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It looks like Trump is still president while Joe hides…. Joe your mask is not big enough, it needs to cover your whole face….lol…Biden you are a scary joke and the only way, people like you get in office, is through criminal activity. Plenty of proof over your many years sucking off our tax dollars, let alone your families other scandals…your a stand up criminal….come on man!

Sarah Stone

TEN MONTHS LATER: “There continues to be NEITHER evidence to support the election fraud claims, NOR precedent for removing a DULY-ELECTED President or “reinstating” an ousted one.”

You ALL are being LIED TO!! Who is the real SHEEP!? Get vaccinated.


Thank you!

Tina W

Hahaha………why are you trolling his website????? lpl

My Man Trump

Get F…ed


OK so since you can prove there was no fraud go claim the $5 million dollar reward! If only you had the evidence to prove your false claim, Sarah! There is tons of evidence of election fraud in 2020, only the sheep don’t see it!

Last edited 2 years ago by Spencer

Love our first responders and Trump. God bless them and protect them.

My Man Trump

President Trump always stands up for the police, the military, the vets, front line workers of all kind and most of all Americans. Always America first. Please hurry back.

joy young

i am so very happy he went to see the heroes.

Judy Ann Vraalstad

I am crying. PLEASE come back Mr President. WE ALL LOVE YOU.


Love you!


This video speaks volumes,President Trump is respected by respectable people ,and those same people turn their back on MUMBLES..In fact MUMBLES can’t even attract flies…Unfortunately until the scandalous and deceitful voting methods are rooted out, we have a slim chance of having this great man guiding our country again…


this is the way a pres should act and that is why he gets things done…


Anyone..I don’t care what Party you belong to..or no Party at all..ANYONE that thinks or believes what happened and the way we..the USA..pulled out of Afghanistan was from incompetence or lack of are mistaken! We..The People..need to wake up! You have to see things for what they are. Not what we think they could be but what they truly are! It is time to take the rose colored glasses off and see clearly! It is hard to believe or to understand because we don’t want to believe it or think it but the Truth is what you see! It is what you hear! It is what you know in your gut! Everyone that is anyone in the Military will tell you EVERY EVERY EVERY PROTOCOL EVERY SOP WAS NOT FOLLOWED!! Do you honestly believe it was because of incompetence? Seriously??? We are not fools! We are not stupid! We see the Truth! This is not who we are or what we stand for! WE NEVER LEAVE AMERICANS BEHIND ENEMY LINES!!! EVER!!!


I agree 100%. This was Obumya’s plan behind the scenes to, once again, prop up his mooslem brothers! This was his clever way to provide them with state of the art weapons with which to attack Israel and the world. No doubt we left more pallets of cash to go with the nice toys!

Think about it: we couldn’t just give it even sell them those weapons. How else was satan’s right hand man going to get them what they need to fend off any counter resurgence of any freedom seeking Afghani?

As The Bidenophile, has already declared, “this was a great success.” That’s only true because, as Obammy’s puppet, he perfectly executed, through their woke generals brigade, the further equipping of the enemies of America.


This country needs him back in office where he belongs and I can’t wait until he is. Greatest President in modern times 100 percent better than the usurper Biden.


The great American Leader visiting with New York’s finest.
It could also be described as New York’s finest visiting with New York’s finest.
Best wishes always to President Trump from afar.

Mary Geiger

And a nice time was had by all.


Great Job President Trump! The USA needs YOU back!

Miss Mo

The Best of the Best!!! No worries President Trump, if you catch covid, take some HCQ.

Keith Pomeroy

He already had Covid-19 and likely has natural immunity if he hasn’t been vaxxed.


So great to see the President with New York’s finest! I’m glad to see the President standing up for the Police. He sets an example that reminds us to be proud of doing an excellent job and standing up for what’s right.



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