believe Trump won the 2020 election regardless of the facts.
What do you think they’ll say after these current audits don’t show any fraud? You think they’re going to turn around and say Trump lost?
That’s impossible for their niggardly neurons to process.
Remember, we’re dealing with a cult here. These Trump sycophants live in a bubble with FoxNews, OAN and NewsMax.

Ivan Yerkinoff

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected an attempt by U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign to block President-elect Joe Biden from being declared the winner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas on behalf of a three-judge panel.
“Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” wrote Bibas, who was nominated to the bench by Trump.

I rest my case, THosk.

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